I Had To Learn to Forgive

I'm sharing this because I hope someone will be blessed by this.  And, I hope it passes the MH guidelines. I…

A Moment Like This

Twelve years old, how could he? This is a post that is going to bring back hurtful memories but I'm…


Shortly after we were married, I begin learning about her hidden past. I remember the first time vividly.…

Spouses of Abuse Victims

Before I get “on subject” I want to thank publicly whoever is in charge of Marriage Heat for its…
Sex Parables

It Happened To Both Of Us

This is one of my more "serious" posts. It was difficult to write, but I felt compelled to do so since…
sex obstacles

Fighting for Love - Overcoming Sex Obstacles

Overcoming Sex Obstacles My wife and I have been married for over nine years now. Unfortunately, we…