Christian Hotwives
Christian Hotwives are not expected, but they are the growing norm. A growing number of Christian hotwives are sex positive. They see their bodies as creations of God designed for feminine sexuality.

They love the marriage bonds. They are free to enjoy their husband body. They are free to explore creative ways to bring pleasure to their husbands and themselves.

They are banishing guilt because guilt has no place in a Christian marriage.

Stories that celebrate the wife's passion to please her husband. "I am a wall, and my breasts are like towers. Thus I have become in his eyes like one bringing contentment." Song 8:10

Many love to masturbate solely because their husbands encourage them to do so. They love the God-given endorphins orgasms and the love of bringing their husband pleasure while they themselves are lost in sexual ecstasy.

Christian hotwives are not like the hotwives of pornography. While they will sometimes go without panties to be "fucked" in surprising places, she will only have sex with her husband. She will not open her sexuality up beyond the marriage relationship. Often anything goes in the marriage relationship.

They are often raised in conservative homes. Often they sexuality did not peak until they were married. Once married they became the hotwives. Marriage Heat has often liberated their women to be sexual creatures beyond what even they expected.
Christian Hotwives Stories

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