Stories that illustrate faithless to your marriage vows. This might also include stories that make you really happy about Christian Marriage

groomed for swinging

Groomed for Swinging

My brother and his wife were swingers.  My wife Julie and I have had many discussions about this marital…


Hey MH, Dean here again. Hope you're all good. Long time, no see, but I’ve been around here. The year’s…

I Need to Hear It

Rez and I have been married for almost 27 years. While I had gone to church as a child, I had not walked…

To My Future Wife

It's hard, honey. Staying true to God and you by remaining pure until we are married. I've made it through…

The Shower Guy

My marriage of 42 years has been sexless for the past five or six years; even though I have a Godly wife,…

The Global Reach of Marriage Heat

A first time story from Hottyflygirl was recently posted. She started like this: This is my first…

Christmas Shopping for His Wife

NOTE: This story features a depiction of a married man encountering temptation from another woman. It…

First Love

It was Tuesday night. For years we had agreed that Tuesday night would be our evening at home together.…
steamy night

5 Habits for Preventing an Affair

Recently with the Ashley Madison hack, my husband and I got into a discussion about affair-proofing our…

Could Using Sex Toys Tempt Someone to do a Threesome?

I hope that the title doesn't offend anyone, but I based the name on the conversation I'm looking to…
cock ring

Frustrated Horny Husband

Hello, horny and active couples!   I've been a member for a couple of months now thanks to my wife who…

Protecting Our "Us"

Our love will be the fortress to withstand any enemy outside of our relationship.  We will be vigilant to…