Marriage erotica is somewhat new for Christians. Many Christian have concluded that all erotica is evil. The Song of Sons in the Bible challenges that understanding.

Marriag Erotica is healthy. Pornography has warped the understanding of erotica to be sexual without commitment.  It opens up the imagination to the way God designed it to be. The stories in this category are often art. They are stories of authors who love marriage sex and want to spread the marriage sex worldview everywhere.

Many will conclude that this erotica is pornography. Mariage Heat disagrees. The Bible Book of Song of Songs is not pornography. This is an erotic book that encourages Christian to enjoy the God-given sexuality that image-bearer are given. That sexuality is holy in Christ!
Marriage Erotica

She Looks Hot in Leggings (L)

Coming home from the gym, he followed her upstairs to the master bedroom. He was going to get cleaned…

Hard Day, Hard Night (L)

It had been a hard day, one that Susan did not want to repeat soon. The stress had been overwhelming.…

Erotica by Remote Control (L)

We bought a remote controlled vibrating panty for my wife and made a date to go out for dinner. The idea…

An Arousing Memory

As she lies next to him she wonders, Do I satisfy him? Even though he's always reassured her that he…

Living Nude

Hey there MH, Dean here. Long time since my last post. Before I begin, I want to again sincerely apologize…

Circular Motions

"Harder! Harder!"  My wife shouted as I poked her hole.   Let me back up... It was one of those…

Shopping With My Wife

I just cannot imagine my life without my wife Megan. We have been married now for fifteen years and she…

The Rendezvous

He could hear crickets chirping and the air was cool with only a slight breeze. He asked her to meet…

Fiery Passion

I gaze upon your beautiful body a perfectly formed masterpiece I see drinking in your image as intoxicating…

Sliding glass

We walked into the suite, and we couldn't believe the generosity of our friends. The room was the fanciest…

Modern Day Song of Songs (L)

Come away with me, my lover; your cherished garden is lush and heavy with fruit. I need you to need…

The red thong surprise! (L)

Once after a particularly good night of lovemaking I found the red lace thong Karen had been wearing…