Honeymoon Sex
There are so many expectations for honeymoon sex that first night of marriage. Many couples have waited to enjoy their first-time sex as virgins. Many are experiencing that first night of being married or remarried.  Many have high expectations. Here are five things to keep in mind on your honeymoon night.

After the big wedding day and reception, many couples are just plain exhausted. The honeymoon night may not live up to expectations. Many new married couples may just need to sleep. The next morning may be the time to ramp it up.

Do not be surprised if the bride and groom struggle with loneliness and depression after leaving their families and friends. The emotional intensity of a wedding and reception can set newly married couples for a letdown. Honeymoon Sex can be mixed with tears. That is very normal.

If you have been married before, the sex on your wedding night may push certain buttons that bring pain to the surface. Many couples report arguments on the wedding night.

Pretalk about keeping a moderate view of how the honeymoon sex is going to be. When you read marriageheat.com stories, realize that many things were not included in the stories.

Enjoy the honeymoon sex what ever it is. You are together. You are learning your marriage sexuality together.

Your honeymoon sex is the beginning your sexual marriage journey. Read the stories at marriage heat and enjoy the journeys of other couples.  Sign up at marriage heat and share your honeymoon night sex stories.

Some have the "perfect" honeymoon nights. Wedding Night Virgins is a real story of a couple who loved their honeymoon night. This story may be a big encouragement for your first night together.

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