Interesting Places Sex

Hot marriages and interesting places sex often go together. Sex outside the bedroom adds shades of creativity and interest.

Stories that bring the heat outside the bedroom, but still with the intention of not exposing yourselves publically. Accidental displays do happen. Be careful of local customs. Song 3:4: Song 7:12

Sex in the Kitchen, sex in the laundry room. Sex in the car. Let your imagination run wild.

Interesting places Sex can occur while discreetly masturbating on a commercial flight.

In this category, there are stories that will inspire you and even shock you.

What is your fantasy? Do you want to have sex on the very bed you grew up on with your spouse?
Interesting Places Sex Stories

The Workout: Sex Outside the Home Series

If you missed “The Office Building”, you can find it here. I recommend you read it in order to get…

Corner of the Bed

Years ago, we were living in one of our favorite apartments. The layout was unique and quirky. It was…

🔊 Storeroom Heat - Ignite Story

What just happened in the storeroom is insane! We never do stuff like that. -- To see the rest of the story, please

🔊 The Riders (L/A) - Ignite Story

Slowly she slid off her horse and stood totally naked next to the big black stallion... To see the rest of the story, please

🔊 Sharing the Hotel (L)

I found Marriage Heat a couple months back. I've loved reading the stories for inspiration. I find myself…

Office Building: Sex Outside the Home Series

Hello everyone. While officially this is my third story posted to MH, it's really my first. The other…

A Daring Romp in the Great Outdoors (L)

Our hobby is wilderness backpacking. Well, backpacking and sex. You see, my wife loves being naked out…

Wet and Wild?

Our first home owned a classic clawfoot tub. It was one of those features that helped us determine this…

A Day at the Hot Springs

Recently my wife Heather and I went to some hot springs. It was after a long week of work, and I was…

Lunchtime Fun (L/A)

My husband sent me a video the other day. It was Friday, a slow day at work, and it was lunchtime. He…

Another Hotel Encounter

This is the first time I am writing a story, though my hubby has posted two stories earlier. We read…

King of the Shower

When our children were young and we were hoping to get pregnant with a third, my wife and I took an amazing…