Interesting Places Sex

Hot marriages and interesting places sex often go together. Sex outside the bedroom adds shades of creativity and interest.

Stories that bring the heat outside the bedroom, but still with the intention of not exposing yourselves publically. Accidental displays do happen. Be careful of local customs. Song 3:4: Song 7:12

Sex in the Kitchen, sex in the laundry room. Sex in the car. Let your imagination run wild.

Interesting places Sex can occur while discreetly masturbating on a commercial flight.

In this category, there are stories that will inspire you and even shock you.

What is your fantasy? Do you want to have sex on the very bed you grew up on with your spouse?
Interesting Places Sex Stories

Sunday Morning Glory

  The setting of this story is a Sunday morning church service. Please use your discretion about…

Night Shift

Lisa rechecked the charts and sighed, letting them drop to the table. Mr. Peters was not doing well,…

What a Way to Drive the Highway!

My hot little wife and I were virgins when we got married at twenty years old. She is a complete lady…

Thin Walls!

Ben and I recently were invited over to our friends Max and Cheryl's home for Cheryl's birthday celebration. Max…

Happy 4th of July!!

My wife and I have been married for 25 years! Thankfully, we still enjoy a very healthy sex life with…

Getting Off on the Flight Home

I read a story on here similar to something that happened to me a few years back, so it inspired me to…

Our First Year: Marriage Discoveries

Here are a few things I discovered during our first year of marriage. Hopefully, they inspire some…

Soapy and Sexy

My wife has a gorgeous frame. She's no model, but who wants that anyway. At 5'2", her short torso, having…

Doctor’s Appointment Taboo Pleasure

I was a virgin when I married my husband Steve. No one but him had even touched me sexually, besides…

Under the Bridge

It was date night.  We had some dinner and then went to see Mad Max at the movie theater. It was very…

Bucket List N°1: Car Sex

My husband and I are still very young and recently reached our one-year wedding anniversary. Neither…

Risky Night (L)

Movie nights.  Gotta love 'em!  Especially when you are in public, having some type of sexual thrill…