Married Sex

Married Sex is a gift from God. Married Sex stories celebrate intercourse as a beautiful expression of love. Sex stories in this category bring out the one flesh aspect of marriage.

Married Sex originated in the Bible where we are told in Genesis 2:24,  “For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.” Jesus quotes this passage from Genesis when he talks about marriage and divorce. Read his comments found on Matthew 19:4-6

Other places in the Bible celebrate married sex as God’s design.
Song 2:6   “His left arm is under my head, and his right arm embraces me.”
Song 7:8     I said, “I will climb the palm tree; I will take hold of its fruit.”
Married sex was so prized in the Bible. In the Bible book of Proverbs, a man was strongly advised to find his greatest in the exclusive relationship with his wife.

Proverbs 5:15-17     Drink water from your cistern, running water from your well. Should your springs overflow in the streets, your streams of water in the public squares? Let them be yours alone, never to be shared with strangers.

The Bible also strongly advised the young man to stay with the wife of his youth and keep married sex in that relationship. This passage could apply equally to young women. This applies to everyone!

Proverbs 2:16-18     It will save you also from the adulteress, from the wayward wife with her seductive words,  who has left the partner of her youth and ignored the covenant she made with God. For her house leads down to death and her paths to the spirits of the dead.
Married sex needs to reclaimed for God’s glory. We need to celebrate creative ways and communicate with the next generation the mystery and blessing of what God has made.

Stories in this section will inspire and excite you to enjoy more marriage heat.

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