Stories where sex happens outside

🔊 In The Park After Dark

Lazy Saturday mornings are the best! Having nothing on the schedule for the day, I often spend an hour…

🔊 Hilltop Sex (L)

As a child, I played with friends along the woods and trails of a large foothill in the Ohio River valley.…

🔊Horsing Around

Let me start by saying I went to bed frustrated. My husband was not feeling good, so I knew there wouldn’t…

🔊“Take It Out On Me” (L) - Make Up Sex

My husband and I have a world of our own, a fantasy world with each other. We can say and do everything…
Pregnant and Horny inthe Park

Pregnant and Horny in the Park

A recent story by Southernheat called "Playful Sex in the Park" reminded me of a story of our own. It…

A Daring Romp in the Great Outdoors (L)

Our hobby is wilderness backpacking. Well, backpacking and sex. You see, my wife loves being naked out…
sex in the park

Playful Sex in the Park

This story happened a few years after we married. We planned a night out together in the summertime.…
voyeurs in the woods

Accidental Voyeurs in the Woods

In this story, a husband and wife are out for a hike. They accidentally see sex happening between another…

A Definite Hole In One

We are a 64-year-old couple who have been married 42 years. This event happened about 40 years ago. We…

What Friends are For!

Unfortunately, my best buddy lives six hours away. He and I met in university and have been friends…

Pool Pleasure

Maybe it was the movies. Growing up, I was a big fan of Tarzan films. They almost always had a scene…

The Last Boat Ride of the Season (L / A)

It was early fall and time to winterize the boat until next Spring. Today’s goal was to run all the…