Playful Kink
Playful kink can be an exciting way to heat up your marriage. Marriage Heat Kink is bathed in love. Some Christian couples really enjoy playful kink and tell about their adventures in these marriage heat stories.

Domination and submission sizzle can lead to marriage heat. Song 3:7; Song 7:10; Song 5:4

Maybe you will be one of the new authors for this expanding category of playful kink which many couples enjoy.

🔊 Taking Control (L) - Ignite Story

"I restrain you next time. You obey my commands.  You must trust that I know what you need." -- To see the rest of the story, please

🔊 From Vanilla to 33 Flavors - Ignite Story

That night we tasted almost all 33 flavors... To see the rest of the story, please

🔊Control (L) - Ignite Story

"Oh, baby," he groaned.  "Please, I want you so much." To see the rest of the story, please 

🔊Knock, Knock (L) - Ignite Story

My wife said she was going out for an hour... She would see me later. To see the rest of the story, please
Period Sex in Shower

Period Sex in the Shower (L/A)

We were lying in bed, reading on our phones. The gentle thrum of my husband's buttplug vibrator made…

🔊 Becumming One Another’s Fantasy (L/A)

The warmth of the morning sun peeked through the curtains, and I wakened with a naked stretch. The warmth…

Dinner is Served (L)

“Honey, I’m home! And, boy, I am horny!” I joked as I closed the front door. “The neighbors…

Cum Now!

PLEASE SLOW DOWN! I'm going to cum! PLEASE! I want it to last a little longer!" I begged. But the…

I love Sundays (L)

It was early in the morning. I was sitting in the living room having my cup of coffee, and my wife was…

Fifty Shades of Rez

I knelt by the closed door: hands open, palms up, on my slightly parted thighs; back straight but head…

M.Aster: Soapy & Sexy, pt. 2 (L)

Part One of this story can be found here. Per your request here is part two, which will also serve as…

What is your KINK?

What is your “Kinky” thing? I think that most of the readers here at MH are either quite enlightened…