Stories where sex happens outside

Just Two Bears in the Woods

To some we're known as Mr. and Mrs. Bear and I think it's because my husband gives the best bear…

Lust and Hilarity From Smitten’s Wife

Last spring my husband and I chose a warm sunny day to catch-up on some chores around the house and yard.…

Erotic Adventure – Balcony Romance

Erotic Adventure - My wife and I recently took a trip to celebrate a special occasion. We rented a beautiful…

The Rain

I met her in the rain. I was just out of college, first job in the city when a late autumn surprise downpour…

Fire of Desire (L)

I stirred sleepily as I felt Ben's warm breath on my neck, followed by his gentle kisses that traveled…
home movie

The Home Movie

She could feel his eyes on her as she dutifully tore open the mail and grinned. It was a dinner table…

Cabin Repair (1/3)

Wondering why she hadn’t learned her lesson the first time she rode up this awful road, Marie felt…

Blowjob in the Forest

My wife and were out for a walk on the weekend and she suddenly stopped me in the very private forest. …
Outdoor Orgasm

Outdoor Orgasm-A wedding anniversary

First Outdoor Orgasm -We live on a small island in the sea, and on our 11th wedding anniversary we decided…
sexual healing

Sexual Healing – Loving Medicine

Sexual Healing -My wife's family owns an old dairy farm in the hills of PA. They are not farmers, but…
outdoor sex

Outdoor Sex -A Passionate Encounter With a Zip and a Wet Bench

Outdoor Sex -My love, Andrew, and I woke early one morning to go for a run. We enjoy exercising together,…

Sex Outdoors -Love in the Park

Sex Outdoors -My wife and I decided it would be fun to go biking together on a date. With two young children…