Playful Kink
Playful kink can be an exciting way to heat up your marriage. Marriage Heat Kink is bathed in love. Some Christian couples really enjoy playful kink and tell about their adventures in these marriage heat stories.

Domination and submission sizzle can lead to marriage heat. Song 3:7; Song 7:10; Song 5:4

Maybe you will be one of the new authors for this expanding category of playful kink which many couples enjoy.

She Forced Me to Enjoy It

Have you ever been forced to enjoy sex when there was not much you could do to stop it? It happened…

Leather Dress-up Time (L)

John and Colleen had been married for over thirty years. Like most couples, after 30 years your sex life…

Payment in Kind

She sat in her windowless office with only her lamps on. The clinic was empty, quiet. A professional…

The Interview

My wife and I love to dress up.  She is a great actress (non-professional plays, skits, etc.).  One…

Hypnotic Heat

My young Mexican wife was under a lot of stress.  Two of her brothers had tried to visit her by crossing…