The growth of MARRIAGEHEAT is exciting and as an administration team, we are pleased to see the evolution of MARRIAGEHEAT. We have seen how a site based on the excitement of Christian marriage intimacy has brought about many benefits to our readership. Readers have expressed how their marriages have grown closer, how levels of intimacy have deepened, shame surrounding sex that some have experienced has been lifted, ownership of sexual expression has blossomed, and how community with other Christians has been vital in supporting both married and unmarried MARRIAGEHEAT users.

It is a blessing to see how MARRIAGEHEAT is maturing and unfolding and we are working behind the scenes, striving to help this community continue a trajectory that blesses users and contributors alike for a long time. Input from our users is vital to the success of MARRIAGEHEAT. Story submissions and comments are the life of this site with the core being focused around Christ-centered marriages and relationships. A variety of stories are continually being submitted, the content of MARRIAGEHEAT is diversifying, and it is our hope that we are meeting a range of tastes and needs for our community. We encourage contributors to periodically review the submission guidelines to ensure that content of stories is within our parameters.

As MARRIAGEHEAT has grown, so has the Comments Section. Comments are really encouraging to authors and a place for the community to share and offer support. The MARRIAGEHEAT Administration Team review and approve comments and we believe that clearer guidelines for the comment section are needed.

  1. Maintain a Christ-centered mindset because MARRIAGEHEAT is a mission field. We want to show the love of Christ through all we share and MARRIAGEHEAT is an opportunity to shed insight into the intimacy of what a red-hot monogamous Christian relationship can look like.


  1. As per the MARRIAGEHEAT Submission Guidelines, comments are also to reflect experiences that are between one man and one woman in an exclusive bond of marriage.


  1. Do not put down a story. Authors, whether a submission is non-fiction or fiction, are sharing their stories and cheapening or discrediting them is not tolerated.


  1. As per the MARRIAGEHEAT Submission Guidelines, explicit language is accepted only in context. While MARRIAGEHEAT is able to rate a submission with an (L) rating when explicit language is used, which gives a reader a chance to discern as to whether or not to read a submission, we are not able to do that with comments. We ask that your comments be mindful of MARRIAGEHEAT’s varied readership. Do NOT use the “F” word and graphic descriptions (e.g. creampies, I’m as HARD as a rock and dripping cum as I write this, etc.). Use non-porn like terms when sharing your thoughts in comments. “We experienced so much passion and pleasure as we consummated our love by having orgasms and becoming one.”


  1. Respect for Christ-centered marriages and relationships is important. Communications between users should reflect that and not cross boundaries that would jeopardize another’s relationship in any way and venture into a territory that may not be acceptable between two people who are not married to one another.


  1. Do not post direct web links to products or websites in comments.  Mentioning product names or product descriptions is acceptable but no direct links.


  1. Do not post personal emails. We take privacy and web safety seriously and all personal emails or other personal social media links are deleted immediately.


  1. Comments are not meant to boast or brag about age, fitness, appearance (e.g., 36DD, 12 inches long, etc.), financial status, and so on. We are all unique in our life situations and all have valuable experiences to share and comparisons could feed insecurities and alienate others.


  1. Do not degrade your spouse in any way. Sharing struggles, seeking perspective, or offering support is encouraging but putting down a spouse is not acceptable. We are all real people who fall short and pointing that out about another person in a public forum is unfair.


  1. We encourage sex-positive communication but be mindful of tone, how to share, how much to share, and what may be comfortable to a wide readership. We want comments to be authentic, expressive, and to broaden the mindset of readers but also take into consideration the audience. An example of a sex-positive comments might look like, “WOW! Thanks for such a hot story! I never thought about doing that with my spouse, but you have inspired me to explore that with them.” Whether married or single, this includes sex-positive communication in regard to masturbation. “I pleasured myself,” or “While in bed together, we pleasured ourselves and enjoyed seeing each other do so.”


  1. Consider the length of your comment. The community is growing because of sharing with one another, but if a comment is too long or shares unnecessary information, it either will be edited or removed completely. We don’t want a comment to not be read because it is too lengthy.


  1. Comments are to be helpful. If someone is seeking some perspective, another experience, or an idea, do not come off as the person who has all the answers or whose answer is best. Sharing is wonderful, but remember not to alienate those seeking guidance.


  1. As the MARRIAGEHEAT Administration, we reserve the right to remove any comment we deem unacceptable.


The comment section after a story opens communication between MARRIAGEHEAT users to be two-way and we ask users to be mindful and respectful of that. There are real people behind each submission and comment and they have real feelings, experiences, and insights which are all valuable to the continued growth of MARRIAGEHEAT. We want this community to continue in its movement to broaden the depth and breadth of what a holy Christian Christ-centered marriage can look like. It is a community that is to be supportive of one another, to embrace the diversity of all our experiences, and it is an opportunity to reach others who are seeking or unsure of what a Christian marriage can look like.

Thank You,

MARRIAGEHEAT Administration Team