Do I have to create an account? Will I be charged if I do?

You can read most stories without ever creating an account. If you wish to be involved with the community by commenting or submitting a post of your own, you will need to register for a free account. You will not be asked for payment information.

However, if you love what we stand for and want to help support the existence and development of MH, you can join Ignite. It’s our membership program that rewards supporters with more in-depth stories every Friday (and alternate Tuesdays when we have lots incoming), audio recordings of all Ignite stories and many of the regular ones, and monthly downloadable compilations.

I accidentally signed up with a username that isn’t as anonymous as I would like. Can it be changed?

Unfortunately, no. Our platform doesn’t allow for usernames to be changed by users or site owners. The only recourse is to ask us (by Comment Form or direct email to to delete your old account and allow you to create a new one with the same email address. (If you already have stories published, we’ll add a character to the old one so that you can create the new one without losing your posts. Then we can transfer the stories to your new account and delete the old one.) We will also update any comments manually if there are only a few.

You could, instead, ask us to change your display name. But if you have published stories, you also have an author page. While the page itself will show the new display name, the URL will still contain the original username. That’s why we recommend a new account.

I can’t remember my password and the reset password link isn’t working. Help!

We think we’ve resolved this issue, but if you are still having problems, just contact us by email at , and we will try to fix it.

Yes, it’s broken. *sigh*  But if you will contact us by email at — from the address associated with your account — we can fix you up. Sorry about that.

How do I delete my account? How can I cancel my subscription?

If at any time you want to delete your account or cancel a subscription, you can do so by simply sending us an email. But you must use the email address associated with your account in our database. Otherwise, we can’t confirm your ownership of the account.

What happens to my submitted stories if I ask to be deleted?

When you submit stories to MH, you grant us the irrevocable right to publish them. But they will be attributed to the account “No Longer With Us” when you are removed from MH. If you create a new account later, we won’t be able to verify that you wrote them nor reattribute them to your new account.

A story of mine has disappeared! What gives?

Oh, no! If the story was already published and now isn’t on the site, please contact us. It is very unlikely that it was intentional. We will try to retrieve the content from our backups.

If the story had been submitted for approval, you might find that it was either moved forward to the Scheduled for Publication tab on your My Account page or that it was returned to Unfinished Stories with an explanatory note. (This usually only happens if the story doesn’t meet our publication Guidelines or if we deem it otherwise unsuitable for the mission of our site.)

If it was still in Draft form and now you can’t find it, Contact Us, and we will try to help. But we strongly recommend doing the writing and editing on your local computer and only uploading your finished product to MH when you are ready to submit it for approval.

Can I submit my own personal photos to illustrate my story?

No, we only use stock photos on MH. The legal use of personal photos would take us outside the level of anonymity we try to provide. You can read more about that here.

Can I turn off the images? Can I get more or less risque images?

At this time, the images you see are what you get. We try to choose photos that illustrate and complement some aspect of the story. You will not see pictures on MH that would garner higher than an R-rating in a movie. However, they may be evocative of sexual acts, and they may include female nipples on occasion. If these lead you to desire the person in the photo, we humbly suggest that perhaps MH is not a safe place for you at this time.

We are attempting to implement a system to allow people to limit the types of illustrations they see or to turn them off completely. It will require a lot of resources on our part and will probably end up being a paid option if we succeed.

As an alternate measure, there is an (oldish) post that explains how to block images on several different browsers. The instructions for Chrome (our personal browser of choice) were a little off due to slight changes to Chrome’s user interface through updates, so I’ve included updated instructions below the link.

Here’s the link to the article:

And here’s what actually worked for Chrome on the computer:

  • Click on the hamburger menu in your browser. (That’s the three dots or lines in the top right corner.)
  • Find and click on Settings.
  • Under Privacy and Security, click on Site Settings.
  • Under Content, click on Images.
  • Beside Block, click the Add button.
  • Type in: and click Add.
  • Open a tab and go to MH. All images should be blocked.
Some of your stories have curse words and even use the Lord’s name in vain. How can you call yourselves a Christian site?

Good question. We call ourselves Christians because we love Jesus and wish to do everything to his glory, and that includes what we publish. So you won’t read people using the word “God” in an unloving way or cursing one another. What you may read are words that you personally don’t like but are being used in a way that blesses the person using them and the one they address. Because of certain people’s sensitivities, we implement a warning system in the titles – (L) indicates strong language. (We won’t usually put it on a story with only a passing “damn” or “what the hell”, though. That’s just our call.)

Still have questions? Contact Us or send us a direct email to