Marriage Verses in the Bible are not just verses about the topic of marriage. Great marriage verses in the Bible deal with the issues that face your relationship on a daily basis. Marriage word is selected verses that you can share together in your marriage on a daily basis. These marriage verses in the Bible help you love each other more. Some of the verses will deal with topics life forgiveness and listening.

“Marriage Word” includes marriage verses in the Bible.  These passages have been selected by a pastor of decades of experience. You and your spouse connect to God’s Word each day with verses that helps you grow spiritually with God and helps you specifically as you relate to each other. As you connect together to the Marriage Word, God will inspire a spiritual closeness to Him and each other. This connection really is the foundation of marriage heat.

Marriage Word will be a blessing if you and your spouse will actually read these encouragements together.

Psalms 63:6 When I remember thee upon my bed, and meditate on thee in the night watches.

Marriage Verses in the Bible: Daily Marriage Word Suggestion

  1. Read: The daily Marriage Word passages.
  2. Ask: What in this Word speaks to our marriage today? Be careful to not read a passage and tell your spouse that passage applies to them and not to you.  Do not be manipulative, using the Bible to change your spouse. God will bring the change in his time.
  3. Pray: One spouse begins a prayer concluding, “in Jesus name.” The other spouse either says, “amen” or includes more into the prayer and concludes with “Amen”

After you read the Marriage Word passage and pray together, read a Marriage Heat story together. When you read a story don’t feel you have to act it out, unless you both get encourage to be inspired.

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