Participate in Bringing Blessing to Long-term Monogamous marriages by submitting married sex stories! Lots of couples get stuck in their sex life. Marriage Heat stories blur the lines between that which is relational daily living and sexual expression in marriage. For Instance, a married couple could be learning to forgive. The story of forgiveness often has a powerful physical expression. We want that part of the story told too.

“A lot of people get to that point and have to decide what to do about it,” says Louanne Cole Weston, Ph.D., a marriage and family therapist and board-certified sex therapist in Fair Oaks, California. “Novelty is sexually interesting to most people — not always to the point that they will act on it, but the idea has a little bit of a thrill to it, for men or women.”  See Full Article

Your submitted married sex stories will help marriages. Plus if you are writing about you are doing it, and that will be your marriage. Get your spouse on board with your impact on the lives of others.

Please consider submitting marriage sex stories that reflect your imagination and experience as we build marriage culture. Submitting married sex stories non-fiction or fiction is easy to do. And you do not have to be an English major or literary writer to submit your stories. Members just click the button submit a story, and you will be brought to a page where you paste your married sex stories. Post one story at a time.

Married Sex Stories are encouraging. At, married sex stories are between one man and one woman in the exclusive bond of marriage. Married sex stories are shared in the Song of Songs in the Bible, and those stories were a big encouragement for people of faith in early times. requests that you submit you married sex story to marriage heat to be read by others.

Marriage Sex Stories Post page

You are encouraged to submit married sex stories to Marriage Heat.

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  1. Married sex stories are meant to encourage couples in their marriage heat rather than be a place to boast or brag about physical fitness or appearances. Whether you’re younger or older, big boned or petite, tall or short, curvy or willowy, we want you to embrace the body God has given you and enjoy the body God gave your spouse. If your stories are largely based on info that could cause comparisons and insecurities in readers coming to this site for encouragement, we will either edit to remove the descriptions or not post the story at all. Examples of too much description: “My wife’s 36D breasts” or “His 10 inch…” or “She only weighed 110 lbs.”
  2. Married sex stories submitted at marriage heat can be non-fiction, fiction, historical fiction. Feel free to protect your identity by mixing up details or base stories on your “historical fiction.”
  3. Marriage Heat content will allow married sex stories where “contextual” explicit language is used.  But let’s challenge us to use language in our married sex stories that may be more subtle and less vulgar.  Marriage Heat will place an (L) next to a story that intensely uses street language. We will not be able to meet all the varied expectations on this. This will be very hard to police into one uniform policy. We will reject some stories where the language is too gratuitous.
  4. Married sex posts should be at least 300 words, or they may be rejected.
  5. We request that you pay attention to basic grammar and seek to submit proofread married sex stories. NEW: Our suggestion is that you write and edit in your own document processor, e.g. MS Word or Google Docs, then cut/paste to the submissions page. Once stories are submitted, you will no longer have access to edit them from WordPress. We reserve the right to edit for content, grammar, and style. If the story is too grammatically rough, the story may be rejected.
  6. Seek to craft married sex stories that sizzles.  A compelling story usually has the following characteristics:
  • Married Sex Stories Introductions

Sample: My line of work forces me to work sometimes very long hours.  Fortunately, my wife is patient with this.  When the long hours persisted for more than a week or so, my wife found a way to help me deal with the pressure and stress with a little love in the office.

  • Married Sex Stories Inciting incidents

Sample: “I was working on a big project and had a deadline coming, and I was very behind.  While at work late one evening, my wife called me and I started venting my frustration that I had too much to do with the time allotted, and I was upset that I was working on the project alone.  She asked me if I was all alone at the office and I told her I was.  She then offered to bring me dinner, and I told her that that would be wonderful.

A half-hour later she showed up to our office, and I let her into the building.  We went up to the suite where our offices were and made our way to the conference room so we could sit down together and eat comfortably.  She pulled the food out, and we sat down and started eating.She left her coat on, and I asked her if she wanted to take it off.  She replied that she was cold.  I thought this was a little strange, but we kept eating.  (You know where this is going)

Married Sex Stories That Show Details

When you write married sex stories, show the details don’t tell or summarize for us.  For example, in the following sample, we could write. “He took her thong in his hand, and his wife teased him with provocative requests, showing him some interesting sights.”

Sample:  “He did so, and she quickly put a damp clump of lacy fabric into it. It was, he realized with a shock, a diaphanous black thong. She had taken off her panties, and now he was holding them in the middle of a restaurant. Instinctively, he put them to his face and inhaled. The pungent mixture of expensive perfume and the dew of her arousal made him wild. His groin ached with his longing for her, and before he had a chance to recover his wits he felt her foot sliding up his leg until her toes were in his crotch, skillfully stroking the throbbing bulge in his pants.

Fumbling, he put her panties in the pocket of his blazer and looked at her with incredulity. “You wild, shameless girl. Do you have any idea what you are doing to me?”

Married Sex Stories That Show the Sizzle that Brings the Climax of the Story.

“Rub my leg.” He reached down and did as she asked, letting his hand wander up the back of her thigh, enjoying the feel of its slim strength under the silk.

“No, go underneath my dress.” He started over this time on her bare skin. She moaned, then gasped as the dress slid further up her thigh and his hand reached that “favorite place” she had mentioned on the phone—the place where her leg met her butt. She lifted her leg and wrapped it around his. Her mouth sought his again, and she ground her pelvis against his thigh, using its hardness to coax herself to greater arousal.

He was groping her in earnest now, his hand gripping her butt and his middle finger tickling the edge of her vagina from behind. He was wild with passion and didn’t know if he could control himself if she started to come. He wanted her so badly, wanted the feel and smell and taste of her body. Fumbling slightly in his excitement, he reached the tab of the zipper between her shoulder blades and pulled it down. As the back of her dress opened, he slipped his hand under it and stroked her skin, now beaded with perspiration—her spine, the cleft between her buttocks, her back, her armpits and the bulge of her breasts. The dress slipped down in the front, but because it was against his body and she was oblivious to everything going on around her, she did nothing to cover her nudity. Her breasts were bared completely, hard-tipped and engorged, and he was overwhelmed by their perfection.

She was bucking against him now, her head thrown back and her eyes clenched shut with the intensity of her orgasm. Stretching his arm around her, he plunged his fingers deep into her vagina, which was slippery and hot and swollen. Seeking the small fleshy disk at the front of her vagina, he stroked it hard while she continued to grind her clitoris against his thigh. She was crying now, trying desperately not to scream, unable to control the spasms wracking her body as the waves of pleasure crashed over her. He started to cry as well—with the exquisite joy of making this woman so happy, of giving her such supreme pleasure, and of seeing her marvelous body, nearly naked and glistening with sweat, offered to him so freely and eagerly…

  • Conclusion:   In the story that  just illustrated Every Girl Needs a Little Black Dress,  the conclusion sort of ties it all together, notice…”At home, after they had showered together and lay naked in each other’s arms on their satin sheets, he asked, “Darling, what did you like best about the opera?”Mmmm,” she responded with a lascivious sigh. “Oh, the last scene—the one at the railing. Especially when…the curtain came down.”“I like your new dress, by the way.”

Married Sex Stories and Comment Guidelines

  1. Do not come off like the answer person on marriage heat. With a transparent heart encourage us on a narrative of your marriage heat.
  2. Don’t complain about your spouse or use passive aggressive digs. You can still be “real” about real problems that are being solved but make sure that you write with the understanding that we are all broken people, and we need Christ and his grace.
  3. Stay away from topics that address social issues or even religious ones. This site is about marriage heat in the Biblical world and life view.
  4. Keep from putting down others’ stories in your comments. The couples who share here are transparent, and we do not accept the mocking of someone’s story of love.

Marriage Heat Boundaries

“Place me like a seal over your heart, like a seal on your arm; for love is as strong as death, its jealousy unyielding as the grave. It burns like blazing fire, like a mighty flame.” Song 8:6

  1. Marriage sexuality is to be practiced in an exclusive marriage relationship. (Hebrews 13:4)  This is a defining principle boundary at
  2. This exclusive relationship is between one man and one woman. Genesis 2:24, For this reason, a man will leave his father and mother and be united to his wife, and they will become one flesh.
  3. Reading to learn about the culture, joy, practice and the growth of Marriage sexuality is beneficial. Song of Songs is a Biblical book that illustrates marriage heat in the Old Testament of the Bible. The language of Song of Songs reflected the vernacular language of sexual intimacy in that time and place. We recommend that your spouse is aware of your being at this site and that you may even share reading this content. We also recommend that you only read these stories if it helps you and your spouse and encourages your marriage heat.  If these stories harm your marriage and make you discontent with your spouse, please do not read the content of this site.  In the Bible, Solomon encourages his friends to enjoy their marriage heat. “I have come into my garden, my sister, my bride; I have gathered my myrrh with my spice. I have eaten my honeycomb and my honey; I have drunk my wine and my milk. Eat, O friends, and drink; drink your fill, O lovers.” Song 5:1
  4. The Bible gives married couples freedom to express their gift of sexuality. Remember that even though sexuality is hard-wired in the human person, we must practice moderation glorifying God even above any of his gifts.   1Corinthians 6:12, Ecclesiastes 7:16-18, The Song of Songs gives many good examples of sexual practices mentioned in words well understood in that day. There is some debate about what some of the references mean today, but theses references suggest the creativity of pure marriage heat. Notice some of the Biblical references from Song of Songs next to the content included in the
  5. MarriageHeat will not accept submitted web stories where the stories or comments include two or more couples who purposely share sexual experiences, even when the sexual activities happen separately.  Our experience has shown us that healthy exclusive sexual boundaries are challenging to maintain. This is not a judgment on shared friendships; this is a  boundary we hold too based on our journey and our desire to glorify God. This new guideline was adopted on November 30 of 2013. Stories accepted before this date may remain in the marriage heat archives.
  6. Photos: At this time, MH does not accept user-submitted photos. Increasingly photos are submitted by authors. We encourage authors to have fun submitting their photos whether taken personally with identities reasonably concealed or another source.  We will not disclose whether the photo came from an author or other sources. Privacy is valued at MH. MH has not published all author photos; we have a PG-14 rating where brief nudity is accepted.

Marriage Heat Exceptions

  1. Stories including anal stimulation, even digital or toy penetration, will ordinarily not be accepted and their titles annotated with an (A) to warn those who take offense not to read. We do warn, though, that anal sex, while not specifically prohibited in the Bible, can create harm regarding possible muscle damage and bacterial threat.
  2. Pornography- Stories that include the use of pornography viewing will be rejected. Pornography can be very addictive and can lead to a non-exclusive culture in marriage. Plus it usually depicts people engaging in sexuality which is not married. We do not consider filming and watching yourselves pornography.
  3. Child Exploitation- Stories and comments that abuse children will be rejected.
  4. Unaccepted Stories-  Stories and comments that include polygamy, swinging, soft swinging, bisexuality, pedophilia, incest, or bestiality.
  5. Homosexual Marriage sexuality – While legal in the United States does not fit the traditional marriage guidelines this site supports.
  6. BDSM stories and comments that include, scat, golden showers, degradation, and physically dangerous content will not be accepted on this site. (For further info on our take on BDSM click here.)
  7. Off Subjects- Stories and comments that include political, social and other causes will be not be published.

More Important Information for Submitting Married Sex Stories

  1. Decisions: All decisions are are final about what we accept and reject to be posted and posted to the archives topics.
  2. Identities and Communications. Marriage Heat is committed to keeping all identities anonymous, and we ask that you also be. Create a username when you register so that your email address will not be shown on your posts and comments. Communications are not recommended between members. Your marriage heat is very personal and boundaries to keep it that way are encouraged.
  3.  Customer Service: Marriage Heat does not have a large staff, so keep low expectations about customer service requests.
  4. Stories will not be published on our site if they require too much editing.
  5. Stories will not be published if the content is thought of as not fitting out audience preference.
  6. Marriage Heat will instantly reject new stories that appear on other blogs. We avoid duplicate web content in new submissions. Google and other search engines frown on duplicate content.

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