Relaxing Bath

The distance was going between us.  The demands of our jobs and children's activities were taking almost…

The Interview

My wife and I love to dress up.  She is a great actress (non-professional plays, skits, etc.).  One…

Hurry Home

To my husband and lover, don't come home late tonight – We meet at our favorite bistro, at a secluded…

Hypnotic Heat

My young Mexican wife was under a lot of stress.  Two of her brothers had tried to visit her by crossing…

A Hot Weekend in a Frigid Place

A Hot Weekend in a Frigid Place I arranged a mountain cabin with a hot tub and gas fireplace for my…

The Gift I Didn't Ask For

She was dismayed with the gift, a rechargeable “intimate area” razor, and thought, “Oh, yeah—this…

Forty-Four and Still Hot

My wife has just turned 44, and she is still HOT! She turns me on. I have noticed of late that when we…

Snapping Heat on A Sunday Afternoon (L)

  It's Sunday afternoon 3 pm and I touch my hubbie's penis! I rub it from outside of his pajamas…

Friends to Married in Four Years

My marriage is part of my testimony to how awesome the Lord is and how His plans are always greater than…

Paradise - Part One

I had no idea of what you had in mind when you suggested that we take a short vacation together without…

Paradise - Part Two

The beaming of the sun into the bedroom window awakened me on this the second day of our vacation together. …

Paradise - Part Three

We spent a wonderful day together, going to places and doing things alone and enjoying each other's company. …

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Sex Stories That Build Marriages

Sex stories have been shared from early cultures. The Bible has an entire book called Song of Songs that tells the story of the lover and the beloved modelling hot monogamy. This Bible book uses parable to teach about sex.

Marriage stories are shared at this (MH) site. Some married sex stories at MH may stimulate discussion from the experiences of those who are passionate about a loving marriage and their hot monogamy. Some stories may heat you up for married loving. Maybe you are just enjoying your own sexuality through the portal of marriage heat. You are welcome to the shame-free marriage sex zone. Enjoy


Some sex writings are erotic narratives guided by our guidelines which are inspired by the Biblical guidelines. Most sex stories at this site are authentic real-life experiences of those committed in a long-term marriage relationship. Fictional married sex stories are also welcome. seeks to support those who want their married lives to thrive.

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Join as an anonymous community member and read our entire archive of sex stories. If you are a guest and logged in, you will be allowed to view stories.

Some of you will want to share sex stories of your marriage heat. These stories will help others. You can submit your stories once you sign up for your user account. Stories will be approved for posted that fit our guidelines and are considered a benefit to our audience.

Adult married or single Christians are welcome to join. Married Christians will benefit by anonymously seeing what other married Christians are doing to grow in their hot monogamy. Many MH members have reported positive differences for their married lives. Single Christians will be inspired to learn from the married sex stories at this site that bless their lives with marriage sexuality to fill their imaginations. Newly married couples especially benefit from the sex stories featured here.

MH sex stories and pictures are not like the typical sex stories on other adult content sites. In the stories themselves, things like breast size and penis size are not featured in a comparative way. The sexual language is contextualised and toned down but not sterile. The photos in the stories selected from professional stock photo companies such as Shutterstock or Unlimited Stock. The photos do not represent the actual writers of the stories. The photos will seek to have an artist flare evoking visual inspiration for physical beauty. Since the photos will come from “stock companies” they will represent a “costume” look. We understand and affirm “beauty” is essentially from the in-side-out and not the popular definition of beauty from America and Europe.  The stock pictures are there to add a visual dimension. We deem the pictures from these stock photo companies as artistic depiction not pornographic depiction. Since this is a marriage erotic site, and we affirm the human body as beautiful we will post a variety of photos, some will reveal different levels of non-pornographic nudity. is here to inspire, not replace, hot monogamy. If MH offends you, please do not stumble by reading stories here.

All stories submitted are reviewed according to the guidelines at MH. All decisions are final.

May God bless your journey.

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