Sex Stories

Dripping with Rain

True watched as Lissa sauntered by.  That blasted beautiful woman, so wild and free in her fresh femininity. …
Husband kissing inside of wife's thigh ~ MarriageHeat

He Couldn’t Get Enough (L)

“I still need to taste your pussy. I love it!” So who am I to argue with that!  

Canyon Quickie

March 17. We’d now traveled by foot deep into the canyon, surrounded by towering walls of red rock.…
Husband sweetly kisses wife's forehead ~ MarriageHeat

Ode to My Husband!

‘The ONE who breaks open The Way will go up before them; they will break through the gate and go out.…
Husband and Wife enjoying each other in an office setting ~ MarriageHeat

Meeting with the Pastor and His Fiancee

Mary Beth and I just finished up our Wednesday night adult Bible study. The pastor and his bride-to-be,…

Midnight Love Dance

It was a little after midnight when Ben and I returned home from our daughter Alicia's house. Her husband,…

16.0 Anne and Ron take a Trip to a State Park

Anne and Ron were taking their first vacation in years. He had a business trip and they were going to…

Business Marriage

The place: London.  The time: 1942.  In his Specials Operations office, Colonel Welles gazed seriously…
Wife says goodbye to husband as he deploys ~ MarriageHeat

Husband Gets Deployed

I'm awakened before the sun rises by the insistent ringing of my new husband's phone. My head lies on…

The Riviera Maya Exhibition

Jack: This past fall Ginger and I took a trip to Mexico to celebrate our anniversary. We stayed at…

Saint Patrick’s Day Traditions

As a couple we believe in making and keeping family traditions. Some traditions are from the family I…

Ass-king For It (L/A)

This story includes strong language (L) and describes anal penetration (A). Keystone Jill and…

No Ordinary Sunday (L)

This post contains strong language (L) and mentions anal penetration (A). It started as just…

15.0 Anne and Ron On an Afternoon Drive

Leaving their teenagers at home, Ron and Anne headed out for a Friday afternoon drive. Ron wanted Anne…

Love’s Mask, Part 2

Here's part one, if you missed it: Love's Mask by LovelyLonelyLady Something else about Max quickly…