Sex Stories

Benefits of Frequent Ejaculation

The Bible has much to say about healthy habits and taking care of our bodies as the temple of the Spirit.…

You Were the One

From the first time we met, until our first date, I knew there was something special about you. After…

Encore! (L)

This story contains brief strong language. (L) You can read about annotations here. A number…
Spinosaurus Tooth

Mesozoic Massage ~ Ignite Story

“A tooth? But what about the serrations?” she protested.
Late Night Snooze Interrupted for hot married sex.

A Late Night Snooze (L)

Quickly shedding my clothes, I eased into our bed and snuggled with James, pressing my naked body against his.

Double Penetration (L/A)

The week of my 60th birthday, she gave me the greatest gift. She gave me her anal cherry!

The Dancer (L)

This story contains brief strong language (L). You can read more about annotations here. You have…

Breakfast While Camping

I awoke in our tent as the sun started to rise and listened to the first noises of other campers starting…

April’s Ignite Compilation Now Available

Here's another volume of Reader's Favorites for Ignitors to read and download. You can also access it…
MarriageHeat 2018

We’re Going Down! Again!

We have to leave the internet—but only for a day (we hope). On Thursday, 07 May 2020, we are going…

Questions about “Phone Sex”

I'm sure most of us on this site are quite knowledgeable about "phone sex." But what about "secretive"…

Blind Ambition

“Now, no peeking.” My wife slid the blindfold over my eyes, blocking out all light and any chance…

Conference Call

The shelter in place order had been in effect for three weeks, and I was getting antsy. It was nice to…

Book Lovers ~ Ignite Story

She asked, “Do you think the store will still smell like sex when you open tomorrow?”
Couple Getting Sexy at Movies - MarriageHeat

New Year’s Gift (L)

This story contains strong language (L). You can read more about annotations here. It was …