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Starting the Workday Right

It had been a couple of weeks since hubby and I had made love and I was getting antsy. I had been thinking…

Couple Postpartum Recovery

I wanted to pose a question to the MarriageHeat Community for advice. How do you, as a couple, deal with…

Sex Journal Entries

Introduction A few years ago a therapist suggested that I keep a sex journal.  I have complied. …

Make-up Sex (L)

This story contains strong language (L). You can read about annotations here. Dear MH readers,…

Silence (A) ~ Ignite Story

James peels off my flimsy undies and spreads my legs, rubbing my pussy and making me so wet.
Married Sex in the Back Seat ~ MarriageHeat

The Parking Garage (L)

She’s Latina, and her gorgeous caramel-tone legs were bare...


The Songs of Solomon have always intrigued me and given me inspiration in our marriage through the imagery…

Vibing at Publix (L)

This story took place in December last year. My wife and I had been cleaning in preparation for Christmas.…

Unusual Work-from-home Day (L)

This story contains strong language (L). You can learn about annotations here. It was just…

June Ignite Compilation Out

Hi, all! Callie has finished the compilation for June; we hope you enjoy it! It's a collection of stories…

Playing With Fire

In my last post, Oil Fire, I talked about one of the ways we keep the fire of our married intimacy burning…
nude wife kneeling ~ MarriageHeat

🔊 A Saturday Game (L)

I was now on my knees on the coffee table, staring directly at him with the dildo just touching the lips of my pussy.