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The Chalet, Part 1 (A)

This post includes anal penetration (A). It's a beautiful morning in the mountains. We have the…

A Saturday Night Without Kids (L/A)

Last night... You were amazing last night. You got home later than usual from checking on a friend who…

Dripping with Rain

True watched as Lissa sauntered by.  That blasted beautiful woman, so wild and free in her fresh femininity. …
Husband kissing inside of wife's thigh ~ MarriageHeat

He Couldn’t Get Enough (L)

“I still need to taste your pussy. I love it!” So who am I to argue with that!  

Canyon Quickie

March 17. We’d now traveled by foot deep into the canyon, surrounded by towering walls of red rock.…
Husband sweetly kisses wife's forehead ~ MarriageHeat

Ode to My Husband!

‘The ONE who breaks open The Way will go up before them; they will break through the gate and go out.…

Craving Marriage

Hey, everyone! I believe this is my first time posting. I am 25 years old and also a single man of God.…
Husband and Wife enjoying each other in an office setting ~ MarriageHeat

Meeting with the Pastor and His Fiancee (L)

Mary Beth and I just finished up our Wednesday night adult Bible study. The pastor and his bride-to-be,…

Midnight Love Dance

It was a little after midnight when Ben and I returned home from our daughter Alicia's house. Her husband,…

16.0 Anne and Ron take a Trip to a State Park

Anne and Ron were taking their first vacation in years. He had a business trip and they were going to…

Business Marriage

The place: London.  The time: 1942.  In his Specials Operations office, Colonel Welles gazed seriously…
Wife says goodbye to husband as he deploys ~ MarriageHeat

Husband Gets Deployed

I'm awakened before the sun rises by the insistent ringing of my new husband's phone. My head lies on…