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voyeurs in the woods

Accidental Voyeurs in the Woods

In this story, a husband and wife are out for a hike. They accidentally see sex happening between another…
Period Sex in Shower

Period Sex in the Shower (L/A)

We were lying in bed, reading on our phones. The gentle thrum of my husband's buttplug vibrator made…
masturbation masturbate jacking-off

Masturbation Rewire?

A couple of weeks ago there was a question about how people masturbate. I have another to go along with…

Sexy Texts from Fiancé

I want to share some more sexy text messages between my wife and me. These I received when she was still…
wife dominate husband

She Rode Me (L)

Most of the time when my wife and I have sex, I'm in control. Sure, she tells me what she wants and I…
New Year's Big Bang Multiple Orgasms

New Year's Big Bang (L)

This New Year’s Eve we decided to spend a quiet, sexy evening with just the two of us. First, we went…
Vacation Sex


This is part 2 of our Adult Spring Break - Mexico. Hope you enjoyed the first half. We only had an…
Friday Night Sexual Freedom

Friday Night Freedom (L)

My beauty Bel booked me into the dentist twice in one week. First time was for a cleaning. The second…

Power of a Preview First Hand

About a month ago, I wrote my first MH post. It described how important and powerful it can be for a…
how do I make her mine

How to Make Her Mine (L)

I loved one girl in my class. The reason, I don't know. The first time I saw her I liked her. She…

Hot Bath, Hot Night

We recently found our way to MH and my wife suggested I write something about one of our encounters.…
Married Sex Public Bathroom

Bathroom Sex at the Banquet

I try to pay no mind to the ever-growing crowd as I walk into the lobby of the banquet hall. People dressed…