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Epic Lovemaking Session

Today was an epic sexual experience! But it didn’t start out that way. I set up our massage table…
Husband wraps wife lovingly in his arms from behind ~ MarriageHeat

What Happens in Vegas, Part 1

My husband and I went to Vegas for a week; we needed to relax and take a break. After spending the day…
Woman shifts gears with her right hand ~ MarriageHeat

Opening Myself (Literally) To Repurposing And Upcycling (A)

This post involves anal sex (A). This just sort of hit me out of the blue not very long ago.…
Husband and wife cuddle poolside ~ MarriageHeat

17.0 Anne Visits Ron

Ron slipped off his side of the pool and seemed to glide across the water surface to her.

How Will You…? Redux

My hands tweak at my nipples as the sun sinks lower. You’ll be home soon, and my body cries out for…
Man and wife sensually embracing in front of a waterfall ~ MarriageHeat

What If?

Trigger warning: this post reimagines the world near the beginning of creation, so the age of majority…
Husband gives wife an erotic massage ~ MarriageHeat

Our First Erotic Massage (L/A)

This post includes strong language (L) and anal stimulation (A). My wife has never been a fan…
Comic panel showing husband and wife kissing ~ MarriageHeat

Webcomics, Maybe?

Hi, MHers! A contributing author, DefiantArtist, wrote in recently to ask about the possibility of…

Duty of a Christian Husband (L)

She looks into my eyes, then her hand goes to my buckle.

Cheap Hotel

/   The…

After Our Baby’s Birth

Six weeks passed after the birth of our baby, Matthew.  Mary Beth had been amazing—emotional as can…

For Him, for Us, for Me (L)

The days are long, and the work is hard, so when my husband, “B,” gets home hours after dark, I start…