We are so grateful for all the feedback we get from our readers, whether in comments, star ratings, or emails. It helps MarriageHeat be at its best and fulfill our mission to grow and support a culture of hot Biblical monogamy. Recently, an MH author asked for feedback on his idea for a story or suggestions for topics, and that got us thinking.

We realize not everyone has the drive or time to write and submit their own stories, and we’d like to offer more ways to contribute to MH content. So in the comments below, please feel free to add your ideas or writing prompts for current or potential MH authors. Let them know what you’d like to read about; just make sure that the suggestions are within the scope of our Guidelines.

Here are the themes already submitted in response to the aforementioned post.  (We’ll do our best to add links to stories that align with the suggestion as they get published.)

  • The most times a married couple has had sex of any kind in one month
  • Passion rediscovered later in marriage
  • Something related to motorcycles
  • Sex in the dark forest
  • A villain and a heroine
  • A picnic
  • A retelling of Adam and Eve, only a lot more sensual
  • Japanese-style sex
  • Something about time travel
  • Sex with masks
  • An Elf wife
  • A parody of Little Red Chapel

Add your suggestions below! And thank you for helping us promote hot Biblical monogamy.

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    • SophTea says:

      A story about how intimacy with one's spouse can heal hardship or struggle may be nice. I personally find that having sex is a way for me to feel safe, and so that might be an interesting idea. Thank you for all you do, by the way. God bless and good day!

  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    MH, you said “We’ll do our best to add links to stories that align with the suggestion as they get published.” If a suggestion is made and we know of an existing story that aligns with it, can we go ahead and post a link?

    For the suggestion “something related to motorcycles,” I doubt that there could ever be a hotter motorcycle story than Climaxx’s Riding the Monster (https://marriageheat.com/2019/12/23/riding-the-monster/ ). But if you want an honorable mention, there is Motorbike Mistress (https://marriageheat.com/2017/03/15/motorbike-mistress/ ) and Climaxx’s follow up A Schoolgirl On My Bike (https://marriageheat.com/2020/02/05/a-school-girl-on-my-bike/ ). Enjoy.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      This is a great topic but I love to hear how each couple got turned on like what did he do to contain his boner, what they felt like, and maybe they just couldn’t control it? Nude beaches, I mean.

  2. Greatman21 says:

    Here are some events of my personal life that I really like. I will have to make more post because I don't have much time now.

    – We had a quicky while dressing to go to an event
    – We had a quicky in the morning before my work. During the day I went to the bathroom and has I dropped my pants I could smell my wife's vagina and it was so good.
    – We had a quicky in the kitchen with guests in the living room. My wife was horny that day. We were in the small appartment we rented in Peru and at one point of the evening she asked me help in the kitchen. Just when the door closed behind me, she was kissing me and drove my hand down her panties. She was soaking wet and it didn't took long for me to rise to the occasion. When her dress lift up like a theater curtain I knew the show was about to start. She exposed me her freshly shaved intimacy and invited me to conquer her by planting my flag in her land yet to be discovered.
    We had great sex in the kitchen and I was very aroused by her bitting her lips to keep her exitment for herself. We both orgasm very intense and took a minute to cool down. We went back in the living room as if nothing happened and to this date it is one of my best memories.
    – Sometimes when we were short on money and decided not to go to the cinema, restaurant or anywhere else, we stayed home cuddling and having sex as it is free and great.
    – Sometime I wish I could go back in time to watch my younger self make love with my wife and for sure re-live the moments of hot passionate newly weds discovering each others for hours.
    – I remember how sexy it was to see my wife naked when she was pregnant. I liked to see her big belly when I took her by behind in doggy style. I don't have words to discribe her big hard breasts.

  3. alwayswet101 says:

    Pregnancy sex is a really big turn on to me because I can relate to it. I’ve heard many women saying they had such great pregnancy sex and husbands too but stories about it would be so great! I’m working on some of my own.

  4. SecondMarge says:

    Getting caught having sex or masturbating or catching someone else. Fantasy talk during sex about any taboo topic, e.g. spotting someone sexy when out to dinner and whispering to your spouse that they would be in your bed joining you that night, then reminding you about them when you get home.

  5. SecondMarge says:

    A fantasy about getting caught masturbating by someone other than your spouse when you are too close to orgasm and it’s too late to stop. You open your eyes to see them watching you and touching themselves. My husband loved this fantasy. If one of his friends had walked in on me, my husband would have cum before he could unzip his pants.

  6. Loving Guy says:

    Mutual masterbation with husband in a suit and wife in stockings and heels.

    Mutual masterbation with wife using hands/ toys in lingere/ heels and while husband is playing with wife's panties.

    Nipple play. I enjoy playing with my nipples and I want to my future wife to enjoy playing with and sucking my nipples.

    • SecondMarge says:

      I understand there are all kinds of fetishes where one person is dressed and the other undressed or very little on. Doesn’t do anything for me. I prefer both being nude.lol

    • Watts2 says:

      I second this suggestion. Back in my single days (45 years ago) If I masturbated while needing to pee, it was up and done in a matter of seconds.

    • SuzyQ69 says:

      As a woman, I've done that [and could write about it.] I try to do it in the shower because I like to release and release if you know what I mean. Cumming and peeing at the same time.

  7. SecondMarge says:

    Happy Thanksgiving everyone on MH. We have so much to be thankful for. To keep it within the topic, how about sex when you are hungry vs full of Turkey. Or we could just say getting stuffed.

  8. Salcpl says:

    Public play, e.g. remote controlled panty vibrator. Risky locations, or experiences. Squirting stories, especially first time. Fun ways to keep your spouse on edge. Board, dice, card games for couples. Toys, Toys, and other items that can be converted for sexual pleasure.

  9. SecondMarge says:

    I was watching Gold Rush. In the mining camps often the leader/owner has his wife or girlfriend in camp with him. Combining that with the topic here of Candaulism made me wonder about 8 guys living in close quarters for half a year with one woman. Knowing the couple is having sex. Maybe seeing her in various states of dress. Might be very sexy having all those horny men around me, knowing that even dressed they are thinking about my body.

    • SuzyQ69 says:

      Great idea for a story! I tend to get loud when my husband is pleasuring me. I would kind of love the audience of 8 desperately horny men on the other side of a plywood wall from me and my husband. And I'm sure he would enjoy the fame that would surely come from being the one who elicited such a racket from me.

  10. Shane73 says:

    I love the conception stories. One type of conception story I’d like to see would be one where there’s an age gap within the couple. I’m in my late 40s & my fantasy is to marry a woman about 20 years my junior & to start trying on the wedding night.

    • Loving Guy says:

      Yes to stories of marrying younger or older spouses. I am in my early 30's, but when I was in high school and in my early 20's, I had fantasies about marrying women both my age and older.

    • SecondMarge says:

      My second husband was more than 20 years older and the man I am dating now is very much younger than I am. There are kind of an interesting differences.

  11. Suzyzz says:

    In our sex life we find pleasure in fantasizing and want to include that as well as some crude words in my stories. We're trying to make things more exciting by saying things as we want it to be exciting. I won’t write about my past experiences, but I may touch with my husbands permission on some of the alternative sex I had previously.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      We think that's a great idea, but we haven't seen a plug-in to do so nor do we have the technical skills to create it.

      As a workaround, you can open any post by the author you are looking for, click on their name in the byline (right after the title) and it will take you to their author page listing all their posts. Another option is to type or copy-paste this into the address bar of your browser, followed by the username of the author: marriageheat.com/author/ This option won't work if the display name and username aren't the same, but most authors' are.

  12. Smallhubs says:

    Has anyone incorporated “size play” into their lovemaking? It’s a fine line that you’d walk, but if the honest truth is that a previous spouse or lover was of significant and very memorable dimensions, and current husband is small, how do you allow the white elephant in the room to just sit there.

    • SecondMarge says:

      My second husband liked to talk about size. Wanted to know how big my first husband was and purchased a huge cock shaped vibrator for me. He would ask if I wanted to be fucked by my big cock lover.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      MH recognizes that not all Christian marriages are first marriages, so we feel this could be a significant issue in some instances. This could make a great discussion story, but it could conceivably be worked into a very vulnerable and sexy story post, as well. Who wants to give it a go?

  13. Woods says:

    I hope someone of the female persuasion out there will try to do for those parts of the Song of Solomon and share with us something like what I (being a guy) tried with the Song in my post of some time ago. (You are Beautiful: A Study of the Song of Solomon for Two) posted August 10, 2020. I felt like I had left half or more of the job undone but was really clueless and unqualified to do more.

    Any takers? Please?

    • SecondMarge says:

      Maybe what it would feel like being sexual with a man that has over 800 other sex partners as Solomon did. If it might affect his fancy, sexy words of seduction.

  14. Loving Guy says:

    The strangest place you masturbated because you were just too horny to wait and had to cum right there and then. This sounds like a hot discussion topic. We could do it for both guys and girls.

  15. Light of Lights says:

    I was kind of afraid to write an idea about a soldier and a servant of the same, something like submission to your master, is it a good idea or is it too heavy?.

    • MarriageHeat says:

      To be published on MH, they would have to be married. But it could definitely be done as a roleplay, as long as it weren't abusive in any way. Loving *mutual* submission is what we are called to in Christian marriage, and we believe that includes our sexual relationship.

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