Motorbike Mistress

After my wife Jayne, the biggest love of my life is my motorbike, a low-slung Harley Roadster with a big black tank. We’d spent a lot of our courting days cruising the hills around us on it. We were in our late twenties and married a couple of years, but lately, I’d been spending a lot of time in our garage tuning my bike to perfection, polishing its chrome, and with my biker buddies, and I guess Jayne was feeling neglected. But my lovely wife found her own solution!

When I arrived home from work one evening, there in the middle of the hallway floor was one of Jayne’s panties, a simple white cotton pair. I picked it up and as I stood there holding it, through the doorway into our kitchen I could see another of her panties, a tiny satin thong, pink with a pattern of little red flowers. I got the message! A lingerie trail, leading to Jayne naked and ready for sex was one of the games we played as a newly married couple. I followed the trail through the kitchen into the conservatory, and just outside the garage door was another pantie. This time it was a black see thru lace thong from a lingerie set I’d bought her for our anniversary. Through the open garage door, I saw Jayne.

She was sitting on the seat of my motorbike with her spread knees astride the tank. She was wearing a blue denim mini skirt and a white, sleeveless string strapped top, low cut in a V between her big round breasts, with shiny black high heels. Her legs were spread so wide on either side of the tank that I could see right up her skirt. She was wearing tan stockings, with white garter belt straps crossing her bare thighs above her stocking tops and white panties. They were see thru lace and I could clearly see her dark pubic bush through them. Her long dark hair cascading over her bare shoulders looked so good contrasting with her light skin and the white top. She was leaning back on her hands on the bike seat behind her, so her back arched and her breasts thrust forward showing the outline of her bra under her top, and her peaking nipples.

I stood and stared at her for several seconds before Jayne spoke.

“Do you want to play with your other toy tonight?” As she spoke she gave me one of her mischievous grins, reached down and pulled her panties aside to show me her naked pussy. Spreading her legs so wide pulled her vagina open and her pink inner lips, already wet with juice, were peeping out through her dark bush.

Moments later our lips were together with our tongues touching and my one arm was around her back pulling her close. My other hand was down between her legs, inside her panties cupped over her sex mound, with my fingers teasing her juice soaked labia the way Jayne loves. I could feel her squirming with the sex pleasure my fingers were giving her.

I’d touched her between her legs for the first ever time as she’d sat just like that on that same bike before we were married. She’d been sitting behind me, holding me tight as we cruised the hills, and the temptation to reach behind me, run my hand up her bare leg and massage her pussy through her shorts and panties had been just too great. We’d stopped on a grassy hillside, and resisting full, naked sex after that as we kissed, fondled and wrapped ourselves around each other under the hot sun on the grass was a supreme effort. But now we’re married and her naked pussy was all mine!

“Undress me!” She said softly, but with an edge of excitement in her voice.

I began with her denim skirt. It fastened up the short length of its side but my hands were trembling so much with excitement at the feel of her stockinged leg, then bare thigh above that my fingers fumbled with the buttons. With her skirt off I lifted off her top and placed it, neatly folded the way she insists, with her skirt on a shelf. Her lace bra matched her panties, and the cups were trimmed to the same erotic perfection as her panties. They were only just big enough to sling her large firm breasts and the thin lace showed the large deep pink circles of her areoles beneath. She gasped with pleasure as I played with the peaks of the lace over her taut nipples. As I ran my hands over her in her underwear and stockings she looked up at me and spoke.

“Go on, undress for me. You know how I love it when you’re naked when you strip me.” Jayne’s breasts were rising and falling rhythmically in her bra as she breathed hard with excitement, and this time her own hand was inside her panties playing with her pussy.

I stripped naked for her, trying to put on a show. I was in the tiny grey, thong style briefs she likes, that clung to my scrotum and penis showing the outline of its straining hard shaft and mushroom head, and there was a wet patch just over my nozzle.

“Mmmmmm! My boy’s excited!” Jayne purred, reaching out a fingertip to touch the wet patch.

Then my briefs were off and I stood there naked thrusting my quivering near vertical erection toward her. She reached out and this time it was my turn to gasp as she lightly fingered the taut flesh of my penis shaft and its so sensitive deep red mushroom head the way she knows I like!

I quickly unclipped her bra. I moved in close and fondled her breasts, sending her gasping with pleasure as my fingers brushed her taut aroused nipples. Then she lifted each long leg up in turn for me to unclip her garter straps and slide her nylons off, enjoying every inch of the long smooth flesh of her legs from her pubic bush to her red painted toenails. Now all that remained between me and her naked body was her panties!

Jayne put her high heels back on, climbed off the bike and bent over with her hands on the saddle, with her white lace covered bottom toward me and her big breasts swinging so her nipples were brushing the saddle. She waggled her bottom sensuously and gave me an under the eyelashes look over her shoulder to invite me to pull her panties down.

I know how Jayne likes to have her vagina lips gently stroked through her panties. So after I’d had a good fondle of her cheeks through the thin lace my hand crept slowly down the valley between her cheeks and under her following the thin strip of lace between her legs till my fingertips were on her mound. She spread her legs in response and I began to stroke her back and forth along her vagina lips, caressing her thighs, back and bottom with my other hand. Within minutes the lace over her mound was wet and she was gasping and quivering with arousal. I pulled her panties down, she let them drop, kicked them aside then spread her legs even wider than before.

Now as she stayed bent over the bike I fingered her naked pussy, her labia and the little peak of her clitoris with my fingers, taking her slowly toward her orgasm.

Jayne climaxed with that so familiar cry, her breasts bouncing as her hips thrust and her body bucking with the explosive pulses of her orgasm. Afterwards, as she leaned over the bike panting as she enjoyed the afterglow of her orgasm, with her head bowed so her long dark hair hung down, I held my hand between her legs cupped over her throbbing, juice soaked hairy mound and gently massaging it, letting my iron hard penis prod and brush against her buttocks and thighs, smearing her soft flesh with pre-cum and leaving her in no doubt I was ready!

“Oooooh! … Come into me darling!” she said softly, her voice trembling with anticipation, and she was fingering her excited pussy. She spread her legs and braced herself for sex pleasure.

Jayne’s got mile long legs, I’m stocky, and her high heels got her gaping, juice soaked love lips to just the right height for my penis. I held her thighs and savored that moment when my soft penis head first touched her labia and she gasped and quivered with the thrill. I slid in till my belly met her cheeks and my coarse pubic hair brushed her vagina lips. Then I thrust, rhythmically, smoothly, firmly, deeply, withdrawing on the back stroke to that delicious point when her labia gently but exquisitely tugged the base of my penis head.

Jayne came quickly. She was aroused and still throbbing from my fingers, and she always says her second orgasm is even better than her first. I was still thrusting her when she cried out, her thighs bucked again in my hands, and her pulsing vagina muscles gripped my pumping penis. She moaned softly as I enjoyed exquisite minutes of her smooth warm vagina tight around my hard working penis. My own orgasm thrust in the last moment before my penis jerked inside her to fill her with my semen pushed her forward across the bike. I staggered back and watched my semen trickle down the inside of her thigh.

I brought us both cold orange juices from the fridge. Jayne sat astride my bike to sip her drink, naked, tousle-haired and looking superb. Her eyes met mine.

“Why don’t you get your camera?” she said. That mischievous smile appeared on her face again as she spread her legs wider and thrust her breasts up and toward me to show me what she had in mind.

Like most couples, we keep a “private album” of sexy pictures. I’d been into porn for years since my teens, but after we married I soon discovered Jayne was only too pleased to treat me to underwear and nude poses just like the porn girls I’d masturbated over, and let me photograph her in horny poses. I’ve found that on business trips, in hotels far away from home, some “private” pictures of Jayne, and her panties to play with as I masturbate and to splash my semen over is a good remedy against the temptations of late night TV porn channels or the local red light district.

I clicked away as Jayne sprawled over my bike getting my erection hard in what we call “penis strainer” nude poses. My camera’s a high quality DSLR, sharp enough to show every strand of Jayne’s dark pubic hair. And of course, in between pictures my hand roamed over her lovely smooth flesh and through her hair, both on her head and between her legs. Then, still sitting astride my bike, Jayne said

“Go on darling, get astride your bike. I know what you want!” As she spoke she grinned and formed her thumb and finger into a ring and bobbed it smoothly up and down exactly the length and angle of my hard up penis. On our honeymoon, I’d shown Jayne how to do “hand jobs,” like she taught me “pussy play” with my fingers, and she’s become an expert since!

I stood astride the front seat of the bike with my erection arching up over the tank and Jayne seated behind me with her legs wide. She whimpered with excitement as she wrapped her arms around me like when we’re riding together, but this time pulling my bare back against her naked front. Her lips and hands began to play, kissing me down my back, her hands caressing my bottom, my spread thighs, and reaching slowly under me to fondle and tickle my arse, scrotum, and penis from behind and below.

“Love you! Love you! Love you!” She kept saying as she kissed my shoulders and back.

My penis was soon so tight I felt it would snap! When I could hardly take any more, Jayne’s hand slid smoothly across my hip, wrapped around my shaft and squeezed gently.
A moment later she began the exquisite stroking and tugging, pulling and brushing my foreskin, her hand riding from my pubic bush right up over my penis head, catching the base ridge of my penis head and that so sensitive spot right underneath. Like that first time on the bike, my hands found her bare knee, fondled their way up her bare thigh, but now there were no shorts and panties in the way and my fingers explored her naked, juice and semen wetted pussy and pubic hair.

Jayne has masturbated me enough times to know from the sudden stiffening of my penis in her hand that I’m coming. I reached behind me to grip her thighs, thrust my hips forward, and she took me through to a long, sweet semen spurt with her thumb and forefinger stroking across the ridge of my penis head and her spare hand under me tickling my arse and scrotum. My jet of sex cream arched over the tank and splashed as far as the bike’s handlebars.

Jayne knows how precious my bike is to me, and how long I spend cleaning and polishing it. She carefully wiped my semen off the tank and the instrument dials with her white lace panties, bless her!

Until then we’d only had sex in the “conventional” places in our house: our bed, the lounge floor, the shower and so on. Our motorbike sex session gave us an appetite for sex in unusual places, which perhaps I’ll write about in more stories!

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  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Hot! And the picture went well with this story! Yes, If I have more then one orgasm it's more intense than the last, probably because of the extra sensitivity. God bless you both 🙂

  2. Marie Lister says:

    Wow, what a hot erotic story. Sounds like you found more reasons to enjoy your Harley Roadster. Your Jayne is a very smart and fun lady! I look forward to more stories of sex in unusual places. You really have a way of drawing your reader into the experience.

  3. copen1 says:

    Smoking hot story JT! Hot wife biker babe…Nice!
    And by the way MH admins…also a smoking hot pic! Wow

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