What is the password?

It is our 14th anniversary and we planned to celebrate it an unusual manner with some role-play, since we hardly have the chance for such adventures with our busy lifestyles of keeping up with three kids. We decided that we would separately meet up in a hotel bar as though we were total strangers meeting for an appointment.

So we booked a hotel room for one night and planned to meet at the bar at 9 pm.

At around 6 pm, I packed some clothes, toiletries and some of our kinky toys, including two pairs of pink leather cuffs and some rope, in a small backpack and take off with the kids, to take them to their grandparents.

We had cooked up an excuse that we were both invited to dinner with my work colleagues and thus would be out late. My parents were happy to welcome the kids for a sleepover.

Once the kids were settled, I drove over to the hotel about 20 minutes away and check in.

The Hotel

It is a very nice five-star hotel with a decent sized room, a four-poster queen sized bed, and a sofa on the other side of the room.

I unpack my stuff and head for the shower to get ready for the big night. I could not help fantasizing on how things will turn out, as we did not really plan on a story-line. Consequently, I think of a few cues that would help keep me in character.

As I enter the bar, the atmosphere was just right for a romantic date, with eighties-style music playing in the background and many tourists hanging around and chatting. I sit at the bar and take a look at my watch. It was exactly 9 pm.

“Perfect,” I say to myself.

As I waited for a few minutes, I notice the door opening.

There she was. Dressed in black gala attire, with curvy hips boasting her femininity and a cleavage that revealed just enough of her perky firm breasts to make my jaw drop.

She was gorgeous, even after bearing our three darling kids!

I could also notice other men sneaking a peak as she walks by, towards me.

My heart was racing and I could feel butterflies in my stomach as the scent of her perfume fills the air around me.

“Hello sir, are you Mr Smith?” she says.

“Yes, ma’am, I am. And you are?”

“Brooke,” she replies.

As we shake hands, I think to myself, that’s one hell of a sexy name. Sounds like a porn star name!

I offer her a drink and we chat and flirt for the next 30 minutes.

“Shall we take this meeting to the room and complete the deal?” she asks.

“Sure,” I say as I pay for the drinks.

The Room

As we enter the room and I turn around to lock the door, I feel a hard object press against my back.

“If you want to live, you will do exactly as I say!” she says as she presses a toy die-cast gun against my back.

For a moment, I was about to burst out laughing as the thought of her actually carrying one of our kid’s toy guns in her purse flashes through my head. However, I quickly get back in character and raise my hands above my head.

“Walk slowly over to the bed,” she demands while preparing to sit down on the sofa and keeping the gun pointed at me.

“Now slowly take off your clothes.”

I slowly remove my shirt and pants and lay them on the bed.

“Your boxers, too.”

I follow her demands, my face blushing as my manhood springs out in almost a full erection.

As I stand there naked and exposed, I can tell she was enjoying herself as she has that mischievous smile on her face.

She gets up and walks over to my backpack, and takes out the pink leather cuffs.

“Put these on and lie face up on the bed.” She demands.

I once again I follow her instructions without uttering a word. She then takes out the rope and proceeds to tie each cuff to a corner of the four-posted bed, anchoring me down with both my hands and legs spread out. As I lie there helpless, she walks around the bed, brushing her hand all over my body and stopping at my hard-on.

“We can do this the easy way, or the hard way.”

“I want that password!” she says as she strokes my manhood.

“What password?” I reply.

“Don’t fool around as this will be a long night,” she immediately counters.

“I don’t mind,” I said flatly, as I shudder off the threat.

“Ok then,” she says, and positions herself at the foot of the bed.

She slowly starts to undress, revealing her black lacy push up bra. As the dress comes down, my body shudders with excitement as I realize that she is not wearing panties and only a black suspender belt and matching stockings.

So Starts the Action

She climbs onto the bed and sits on my chest facing me, with her legs spread apart. Her pussy lips give away her excitement, as they are already all wet and engorged. She starts to rub her clit with her right hand, just inches away from my face, sending my dick into a throbbing frenzy. I am mesmerized by the view, as her sweet aroma reaches my nose. I try to reach out with my tongue but her pussy is just an inch too far. She continues to pleasure herself as she lets out moans of excitement.

“Do you want some of this?” she says.

“Yes ma-am!” I growl in excitement.

“Give me the password!”

“I don’t know what you are talking about,” I once again say.

She sits up straight and raises her hands to undo her bra. Within an instant, her double lattes spring free as she releases the fastener between her bra cups.  With her soft breasts now free, she leans over and starts to skim them across my face. As she moves from side to side, each of her breasts slaps my face, first once side, then the other in a hypnotizing manner.

I extended my head forward and try to suck her nipples, but she doesn’t give me much chance as she keeps them moving from one side to the other.

My hands are aching to reach out and grab them, and hold them to my mouth, but the cuffs are too tight.

Next, she turns around to face the foot of the bed with each leg on either side of my torso, giving me a first row view of her ass.

She is usually very conscious of her curved hips and roundish bottom, and rarely likes to expose them in such a manner. However, it seems the heat of the night has washed away her inhibitions, as she moves back to prepare to sit on my face.

“Maybe this will refresh your mind!” she says as she lowers her ass onto my face. I taste the sweet juices of her pussy as they ooze into my mouth while my nose presses against her anus. The sexy aroma of her juices is overwhelming and my dick starts to leak pre-cum as it prepares for some action.

As her hips start to move up and down my face, I have to inhale air through my nose as it exits her butt crack, before immersing back in her nicely trimmed honey pot.

All I can see, as she humps my face, is the silhouette of her round butt cheeks moving in and out of my view.

Her Big O

The rhythm slowly get faster and faster, and I can feel her pussy grinding harder into my mouth.

It is not long before she explodes into an intense orgasm, and the rhythms turn into spasms, and her entire body tightens into waves of pleasure. I can feel my nose being clasped tightly by her butt cheeks as I gasp for air. Luckily, the aromatized air in my lungs is enough to get me through to the end of her orgasm. But that doesn’t bother me. After all this is the best way to die, I think to myself.

My face is now glistening with love juice as she raises her butt off my face. I can’t help notice the pinkish softness of her spread labia as she pulls away, knowing that my mouth was right there between them, just a few seconds ago.

My balls are now turning blue and I am desperate for relief.

My Turn

She now moves down and turns to face me as she positions herself between my spread legs.

With one hand around the base of my penis, she once again asks for the password.

“Come on babe, I don’t know what password you want,” I cry.

“Too bad,” she says as she wraps two fingers of the other hand around the top of my testicles and pulls them gently away from my dick.

All I need is 10 seconds of action on the top of my penis to orgasm, but she intentionally keeps avoiding that area. Her hands keep on massaging and pulling on my testicles, thus ensuring that my excitement does not subside. But she never goes towards the top, thus making my hips squirm and reach out in desperation.

“If you want to do it, give me the password,” she says once again.

This password request was now the only thing between me and an explosive orgasm. So I start to put some real thought into it.

“Password, password, what password does she want!?” I ask myself, as she continues to massage and play with my family jewels.

Then after a few minutes, it dawns on me.

Of course!  I say to myself.

The password to her phone! It’s the day of our first official date together and probably the only password she actively uses.

“Two, eight, zero, seven, nine, six,” I scream out.

She looks at me with a relieved smile on her face.

“Finally, I thought I was going to spend all night playing with your balls!” She exclaims jokingly.

She immediately takes my dick in her mouth while still keeping her fingers wrapped tightly around my testicles.

It only takes her a few strokes of sucking before my dick explodes into her mouth.

I can feel the first wave of warm cum shooting into her mouth as my body arches backwards in spasms. After the first shots, she removes it from her mouth and continues to rub it against her lips, smudging the remaining cum spurts onto her lower face.

In between spasms, I glimpse at her and could see my cream dripping back out of her mouth as she continues to work the tip against her lips, while her breasts dangle between my thighs. This once again drives me into a few more convulsions of excitement.

My orgasm lasts a few minutes, as I just simply can’t stop cumming.

Soaking It In

As I lay there admiring her beautiful face all glazed with my juice, I say to her:

“I love you, my dear. You are the most precious and gorgeous wife I could ever dream of.”

“I am so blessed.”

She smiles and climbs up over me.

“You, too, my dear, now kiss me,” she says.

“Erm… why don’t you wipe your face before,” I reply as I turn my face away.

“Nope! You are gonna kiss me now and taste your own juice.”

With my hands still tied to the bed, I did not have much choice.

She uses both her hands to hold my face in position and proceeds to kiss me passionately; ensuring that her cum-drenched tongue explores every corner of my mouth.

I could immediately taste my own juice, as it was far saltier than hers. However, to my surprise, the fact that we were both kissing passionately with the taste of my cum swirling in our mouths, seemed very exciting and intimately bonding. I therefore decided to loosen up and reciprocated the passion.

In fact, it turns out to be so pleasurable that once she releases my hands and legs, we do not even bother to clean up immediately, and allow the cocktail of juices to dry up on our faces as we simply lay there on the bed, wrapped in each other’s arms, savoring the moment.

It must have been about 20 minutes before we decide to get up and take a shower together. I massage and wash her back as the warm water flows over her soft silky skin and we plan for the next steamy session in the morning. However, this time she will submit to my demands.

But that will be another story for next time.

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4 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Very erotically creative! Now, I'd hate to burst your bubble, dear but I think maybe comparing a name to the term "porn star" wasn't such a good idea. Just saying. Maybe it's the generational difference, but it was still a good story otherwise. You've written it very well – the teasing was suspenseful enough to keep me reading eagerly until the climactic (literally) finale! God keep you both.

  2. BigBrownEyes says:

    Thanks for your comment.
    With regards to the term, lets be honest, while most of us men strive to be the best husbands, the thoughts that go through our heads are not always the best ideas :-). But it was just a thought, to hint to the readers that the objective for the choice of name from her side, had been effective. After all, the story is a role play fantasy, nothing is real about the characters. However, I can assure you there was no intention to objectify her.

  3. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Of course! I understand. I didn't mean to hurt you, dear. Role-play is always fun 🙂 btw, you're welcome and God bless

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