Triple Play

I have an annual trip to Las Vegas for business that I take. I hate Las Vegas. I think it’s dirty and I despise the culture of the strip and the casinos. There are parts that are great, but mostly I miss my family when I’m out of town. I can’t stand being away.

This year I checked into the hotel, got unpacked, and started preparing for the meeting I had scheduled the next day. My phone rang and it was my wife, Sally. We made our usual small talk about our day, kids, etc., and then she asked if I had unpacked yet. I indicated that I had already and I was just relaxing.

“I put a special surprise in there for you,” she told me. “It’s in the side pocket that you never use.”

My heart skipped a beat contemplating what she had in store. I opened up my luggage and inside were her black crotchless panties wrapped around something. Undoing them, I found a bottle of lube and our small vibrating butt plug that we occasionally use.

“Interesting…What did you have in mind with this?” I asked.

Sally then hit the Facetime button initiating a Facetime call. She moved over to the bed and set the phone on our nightstand. “This is gonna be good,” I thought. I hear her rummaging through her nightstand and she pulled out our We-Vibe vibrator.

(For those of you who don’t know, a we-vibe has two prongs to it: one can be inserted and the other rests on the clit. It gives you G-Spot and clitoral stimulation at the same time or you can adjust vibrations with a remote/app).

“I was reading online about different uses for this and wanted to try something different, but first I want to see you,” she said. “I want to watch you get off with that in your ass. I know how much you love that.”

I quickly stripped down and passed off my phone to my computer so I could see this on a bigger screen. I propped my computer at the end of the bed and then laid down in front of it. I opened the bottle of lube and poured it onto my cock and slowly started massaging my asshole. Turning the pink buttplug on, I slowly slid it in inch by inch as my wife watched on her screen. It felt so good as I resumed stroking my cock, my other hand holding the buttplug all the way in place. It has a flared tip to prevent it from going all the way in.

“How does that feel in your tight ass?” my wife asked. “I bet that feels so good. Good thing I bought another one for me.”

“What?” I said surprised. “When did you do that?”

“Last week,” she replied. “I figured you’d like this and this one is a little bigger.”

She pulled the black vibrating plug out and covered it in lube on the screen. Then she laid back down and showed me she had another pair of crotchless panties on. She opened the slit on them, pulled out her we-vibe, then used her free hand to circle her own puckered asshole with her fingers. Slowly one finger, then two. Then Sally reached for our new toy and plunged it into her butt. It flares out so the middle is the largest part.

“It’s so tight. Mmm…so tight. Fuck, this feels good sliding in my tight ass. You like what you’re seeing baby?” she asked.

My pace quickened on my cock as my vibrator hummed in my butthole. It felt so good. Sally continued sliding hers in until it completely disappeared in her ass.

“Oh my, this feels amazing. I wish you were here to fuck me now. Would you like bending me over and sliding that hard dick of yours in while you watch this toy get me off? I think I’m gonna come from this in my ass. Fuck this feels good,” she said. “I’m coming, ohhhhh, I’m coming.”

I watched the screen as my beautiful wife’s breasts arched and she had an anal orgasm. It’s rare for her, but this new toy must have hit her just right. I kept stroking my cock and watched as my wife pulled out another large dildo vibrator. She suctioned it to the headboard and then repositioned the phone on a table in front of our bed. Then she walked over to the nightstand and got out her purple G Spot vibrator, considerably smaller than the other 10″ fake cock. Sally got on the bed with her insatiable ass facing me. She started sucking the cock attached to the headboard and reached around with her G-spot vibe and plunged that into her pussy. All three holes plugged. Fuck this was hot. Rotating around she pulled the purple vibe out and facing me, she started grinding on the large dildo on the headboard. 10″ dildo in her pussy, butt plug in her ass and now the purple G-Spot vibe in her mouth.

“I can taste my pussy. I wish you could. It tastes so sweet,” she said. This was enough for me as I exploded all over my chest and neck. I left my vibrator in as I watched my wife come for a second time on the large cock and her new black toy.

“I love you, baby. That was the most amazing thing I have ever seen,” I told her.

“Check your email in a few minutes. I think you’ll like what you get. Think about this every time you walk around that city and know you’re going to get a repeat performance when you get home,” she said.

Ten minutes later after refreshing my email about 200 times, a new one popped up in my private email from Sally. I opened it up and it was a link to our dropbox with a large video file. As I waited for it to download and buffer, I realized she had recorded the entire thing from a different angle using our iPad. Wow, what a lucky guy I am!

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6 replies
  1. JDTM77 says:

    My wife and I love toys. Think we own every we-vibe product, but have never once used the ap successfully. Regardless, the though of myself and my wife having every hole filled is pretty awesome and arousing. Glad you two have fun sharing your time apart.

  2. PatientPassion says:

    That was indescribably hot, sensualcouple! I sincerely hope my future wife will be open to enjoying the same experience of having all three holes filled at once! The image this conjures up in my mind is such a beautiful combination of intimacy and raw, carnal sexuality.

    It's amazing how you were able to have such an erotic experience at a distance, and I can only imagine how awesome something like this must be when you're together!

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