Ed Comes to Visit, Again

When I wrote Summer Loving back in June, I promised at the end to write summer loving 2 with roles reversed. Little was I to know what would happen over the rest of summer, autumn and the longer nights of early winter. When I started to pen this, I had no idea how long it would be but hope you enjoy the read.

Shortly after writing Summer Loving I was offered an amazing opportunity to take up a new job with a big promotion.  Still basking in the glory of landing the job, a 2-week holiday to a beach was booked and some quality us time penciled in.  After two weeks of relaxing, eating, drinking and some great sex, we departed Greece to head back to England, leaving Ed far behind.

The new job started well, I had a great team of people around me and for the first time in years, I looked forward to going to work each day. However, the honeymoon period was over after less than six short weeks when a sub-team resigned on mass to go to a competitor.  Overnight, my hours increased and stress levels rose in line until 14 hour days became the norm and not the exception.  Lucy as always was first to give me a reality check letting me know that in no uncertain terms that the children were asking why Daddy is never at home.  Stress and tiredness started to take hold and quality time spent with Lucy in the bedroom started to suffer.

Then our unwelcome guest Ed showed up again.  He never called ahead to say he was coming or communicated how long he intended to stay, he just turned up, out of the blue.  Now last time Ed came to stay he was with us about 6 months until we got him under control and nearly year before we said goodbye in Greece.  Lucy and I knew right away that neither of us wanted Ed to stay that long this time, but we both knew that getting him to leave us alone would take some changes.

Lucy and I realized quickly from the last time Ed visited that three was a crowd in our marital bed and this time we were not going to let him come between us.  My wonderful and sympathetic doctor had given us all the tools and information we needed last time and we quickly dusted off the plans. Once again, reluctantly for both of us, penetration was taken off the menu.  The skills we had learned together from the last visit and which I wrote about in Summer Loving were put back into place.  Armed as we were, with the necessary skills to rid Ed from our lives, we once again started to reconnect with each other.

Work began to return to an even keel, hours were reduced, the children recognized me once again.  The building blocks to evict Ed from our lives was now in place.  Mutual and solo masturbation became the mainstay of our intimacy, alongside long slow sessions of oral pleasure.  Despite the lifestyle changes we made, Ed was still with us.  Some nights Ed would even show up during oral much to Lucy’s disdain. Oh, how I just wanted to cry for her some nights, she didn’t want Ed as much as I didn’t, but he had moved in and was going nowhere fast.

Summer turned to Autumn, Ed was comfortable living with us, too comfortable.  Lucy and I spoke and we decided it was time to seek help, but this time we would do together, a united front to rid an unwelcome guest from our lives.  I called the doctors surgery once again, a double appointment was booked after a short discussion with the receptionist, who insisted that double appointments were available on doctor’s agreement so I was forced to tell her all about Ed.

Wednesday evening, 5.30 pm, doctor’s surgery, Lucy and I arrive hand in hand, Lucy was with me on this journey this time, primed to answer any questions Dr. Clare could put her way.  Lucy had told me before the appointment that she had never had to discuss sex openly with a doctor before and I assured her that Dr. Clare would put her at ease and to just say what you feel.  Most of the appointment was not unsurprisingly based around me and only during last 5-10 minutes did Dr. Clare direct any sensitive questions in Lucy’s direction, and she was able to answer with only a tinge of red in her face. Then came the conclusion to the discussion, counseling. I saw the look of horror on Lucy’s face and squeezed her hand in reassurance. Dr. Clare explained how she knew a very good sexual health counselor in our area.  She would take care of all the introductions and write a referral letter for us, all we had to do was to call her in 3 or 4 days and book your initial session.  I looked at Lucy, her composure regained, she smiled back at me in agreement and us as one, said OK to Dr. Clare.

The car journey home was strangely quiet, as we both struggled to take on board the enormousness of what we had agreed to.  I knew this was way out of Lucy’s comfort zone and would test my own resolve to remove Ed from our lives. We arrived home, the children were fed and sent to bed, Lucy prepared dinner for us, but still she spoke very little.  Surely, she couldn’t be mad at me, did I say something wrong to Dr. Clare about our sex life? Dinner was finished and we headed off to the lounge to relax for the evening.  Lucy appeared carrying a bottle of red wine, two glasses and a box of tissues. She didn’t need to say a word, I got up and wrapped my arms around her and I held her tight to me. What seemed liked minutes passed, but was only a few seconds before she tearfully whispered in my ear, “I love you,” before beginning to sob uncontrollably.  I took the wine, glasses, and tissues from her and sat her down on the sofa alongside me.  Now I was hurting, really hurting, Ed was my problem, but now she was fighting with me.

I handed Lucy another tissue and poured two glasses of wine as she regained her composure. We kissed told each other again how much we loved each other and then came the total reassurance I needed from her. “We will get through this, I promise you, whatever it takes, I want my man back. I want to feel your cock inside me again, I want to feel your hot cum filling my cunt once again. Whatever it takes, I’m with you all the way honey.”

Lucy rarely used the C word in conversation, only occasionally during passionate sex would I ever hear her speak that way.  I kissed her again, I reassured her that we will get through this and we will be stronger than ever after. We hugged, we cried, it was out there now, once again Ed had nearly come between us, he wasn’t going to.

First counseling session arranged, we arrived as requested in good time to complete some paperwork.  Caroline, a good looking late 30’s women opened the door to her office and invited us in. She had a manner that relaxed you, which given what the subject of the conversation was likely to be, was clearly something she had worked on for many years.  She introduced herself, outlined her experience and gave us a quick overview of how she could try to help us.  She told us that at first, we might find it difficult to talk openly about something as personal as our sexual behavior, but that the more we opened up the more she could help us.  I sat next to Lucy on a comfortable sofa and felt her hand tighten around mine as Caroline continued her introduction. Towards the end of her introduction which lasted around five minutes, I could sense that her first question to us was close. “All I ask is you be honest with me and honest with each other. I don’t mind what language you use, say it like you would to each other, the more natural you are the better. How does that sound, Lucy?” She looked straight at Lucy, obviously picking up on her nervousness and wanting to engage quickly.

I looked at Lucy, she smiled and responded, “We have both talked this through, we both want the same outcome and have agreed, whatever it takes”. There it was again, the now standard riposte to Ed, whatever it takes, oh how I loved Lucy.  Back came the first question without pause, “In your own words, can you tell me how you feel right now about your current issues”. Without hesitation came the reply, “a little frustrated” and a smile….” Same question to you Larry”, “more than a little frustrated”, I felt Lucy’s hand squeeze mine again and knew in an instance my reply was correct. For two hours, we talked, no subject was off limits, masturbation was discussed like it was as natural as discussing what coffee you drank at Starbucks. Oral sex just as openly, as was any anal play and any intimacy during Lucy’s menstrual period. Caroline was clearly good at what she did, we both felt relaxed and Lucy was talking in a way I never imagined her capable with a complete stranger.

Caroline’s advice at the end of session 1 was simple and echoed what Dr. Clare had told us and what we were already doing. Penetration was off limits, but nothing else was. Initiate an informal 48-hour rule for orgasms, i.e., try never to go more than two days without having one and finally, have fun.  We agreed to come back the following Wednesday when she had some time to look through all her notes and she would come up with a way forward.

Lucy and I got in the car to drive home and I hadn’t even started the engine when the first question came. “Why didn’t you ever tell me you preferred my pussy when it was trimmed really short?” “I didn’t think it was my business to tell you how often to trim your pubes”, “honey, it’s your head that spends time there, not mine.”  I leaned over and kissed her, “I love you, Lucy.” “Did you learn anything about me tonight that you didn’t know?” she asked, I smiled, “Only that, when you said whatever it takes, you really did mean it. I can’t begin to imagine how difficult it was for you to answer some of her questions. Let’s get home.”

For the next six weeks, we went to see Caroline, each week she gave us some suggestions of things to try, new things, exciting things, scary things, but the basic hard fucking was still off the menu. We never questioned her methods, we just took on board her advice and out it into practice, both inside and outside the bedroom. New Sex toys were purchased, “toys mean fun, sex should be fun,” one of Caroline’s favorite pieces of advice. Then week seven, something totally different. By this time, she knew everything about us, we shared both the good and bad experiences, we laughed and cried together. “I want you to book a dirty weekend away, and I mean Dirty with a capital D.” “Find a spa break 2 or 3 nights, get pampered, relax, spend some quality time together.” “Let me know next week when you can do it.”  We went home, a quick call to Lucy’s sister to find when she could have our children for a weekend. Lucy’s sister was the only other person in the world to know about Ed, and as hurtful as that was when I heard, it now had the advantage of her bending over backward to help us out.

Spa break booked, no expense spared for two weeks later. I told Lucy to pre-book whatever she wanted in treatments and to book me a good massage for the Friday and Saturday.  We told Caroline as discussed at the next meeting and she was excited to hear how quickly we had everything planned. But still, our homework as we now referred to it still had no penetration on the menu.

We arrived at the spa, in time for a light lunch on Friday. Lucy had a couple’s massage booked for 2:00 pm and we were both looking forward to a weekend without children or household chores. The massage was fabulous and as I was putting on my gown to go up to our room, I felt a stirring in my boxers as I watched Lucy get up off her table. It was a while since I had seen Lucy looking so relaxed and my mind was already disrobing her as soon as we reached our room. I took her hand to lead her off to our room when she stopped me and said, “Honey, I have another treatment booked in 15 minutes, shall I see you back in the room or meet you in the bar?”  I told her I was feeling very relaxed and would probably just go chill out.  I gave her a kiss and left her there.

Part of me was happy for Lucy, she deserved this weekend after all, but another part of me just wanted to take her to our room and take her there and then.  It would be hard not to think about the stirring in my boxers when in the room alone but I knew that any tension that was growing was going to get released later, but little did I know then what Lucy had planned for me.

When Lucy finally came to the room about an hour later I was asleep, and she quickly disappeared into the bathroom and I heard the door lock. That’s strange I thought, Lucy never locks the door.  “Hey babe, you ok, how was your treatment?” I cautiously asked her. “Amazing, I’m just going to take a quick shower and wash my hair, I got some oil in it.”  “Ok babes, I’ll jump in the shower when you finish, dinner is booked for 7.30”, “yea I know, I won’t be long.”  Fifteen minutes later Lucy reappeared wearing a clean robe, came over to the bed, kissed me gently grabbed at my cock and said, “I can’t wait to get that in my mouth later”. God, I loved it when Lucy was in a mood like this and I headed off for my shower, still thinking why did she lock the bathroom door?

By the time, I had finished my shower, Lucy was already wearing a beautiful matching bra and panty set she had bought for the weekend and looked beautiful. As she saw me come out of the bathroom she quickly pulled on a dress and she looked truly stunning.  I quickly dressed and we headed down for a quick drink at the bar before heading into dinner. Over a perfect meal and a bottle of wine we discussed the day and plans for the next day before heading back to the bar for coffee.  Lucy said she wanted to go and powder her nose and disappeared off in the direction of the lady’s room as I ordered coffee and found us a seat. Then my mobile rang, it was Lucy…” What’s wrong hun?” I asked with clear nervousness in my voice. “Forget coffee, come up to the room,” she said before I hung up.

I the order from the bar and took the lift up to our room.  What had she planned, this is so unlike Lucy, she hates surprises. The Do Not Disturb sign was already hanging outside, and I as I started to put my key in the door it opened. The room lights had been dimmed, and Lucy had changed into a mid-thigh length ivory satin chemise, low cut, so barely covered half her fabulous tits. Her nipples were clearly erect through the satin, it hid none of her thoughts. We embraced and she kissed me before leading me to the bathroom. “Get ready for bed, then call me”. I quickly took a pee, had a wash and cleaned my teeth and by the time I called Lucy I was already at full mast. “I’m ready hun”, I called out, and the door opened with Lucy carrying a blindfold as she approached me.  Without a word, she blindfolded me and took me by the hand and led me to the bedroom. She was in control, I loved it when she did this. The room had a 4-poster bed and she told me to lie in the middle face up. She then took each wrist and tied me to the posts with what felt like satin or silk ties.

Lucy climbed onto the bed and straddle my body and I could just feel the bottom of the nightie brushing against my erection as she leaned forward to kiss me passionately. This was a kiss like nothing I had felt in years, she was a great kisser, but this was at a different level.  The smoothness of the satin against my skin alongside the warm wetness of her mouth against mine was intoxicating. I wanted to wrap my arms around her and feel her ass but I was helpless, trapped beneath her, her hormones on overtime, I could smell her sex rising up through her nightie and I longed to thrust my hand between her legs and feel the wetness of her pussy. But my hands were going nowhere, Lucy had me where she wanted me and she was in no mood to let up.

She slid down my body and slid my now rampant cock into her mouth, letting out a sexy moan as she took my full length down her throat before beginning to pleasure my cock in a way she only could. I could feel my pre-cum leaking out as she greedily licked at the head of my cock and licked her lips in a show of appreciation. Lucy was on fire, but the best was still to come.  She moved back again to straddle my body with both legs and my cock twitched in expectation of what was about to happen.  But how wrong I was, as she moved higher and higher up my body before lowering her soaking wet bald pussy to my lips. “You said you preferred me when I trimmed short for you, how do you like freshly waxed?” and began to grind her cunt into my face ordering my tongue to explore her inner folds as she furiously rubbed her clit. Never have I tasted her so wet and hot, the smell of her sex was almost overpowering but she was not letting up. Her first orgasm came over her and only as it begun did she remove her fingers and order my tongue to keep going.  This was the love of my life who until six months previous had never masturbated, now she was lost in the passion with not a care in the world about what I might have thought about her.  The weeks of counseling had clearly had an effect and she was releasing her frustrated sex on me that night.

As her first orgasm subsided she turned 180 and lowered herself back to my face once again only this time to present her rosebud to my mouth. Was this really Lucy doing this to me? Lucy never liked me licking her bud and now here she was demanding I pay it the attention she demanded. I pressed my tongue as hard as she demanded into her bud and she lowered her head to swallow once again my craving cock. Briefly, she lifted her mouth off my cock to order me “Don’t you dare cum like this, I say when you cum tonight.” Before gently sucking one of my balls into her mouth.

After a few minutes and a subtle swivel of her hips, her wet soaking cunt was once again lowered to my mouth for attention. Then without warning, she turned to kiss me on the lips, taking the time to lick my chin and nose and taste her sex on me.  She sat up and I felt her remove the nightie before she reached behind my head to remove my blindfold.  “I love you so much gorgeous man, but right now you are going to fuck me like you have never fucked me before” before shifting down my belly and impaling my cock deep into her wetness. She was still in control and I was loving it. For the first time in nearly three months, I was inside my wife and it never felt so good. She cared little how quickly my cum was going to fill her cavity, she cared only to have the feel of my cock deep inside her again. Never had I been fucked this way before. She was lost in the moment, it was like this was the first time she had ever been fucked and the pleasure she was getting was written all over her contorted face.  I tried to zone out of her language and think only of the pleasure I was giving her such were the vocals leaving her mouth. I could hold off no longer and joined in the X-rated conversation in the same manner as I exploded in her cunt. Wave, after wave, after wave and still Lucy did not slow her pace of fucking me stopping only when the pain on my face told her I could take no more.

Lucy was not done, she desperately needed to cum again and she was not going to stop until she got what she wanted.  In a night of firsts, she continued to surprise me, moving back up my body and lowering herself to my face once again.  Now I was faced with a now freshly fucked, cum dripping, bald pussy being lowered to my mouth. It was after all my cum, from my cock, that I had just filled my beautiful wife with. I had no time to hesitate, refuse or even think about what to do and pressed my tongue deep into her wetness and my mouth was filled almost instantly with a rich mixture of cum and pussy juice. After she had emptied herself in my mouth I went to work on her clit that was so hard as to be protruding from behind the hood. Within seconds her orgasm hit her and any final cum left in her cunt was pressed out and sprayed over my face.

Then, silence, my arms were released and she lay on top of me, kissing and licking my face as I wrapped my arms around her and held her tight. “Welcome back, big boy” were the first words either of us spoke and I rolled her off me onto her side. “That was the best fuck I have ever had in my life,” I said to her. At first, she looked shell-shocked about what she had just done, almost embarrassed. “I hope you enjoyed all of that,” she said, “I might have got a bit carried away at the end.”

“I love you, Lucy, if you want to fuck me like that every time it’s fine with me, I loved every bit of it,” was all I could say.

“Why tonight, like that?” I asked her, “That Caroline is a naughty woman you know,” she smiled. “We have been putting this together by e-mail ever since we told her we had booked this weekend.

Not all her ideas, but the timing, the blindfolds, and the tie-ups were all her.  The actual fucking and everything else she knows nothing about, that was all me. She just helped me create the setting and suggest ways to stop you thinking or worrying about fucking me.

Ed’s gone honey, he has been gone for a while but we were both to blind to see it. Caroline knew this when she suggested this weekend.”

I looked at her in total amazement, my beautiful wife had hatched a plot with our counselor behind my back and then executed the plan.  “But those things we did that we had never done before” she put her finger to my lips to shush me. “Let’s just say I am broadening my sexual horizons and hope you enjoy the journey with me.”  We kissed and kissed before falling asleep wrapped in each other’s arms.

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6 replies
  1. asm says:

    I am so glad you shared this. MH is a great forum, and many people share their best experiences, but not everything goes well each time. There are many different sexual dysfunctions that couples can encounter and what is important about your post is that you opened up and shared how you dealt with yours through counseling and a visit to the doctor. You have helped remove the stigma of things like ED. When you are having problems with your eyes you see an optometrists, why not see a sex therapist when you are having problems in that department as well?

  2. Gracie says:


    Thanks for sharing this amazing journey with us. I loved hearing about how you and your wife worked through this together, the love, support and understanding you had for one another. I especially love how this all ended, or shall I say begins, because it sounds like you two have begun to embark on a new chapter in your life. Your wife's confidence and boldness, wow! It was wonderful to hear how her and the therapist worked through a plan together, yet she made sure to bring her own special touch, very, very hot! Can't wait to hear how this journey continues.

  3. Juicy says:

    What a fantastic post for several reasons. First, the power of a committed marriage. To be able to walk through difficult times together with such love and support is an amazing testament and an example to us all. Second, that you were so open to having a third party get involved. We often want to try and fix things on our own, often unsuccessfully, but having the confidence and the boldness to seek an outsiders help is very encouraging to others. Third, that you really invested in one another and put one another as a priority. And last, the end result was hot! What a rewarding night and much deserved for the both of you!

    Thank you for sharing such a personal journey because even if a couple doesn't walk through this same issue, we can be reminded that we can triumph through difficulties if we walk together.

  4. RedHotMaryJane says:

    We deal with the blessing/curse of delayed ejaculation. It's certainly refreshing to hear about other couples working through their own sexual obstacle course. Thanks for the story

  5. Jim & Mary says:

    I'm 64, and quickly closing in on Medicare age, and apparently the entire United States insurance industry knows it, given the tons snail junk mail and e-junk mail I'm receiving;

    Reading this, my eyes watered up. I'm glad you and your wife evicted ED. I envy you…

  6. ladygarden says:

    Larry: Thank you for your courage and humility in sharing this very personal story. An incredible example of God's love and provision for his children as exemplified by your dear Lucy and those specialists. You both are so wonderfully blessed to have one another.

    Yes, Ed is a most unwelcome visitor. Worse than a telemarketer or door-to-door salesman. Yet, he is well-traveled and knows his way around town. And by the grace of God, your therapy, and amazing love for one another–you kicked him out for good.

    Ed can really play with people's minds, usually, our dear husbands suffer worst. Sure, as wives, Ed can frustrate us too; yet we have others ways to "cope," so to speak. And while I am not at all minimizing his effect on couples, our men seem to suffer worse. Not just because they can't "perform," rather–it affects their "manhood" and sense of youth, vitality, and being the "sexual leader." They can blame themselves and really put undue pressure or guilt upon themselves which is not necessary.

    Again, not minimizing, nor knocking the emotional distress Ed inflicts upon our beloved men. We as wives must continue loving our mates no matter what. They need to fully realize and believe that we are with them on this journey even when Ed visits. Total reassurance that we love them, care for them, and adore them. That we will be with them forever, regardless.

    You and Lucy are an immensely blessed couple that God brought together; we salute you for your open communication and willingness to work together through this emotionally draining life issue. Lord bless you both!


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