A Messy Kitchen

It’s Monday and we have the apartment to ourselves. After enjoying sleeping in for a bit, you slide out of the bed and head toward the kitchen to figure out something for breakfast. I watch as you walk out of the room wearing nothing but a snug pair of panties that have ridden up in between your ass cheeks. There is nothing better than watching that ass wiggle as you walk away from me. As you leave the bedroom, I can feel my cock start to get excited by the visual imagery I’ve just witnessed. I slide my hand down and slowly begin to stroke my semi-hard cock thinking about what it would feel like to have it lodged in between that magnificent ass of yours.

As I grow harder, I hear you banging around in the kitchen. I decide to join you and get out of bed and head toward the kitchen naked and with a pretty stiff cock. As I walk in I see you looking into the cabinet trying to figure out what you want for breakfast. Your face is hidden behind the door so you don’t see me come in. I say “Good morning gorgeous!” and it startles you just a bit and you knock a couple of items out of the cabinet onto the counter. You look over at me and you let your eyes slowly work their way down my body to my cock.

“Is that for me this morning?” You ask. “Only if you are in the mood for some meat for breakfast.” I joke back. You reach down and grab my cock and start to tug on it back and forth. I reach over and grab the counter to steady myself as I relax and enjoy the sensations. As you continue to rub, my cock grows incredibly stiff. “You ready for some breakfast?” I ask. You smile and slowly get on your knees in front of me. “Starving!” you reply as you slide the tip of my cock into your mouth. You start slowly taking it in and focusing just on the tip and getting me really excited. I’m still holding onto the counter as I look down and see that one of the items that fell out of the cabinet was the jar of peanut butter. My mind gets an amazing idea.

Knowing just how much you love peanut butter I reach over to grab the jar and take off the lid. You notice what I’m doing and a smile immediately comes to your lips. I take a finger and dip it in the peanut butter and take out just a bit. I slide my finger into your mouth as you come off of my cock and let you suck the peanut butter off. You immediately take my dick back into your mouth and I can feel you using your tongue to swirl the peanut butter around me. You start moaning in pleasure. I’m not sure which you are enjoying more my cock of the peanut butter.

I begin to reach in to get a second helping of peanut butter when you reach up and take the jar away from me. I figure you are going to start feeding yourself, but you have something else in mind. You let my hard cock out of your mouth and take the full jar of peanut butter and slide it onto my cock. it takes a moment but the heat of my dick lets me slide all the way in. I’ve never felt anything like this. You make sure my whole cock is inside the jar and start twisting it around. You slowly remove the jar and we both see that my cock is now completely covered in peanut butter. You devour it like you haven’t eaten in days. You suck, lick and swallow as much as you can. We both are enjoying every moment of this. Once you have thoroughly cleaned my dick of the peanut butter, you pull off and start the process again.

As you are sliding the jar back onto my cock I get an idea. “You know what goes great with peanut butter?” I say. You look up at me and I say “Chocolate!” Your eyes grow big and you simply say “Yes.” I reach into the refrigerator and grab the bottle of chocolate syrup. You are still swirling the peanut butter jar around my cock getting it fully coated again. As you pull it off. I take the chocolate syrup and run a line of chocolate up and down my cock. You can’t wait any longer and take me fully into your mouth again. This time you are sliding my cock in and out of your mouth. The chocolate and peanut butter are mixing together as you let me fuck your mouth with my tasty dick. You look up at me as my cock slides out of your mouth and say “more chocolate please!” You have my cock immediately back in your mouth and I take the chocolate syrup and start drizzling it on my cock as it is sliding in and out of your mouth. Things start to get a little messy and chocolate and peanut butter are dripping off of my cock and onto your bare tits and the floor. You don’t slow up, as a matter of fact, you start going faster.

I keep squirting chocolate and you keep sucking. Chocolate is all over your face, your tits, your stomach. You look so tasty. You reach around and grab my ass and really start fucking your mouth with my cock. I’m so close to cumming between watching you suck my dick and seeing you all drizzled in chocolate. You know I’m cumming and you bury my cock all the way in and I fill your mouth with cum. I can’t take the idea of just watching you anymore so I throw you off my cock and join you on the floor and start to devour you. My mouth finds yours. Your face is covered in chocolate and peanut butter. You open your mouth and we kiss deeply. I can taste the mixture of peanut butter, chocolate and my cum in your mouth. We kiss like this for a moment until you swallow. I slide down your body and start licking and sucking your tits and enjoying the peanut butter and chocolate covered flesh.

After a moment we sit back and look at the mess we have made on each other and the floor. We stand up head toward the shower and you look at me and say, “It’s a good thing the maid is coming to clean today!”

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12 replies
  1. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Very nice and delicious, both literally and figuratively! 😉 Because of the food, you reminded me of something I did with my husband years ago, something we called the "Sexy Sundae" 😉 God bless you too

  2. Old Lover says:

    A delicious cumming story!

    Although we aren't food sex fans, my one fantasy is to mound Anne's perky tits with whipped cream topped off with cherries. I'd relish eating the cherries and lapping and licking my way down to her hard nipples. Then I'd repeat my lapping, licking, and some nibbling on her nipples before settling down to leisurely suckle my lovely Anne's gorgeous tits.

  3. CMLove says:

    Loved this post! Thanks for sharing, brother! Gave me a wonderful idea for tonight seeing how much i love peanut butter, chocoalte, and my hubbys dick! Funny I never thought to put them all together!😁

  4. CMLove says:

    Hi, Stag-on-a-hill! Yes, it's been a while, not by choice, just a lot going on (baby, moving, homeschooling) but God is good and merciful and my hubby and I are blessed to be back on MH! It's so great to "see" all of the sisters and brothers I have so missed! I've been reading some past stories and enjoy reading all the comments….its like seeing a scrapbook of old friends😁
    Hope all is well with you, brother, and glad you are still on MH. My hubby and I were glad to see your name in past comments!

  5. hornyGG says:

    Sounds like a fun time was had. I really enjoyed this story, very hot. I am not a big fan of peanut butter, but love chocolate. Ben and I have enjoyed those flavored lubes. Chocolate is my favorite, especially when I get to lick and suck it off his hard cock. Mixed with a shot of his cum makes it especially yummy!

  6. Dan & Kat In the City says:

    Thanks everyone. It is interesting to hear people's views of food + sex. For most of our sex lives, we didn't combine the two and don't often now. But when we have, the satisfaction of two different appetites at one time and the pleasure of taste and sex can kind of be overwhelming. Chocolate has by far been our favorite, but we have experimented with other tastes as well. Anyone else have any thoughts on food + sex?

  7. Harper Shelby Thornton says:

    Dan & Kat In the City I hope you don't mind an anecdote, but allow me to elaborate on our "sexy sundae" I put whipped cream on my breasts, and I'm sure many others do it too, but I what would do is I'd put some little colorful sweets, and finish it off with a caramel ribbon (topping). And voila!Sometimes we had variants, like chocolate fudge on whipped cream, or raspberry ripple! God bless you two, keep having fun!

  8. Stag-on-a-hill says:

    Thanks CMLove, we are going great. God has really answered my prayers – things seem to get better and better. Hopefully one day I will write about it on here. I miss some of the old crew – like Eva. It's great to see HornyGG on here again! The long-term sharing is important I think.

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