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When my wife and I had been married for 18 years, our relationship was in shambles, and we were likely very near divorce, having grown apart and with very different libidos and sexual interests. I had a very high sex drive and she had absolutely no interest in sex at all.

Some friends recognized the trouble we were having and recommended we attend Family Life’s Weekend to Remember Marriage conference, and we did. This was an exceptional experience that I credit as the turning point in our relationship. After that, we started making time for one another and were more honest about our feelings and fantasies. I surprisingly discovered that she had no fantasies! However, she was willing to entertain mine without judgment. I was fully honest with her that weekend about my past indiscretions and impure thoughts, and about my hidden fantasies and fetishes.

After 18 years married and more than 20 years knowing each other, we finally were honest about our true selves. It was that weekend that we decided to focus our fantasies and intimacy on one another. The journey since then has been exciting and sometimes uncomfortable for one or both of us, but we have created many wonderful memories and are closer than ever because of this change in our relationship.

With her permission, I will share some of these encounters, so as to edify your relationships and give you some ideas for how you can strengthen your marital relationship. We have been married now almost 25 years, but I love my wife more than I ever have and am more attracted to her with each day and adventure.

One of my favorite intimate memories with my wife involved a time when she surprised me with a creative solution for us to be together. It all began when I took a business trip to Minnesota, several states away from us, and was gone for approximately a week. This was a sexually-charged time anyway because part of the reason for my trip was for me to pose for some male boudoir photographs to give my wife as a gift for our 20th anniversary. My mind was constantly on my wife and sex due to the arousing nature of the gift I was making, so I was in regular contact with her by video chat and texting.

My wife has always been inhibited, having been raised in a Pentecostal preacher’s home, but this particular week I finally got her to drop those inhibitions and send nude photographs to me. We were still working through a lot in our marriage and had a couple of nights that we stayed up nearly all night talking on the phone working out some of our feelings. These culminated in a session one night of us masturbating together by video chat, which is a huge deal considering my wife does not believe in self-pleasure, for herself anyway. She would prefer for pleasure to come from me or she will just do without altogether. I have always wanted to watch her masturbate, but she would never do it for me, until this trip.

The day finally arrived for me to head home, and I took the opportunity on the way home to send her pictures of me stroking my hard cock while driving down the road, excited in anticipation to be with her. Unfortunately, my parents decided to travel from out of state and stay with us to greet me as I came home, so when I arrived at my house, I would be welcomed by not only my wife and children but also my parents. I suppose my wife knew this was going to put a damper on things, so she apparently planned a solution, one that thoroughly shocked me.

I arrived home in the middle of the afternoon, when the sun was still bright in the sky, and live in a neighborhood where the houses are relatively close together, although my neighbors are mostly older and don’t socialize much. As I pulled into the driveway, I saw my wife standing on the porch, waiting for me, since I had texted her that I was nearly home. She looked hot, as usual, wearing her form-fitting yoga pants and a shirt that accentuated her gorgeous DD tits. I climbed out of my truck anxious to feel her embrace, which I had desired so strongly for the previous week. She ran up to me and wrapped her arms around me tightly and literally jumped into my embrace, with me holding her off of the ground, her legs wrapped around me. We kissed passionately, without a word spoken. My sweet, innocent wife, who had been raised to believe that sex was evil and had for the previous 18 years of our marriage avoided public intimacy as much as she could, grabbed me by the shirt, leaned into my ear, and said, “I want you inside me right now.” Excited but knowing she believed only in sex in the bedroom, I replied, “OK, let’s go in the house!”

She pushed me against the passenger seat of the truck, with the door open, and as she grabbed my cock in my pants, said, “No, fuck me right here, now!” She then proceeded to pull my instantly erect dick out of my pants while she traded me places to where she was leaning on the truck seat, pulling me into her. She pulled down her pants, right there in our driveway in full view of the neighbors’ houses, and jumped onto the seat of the truck, pulling me towards her, guiding my hard, throbbing cock into her wet, hot pussy. I was overwhelmed with surprise and completely turned on, at how wanton she was, having never seen this side of my wife before.

Then, right there in my driveway in the middle of the day, while any of the neighbors could have looked out their windows and seen, with my parents and children waiting inside to greet me home, the rest of the world faded away as the love of my life and I melted into one. Standing outside in my driveway in the middle of the day, I made love my wife more passionately than I had in our entire marriage. She screamed with delight as she orgasmed multiple times as I thrust my cock in and out of her hungry pussy, while she held me tight around my shoulders. After we finished, I replaced my cock, still dripping wet with a mixture of her sweet juices and my cum, into my pants, straightened up, then we went inside to greet the rest of the family, trying to pretend that nothing had just happened.

To that point in our marriage, that had been her most forward action, and the first time she cared more about us than the people or world around us. It was a turning point in our relationship and the beginning of several exciting adventures, but this one will always be my favorite simply because it was purely her idea and a complete surprise to me. It was the start of over a year of wild sexual exploits with my bride that seem unreal to me now, but I am so glad I experienced.

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8 replies
  1. Dean316 says:

    Very happy to hear that your marriage is restored OneFlesh93. Happy to hear that your friends made the effort to give you recommendations to make it better and so glad its back to where it is. Very hot story about you two exploring your fantasises as well as the sexy encounters documented. God bless you and your wife,


  2. OneFlesh93 says:

    Thank you, everyone. We still struggle at times, since my libido outstrips hers, but we are always open and honest, and that has helped.

    Stag, I have no idea and neither does she. For 1 to 1.5 years she became a vixen and was insatiable, willing to have sex anywhere and everywhere and anytime, but it started that day. After that time, she calmed down and some inhibition has set back in, but not as badly as before. We can only figure it was hormonal/change of life issues. She was so different and adventurous, I even questioned an affair, but that wasn't the case. I'll ask her to comment on your question, although don't hold your breath! She doesn't like to write.

  3. ArtRutherford says:

    Good to hear of your story OneFlesh93. My wife is much the same way. My sex drive far outweighs hers and about the only place we have sex is in the bedroom. But, things are slowly changing and while still not perfect, we are getting there.

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