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How do I Perform Fellatio?

Hello everyone! I want to thank you all again for your support and advice on my last post here! I've…

Maybe I'm Small-Minded?

Am I a small-minded person? I am an ordained minister from a conservative background. I know that when…

Her Masseur (F)

This story includes describing a fantasy (F) You can read more about annotations here. Hi,…

A "Schoolgirl" on my Bike (F,L)

After our previous trip on a borrowed motorbike, (Riding the Monster) my dear Lucy decided that she wanted…

Her Little Purple Toy

I am Jason. My wife of over twenty-five years is Annie. Here is the story of Annie’s first sex toy…

Loneliness During the Wait

So I am going to ask a question that is different than usual. I'm a Christian guy, 26, and still a virgin.…

The Man's Semen

I’d like to hear the thoughts of Christian men and women on the subject of the man’s semen. How…
Texting Role Play - MarriageHeat

Text Message Role Play?

Hi guys! New on the site today. Christian married man here looking for some advice. We have been married…
Mouth Full - MarriageHeat

What a Mouthful!

  Ladies, does your husband like having his balls pulled? Guys, do you enjoy it? Rez does. He…
husband eating wife - MarriageHeat

Finding Her Sweet Spot

My wife and I are very intimate with each other, and we love what we do to each other when we have sex.…

The New Zion: Marital sex as an act of worship.

Zion is a place that is often mentioned in the Bible. It is "a hill in southeastern Jerusalem also called…

Are "Shared Accommodations" Immoral?

Yesterday's story on MH was bound to stir up controversy. Among our readers, there are those who believe…

Stuck; What to Do?

My wife finally admitted that she was "stuck" with me, and I admitted that I was "stuck" with her. We've…
married Sex Stories - Erectile Dysfunction

Fighting the ED Monster (A)

I believe there are numerous causes of Erectile Dysfunction (ED - difficulty in having an erection and…