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Marriage Heat, the Website

MarriageHeat.com is about inspiring vital marriages!  Marriageheat.com is a movement and anonymous community that inspires beautiful traditional hot monogamy. MarriagHeat.com started with user generated stories about marriage sex. More and more users are understanding “Marriage Heat” to include many characteristics of healthy monogamy and the people themselves that care deeply about this life-long sacred institution.

This site ignites more hot monogamy in your marriage. We support those who desire the one-man and one-woman sexual worldview.  We promote this understanding to support our audience. MH will make not commentary on other views, we will not publish comments or posts that do not support this perspective.

We recommend that your spouse is aware of your being at this site and that you may even share reading this content. We also recommend that you only read these stories if it helps you and your spouse and encourages your marriage heat.  If these stories harm your marriage and make you discontent with your spouse, please do not read the content of this site.

MarriageHeat.com seeks to bring more sizzle to:

Marriage Love – Sacrificial, spiritual and committed love between a man and a woman is the foundation for fulfilling marriages. This married love will change the world as couples team up for a higher purpose.

Married Sex – The Bible sees marriage love and sexual love very connected.

Genesis 2:24-25 “Therefore a man will leave his father and his mother, and will join with his wife, and they will be one flesh. They were both naked, the man and his wife, and were not ashamed.”

MarriageHeat.com is not ashamed about sexual content that fans into flame the physical reality of marriage love.

We believe that an active married sex life will help keep couples out the divorce court! About 40 to 50 percent of married couples in the United States divorce. The divorce rate for subsequent marriages is even higher.” Marriage and Divorce – American Psychological Association

A healthy marriage including a healthy sex life is one of the secrets for lasting marriages!

Faithfulness and happy sexual relationships are considered the two most important features in a successful marriage. Over 70 percent of people in a Pew research study indicated that. See article

This USA today article revealed that 75% of married woman consider sex very important.

There is a need for Marriageheat.com to support hot monogamy!

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Marriage Heat encourages hot monogamy through sharing marriage erotic stories or erotic writings. These erotic stories are about marriage sex or the culture of marriage sexuality.

Marriage Heat: For Those Practicing Hot Monogamy

The stories on Marriage Heat include stories of married couples are learning to love more and practice hot monogamy.  The stories and content of MH are arranged introducing many conversations building the institution of marriage.

Marriage Heat will not include stories or content that leaves the Biblical world-view’s understanding of marriage relationships. On matters of marriage sex, MarriageHeat.com promotes the perspectives and practices found in the Biblical book of the Bible called Song of Solomon or Song of Songs.

Make a marriage profile that will not give away your identity. Your real identity will not be shared with other members or individuals. Submit a story that will bless marriages. Check out our marriage guidelines for submissions. We are seeking to create a stage for sharing marriage heat stories by Christians who are called to write about the blessed experiences of marriage sexuality. See Submissions

MarriageHeat.com believes that you are responsible to bless your spouse. Please enjoy this site as an encouragement not a comparison to what you currently do or believe. You will not agree with every writer or even with every writer’s use of language in this area. Marriageheat.com  encourages positive messages about marriage. We will seek to offer resources that bring you more hot monogamy.

We will guard your privacy and identity and well will not sell your email address or contact to a third party. Join now

Marriage Heat is a Community!

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