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My husband and I share most of the same important values, but come from fairly different backgrounds. He was Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 7.11.50 PMraised as a Baptist pastor’s kid, while I grew up with a mom who was almost a hippy, and I am a dance teacher! By the time he courted and married me seven years ago, he had found a lot of freedom in many areas, and I had chosen more traditional values in others. Although we enjoyed sex together, there was a level of openness and freedom with each other we had not reached. Secretly, we were each longing to add some new aspects to our lovemaking, but I think each of us thought the other might not be comfortable with it, or approve. We had recently attended a conference about retraining your mind and expectations about finances, and apparently got a lot more freedom in other areas, too!

I went away to Orlando for another training conference, which lasted almost a week, with one each of our older daughters and sons. To save money, we took the bus to Atlanta and then Orlando, intending to sleep while someone else drove. On the way to Orlando, this worked fairly well. After a quick goodnight text to and from my man, he was asleep at home, while I dozed on the bus. Although it was not really warm in Orlando that week, it beat the freezing temps at home by a long shot! The resort was beautiful, and the sunny atmosphere and outdoor hot-tub surrounded by palm trees made me wish even more that my husband was there with me.

The conference in Orlando was fast-paced and full of information. This left very limited time for brief “I miss you” phone calls and texts back home to my man and the younger kids. I knew my husband was really starting to miss me when I started getting emails with links to lingerie he wanted to buy and see me in. A follow-up email the next day requested my current sizes, as I was losing baby-weight, but not back to full normal. The next day, imagine my surprise when I received an email with a link to one of the posts on marriage heat! This was like nothing he had sent to me before! I could feel my face flushing as I began reading the article, followed soon after by a warm blush a lot further down.  Although I had occasionally used masturbation as an outlet during the years I was a lonely single parent, and a little more in the months before we were married (to be able to hold off on sex till we were!), it was certainly not a habit. I had been introduced to the idea as a way of further pleasing your spouse by discovering how your own body worked and what was truly pleasurable to you, but my man and I had never discussed the idea in any depth.

Reading the hot story he had sent me, I couldn’t help imagining him doing those things to me, and my breasts started to tingle. Reading on, imagining him taking pleasure in watching me pleasure myself, for his viewing, I wondered if that was a way I could truly please him. The hand not holding my phone (which I was using to read the story) began to caress my breasts, and roll the nipples of one breast, then the other. Then it wandered down to discover the lips of my pussy were warm, swollen, and wet! Although I had mixed feelings (and success) with pleasuring my man’s cock in my mouth, reading the description in the story made me even hotter, and I got even hotter and wetter imagining taking his swollen, sensitive cock in my warm, wet mouth. My free hand began to circle my swollen, sensitized clit, reveling in the heat and slippery wetness from my pussy. Usually I had a hard time cumming with only my own hand’s stimulation, but reading this hot story, after missing my man’s touch for almost a week, knowing he had read the same story, and wanted me to read it and imagine him, my entire body was quickly tensed, straining toward release. With teens in the next nearby room, I struggled to keep my low moans quiet, as I became tighter and tighter, hips pushing further out. Finally slipping two fingers slowly in my tight pussy, while circling my so sensitive, yearning clit with my thumb, I suddenly felt blessed relief, as I came powerfully. I lay there with the feeling buzzing through my system, and sent a reply email to my husband, saying I had read it, and wow! I admitted to him, maybe for the first time, that it had made me so hot I had touched myself until I came! Then I rolled over and drifted off in a dazed sleep.

The next day was the next to last day of the conference. My man texted me first thing next morning that he was glad I had enjoyed myself, and was himself enjoying imagining it! Oh my gosh! The conference day ended a bit early that night, so my adult son and I went and sang karaoke (actually he sang and I staggered through it). When my man knew we were back at the condo, he sent a text, so I checked my email. Another hot story from Marriage Heat was waiting for me! I waited till all the kids were asleep, then eagerly allowed my eyes and imagination to roam. The language in the story was so enticing and titillating! My man and I had occasionally used a few racy words in sexually heated moments. Although I had always found the “f-word” to be highly offensive as profanity, I had already discovered its appeal when used correctly in the context of sex with your spouse. There were many times in our marriage my man had, in moments of passion, asked my what I wanted him to do to me, hoping to hear my stilted answer of “fuck me”, usually barely above a whisper. Now I was surprised to learn how hot it was to expand our vocabulary further, only with my man.

The next day was an awesome day of celebration to end the conference. Afterward, I faced another long bus ride from Orlando to Tennessee, with a few hours layover in Atlanta. My man and I had begun exchanging brief, sexy texts throughout the day. The bus was not very crowded, so I settled in a seat by myself, trading texts back and forth with my man, each getting more explicit and hot! He started to go into detail about what he had planned for me when I got home… How he wanted to gaze on and fondle my breasts, rub me down all over with lotion, put his throbbing cock in my wet pussy. We even talked about how amazed we both were that using the word pussy was hot itself, and a turn-on. He told me he couldn’t wait to hear it on my lips in person. This kind of back and forth was new territory, and it was making me hot. (That is when it occurred to me to change the password on my phone, as my older kids knew it, and had been in the habit of reading me texts as they came in, if I was driving or busy!)

As it got later and later, the bus sped through the night, with all the lights dimmed. I looked around and realized I was apparently the only person still awake on the upper deck where I had chosen to sit. I couldn’t believe my husband was still awake, having to work the next day. We are both night owls, but hadn’t stayed up so late, or been so horny when apart from each other since we were engaged and about to be married! I was getting so warm, and so flushed, I had curled toward the window, facing away from all the other passengers. Plus, I didn’t want anyone to accidently get a glimpse of the hot phone-sex texts we were sending as fast as we could type. He mentioned another MH story he had really liked, so I read it online on my phone. It had a little bondage/control in it, which has always been a turn on for me, but was one of those levels of openness we had not reached. Could this mean he secretly wanted it too? Shivers ran through my body.

While I was reading, my man continued to send me sexy text descriptions of all the new things he wanted to try when I got home. I texted him how hot I was becoming, and how I had turned away so no one could see under the coat draped across me, so I had begun touching and massaging my nipples through my shirt. He was happy to ‘hear’ it, and encouraged me to do whatever I felt like (after a quick text to assure that no one else could see me!) He shared how hard his cock was becoming, aching for my touch as he lay there in bed.

As I continued to read the hot story and trade hot texts with my man, my breathing sped up, although I made sure to keep quiet. My hand loosened my pants, and I tentatively reached my hand down my body, amazed to feel the heat and wetness below. I fired off a text to my husband, “I can’t believe I am touching my pussy on a public bus, wishing you were here!”. He texted back that that was awesome! As I came to the thrilling conclusion of the story, I imagined my man was doing the touching, kissing me wetly tongue to tongue. My hand moved faster, and my eyes closed as my head fell back against the seat. My two fingers rubbed harder with lightning speed back and forth across my swollen pussy lips and aching clit. My other hand put down the phone, and moved under my draped coat to pull at my nipple and roll it between my fingers, while the first hand continued its mad rubbing. I held my breath, as an orgasm swept through me from the inside out. Then I was still, savoring the blood racing, heart pounding sensations.

Finally I texted my man that I really couldn’t believe I had just cum on a bus! And he encouraged me to do it! Finally after a few more amazed back-and-forths, we agreed we really needed to get some sleep, since we didn’t plan on doing that much of it when we were together again that night! Thank you Marriage Heat for encouraging us to enjoy our freedom in our marriage! The amazing story of our reunion night together, and my man’s new-found innovation, creativity, and passion will have to be another story for another day….

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17 replies
  1. The Rose says:

    This is such an exciting story. I think there are so many couples who would love to experience this ‘coming out’ and getting into the excitement of making love in a new way. I could really imagine myself in this story and I was just waiting to hear how your husband was also masturbating on the other side, because I am 100% sure that his hand was NOT just holding his phone.
    It is so important for couples to be LOVERS every day. You do not have to have sex every day, but you can be playing the lover’s game the whole time. We should be doing things and saying things that say “I Love You” and “I Want You” and “I Desire Your Body”

  2. hornyGG says:

    What a wonderful story ! Hot as well. Being in love and reading the stories here on MH can make you do some naughty things ( I know from experience! Lol).

    Thank you so much for the story! Write more please! God bless you and yours gypsychick and by all means stay horny!

  3. Lovinghusband says:

    Gypsychick – I am so excited for you two! Your story was not only a testimony for MH – it was a super hot story in itself! I hope you write a story about what happened when you got home – and how things have heated up in person!

  4. CHW says:

    Wow. All those children. There is a lot of discussion on MH about healthy children and sexuality issues. Since you have all those children, what are some of your observations?

    • gypsychick says:

      Well, we were just discussing that the other day, and haven’t come to any real new conclusions yet. I was a high school biology teacher a long time ago, and have been a homeschooler for almost twenty years, and I have usually found being open to answer kids questions, giving honest answers in a matter of fact way, without excessive detail, and making sure our kids know time for just my husband and I is a priority, is a pretty good standard policy. We are talking about how to help kids get to marriage without shame and with delight in the God given gift of sex in marriage, while maintaining their purity as teens and singles. I have been interested to read some of the discussions about that here. As with must areas, my husband and I are looking for the compromise that works the best!

  5. jezuz11 says:

    Wow! This post was a huge turn on!! I think I’m gonna explode!! I love stories about people taking a big step sexually, and it was brave and hot to go for the ride. THIS is one of my Top 10 fave posts on MH (all time)!

  6. HornyHubby says:

    Very hot story! I especially liked the part where you jilled off on the bus. I love to see couples learn how to walk in freedom in their sexuality. I hope to read more of your stories. Let us know how this freedom continues to play out. You mentioned a secret desire to try some bondage and control. I’m sure that would make a great story of the first time you try it. You might also check out the book by a Marriage Heat writer named Silver called: Guide to Kink.

    Also since you said you were open with your kids about sex, i would love if you would check out my post on Raising Healthy Sexuality and share your thoughts on that. I would love to hear what you had to say on that subject.

    Looking forward to more from you! Welcome to Marriage Heat

    • gypsychick says:

      See reply to CHW. Definitely have been open with kids about sex generally, and some about ‘mechanics’ in response to their questions. Recently my man and I read your (very well written and thought out) post. Now we are pondering if we should be more specific and how. Thanks for the questions you raised!

    • gypsychick says:

      Biggest lesson I am learning this year…. Holding back from my husband in any way: mentally, emotionally, sexually… Always not the best way! God made us to be one.

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