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My wife has always been the go-getter type, constantly active and ready to embrace new opportunities. This trait has served her Screen Shot 2015-01-28 at 7.05.22 PMwell as a reporter; in the bedroom, however, she’s the complete opposite. Gentle as a lamb, she frequently lets me exercise my dominant side. Me being in between jobs, we often travel together to wherever she needs to gather a story. As you might imagine, this leads to plenty of hotel sex. On one particular night, after a day of interviews, she came to the room completely wiped out.

“I don’t know how you do it,” I said at the door, greeting her with a massage. “Neither do I,” she laughed. Her laugh was more intoxicating than any drink.

“You know,” she said after a few minutes, “I could use a little more than a massage tonight.” She spun around and laid a warm hand on my penis, then firmly squeezed. She knows that I’m always up for sex. I eyed her form-fitting slacks.

“Come on, tiger,” she teased, “just rip them off me.” I smirked and pulled her closer. After years of practice, undoing her belt was second nature. I rolled off her pants, allowing the scent of her moist pussy to fill my nose. She stepped out and slid her hands down the inside of my boxers, massaging her way to the front.

“No, dear, tonight is about you.” It pained me to say it, but she was obviously tired.  I removed her hands from where they rested and led her to the bed, watching her lie down before settling on top of her. We started slowly, as always, with the sweetest kisses we could manage. As things heated up, I pulled off her shirt, groping her supple breasts. The room, with its classic print of an oil painting, seemed to glow with the warmth of our touch. She ran her hand up and down my back, and I dropped my hand to her bottom half. I smoothly rubbed the outside of her red panties, before drawing them aside and stimulating her clitoris.

She simultaneously gasped for breath and begged for more, knowing that my fingers were completely in control of her satisfaction. I drew figure eights around her glistening folds, occasionally plunging a finger into her.  She clutched my hand and started thrusting it deeper, gyrating her hips around my now-slick knuckles. It was clear she needed more, and I never pass up an opportunity to feel her orgasm on my skin. We broke eye contact as I moved my way down her stomach, my tongue sliding across the veil of sweat that had enveloped her body.

In between soft kisses, I asked, “How does this feel, baby?” Her whimpers answered for her. “Do you want my tongue inside of you?” Her back buckled against the bed in anticipation, and I allowed my tongue to glide across the surrounding skin for a second before fully immersing myself in her warm vagina. Her sweat and cum twirled in my mouth in a dance of fulfillment. As I ate her out, she curled her legs around my neck.

“Babe… I’m about to…finish.” She warned. I took this in stride, and passionately pushed my mouth deeper, stretching my tongue as far as it would go.

The shiver originated in her vagina, and I could tell that a full-blown vaginal orgasm was to follow. With a loud moan, she permitted herself to be taken by a wave of pleasure. I rested my head on my wife’s stomach and heard her heart beating out of control, my only emotion pure and unparalleled love that was first felt before our wedding day, and continues to be sparked every time we make love.

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  1. hornyGG says:

    Loved this story! What a loving and thoughtful husband you are! I love when my husband Ben eats me out. He loves eating pussy and is wonderful at it. I always cum multiple times.

    Thank you so much for posting this hot loving story! God bless you both and keep writing! Stay horny.

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