Lather, Rinse, Repeat (Part 1)

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My wife works overseas and every three months one of us travels to be together. This December it was my turn to travel. We spent a leisurely week at her apartment doing all the normal things that we used to take for granted before she started working so far away. Now those normal things are very precious to us. A couple days before Christmas we took off together to a popular tropical tourist destination for some special time (in my hopeful Neanderthal head – wild monkey sex) together.

My Sweetie picked the hotel based on recommendations from co-workers and they were spot on. The room was beautiful with a large king-sized bed, a balcony that overlooked the ocean and upon further inspection a very large bathroom. As in most fancy hotels there was the usual toilet and bidet off to one side, large double sink area and a large open space leading to a large raised tub. Looking around the tub area I didn’t see a shower head.

“That’s weird,” I muttered to myself, “I can’t believe there’s no shower.”

As dinner was foremost in my mind after traveling for a good part of the day I dismissed the thought. We ordered something from room service and then shrugged off our clothes to take advantage of the nice terry cloth bathrobes furnished by the hotel. Feeling a little weary and looking forward to a warm shower I made my way toward the tub to check out the shower situation. Nice high tub, but where’s the shower? My gaze moved up as the ceiling was higher than normal throughout the suite. About 9 feet up in a room about 8-ft by 10-ft between the wood rafters that formed something similar to an arbor overhead was a very large shower head. I looked to the wall to my right and saw the rotating handle for turning the water on.

“Oh my, Sweetie, you’ve got to see this! “

The floor throughout the bath area was stone and combined with the large space made it seem as if you were outdoors. I had visions of showers past and was inspired anew.

Let me back up a little here. In the week before traveling to re-unite with my Sweetie I was very stressed out from work and the prospect of a very long trip coupled with a 90 day dry spell that had me doubting my abilities. I had a doctor’s appointment for one thing or another and I was thinking that as long as I was there maybe I should ask for a sample of Viagra. After talking to the doctor briefly about my original issue I either chickened out or forgot about the little blue pill. When I remembered later I was mildly irritated at myself for possibly ruining the best part of the trip.

Any doubts about my ability to properly entertain my lovely wife vanished as quickly as my long dormant member took in the surroundings and reached for the heavens with a speed that shocked me. Sweetie heard my exclamations and appeared around the glass partition separating the sink area from the shower room. I had shed the bathrobe and was standing there with a raging erection.

“Oh my, What have you got here? He looks happy to see me.”  She said with a smile.

“Look at this shower. It’s like standing in the rain outside! Lose the robe and come on in.” I said with all traces of doubt and weariness banished.

She hung up the robe and joined me under the wide gentle spray. We let the warm water run over us as we took in each others long absent nakedness. Taking the shower gel I started at her shoulders and worked down from there moving with great pleasure over her breasts and circling her nipples. Soaping her stomach and moving lower I worked my hand between her legs anxious to feel the warm softness I had been craving. There, oh my, there it was. The softest, most pliant flesh I’ve ever been honored to part. Hot water cascading down both of us, I extended a finger slowly into her in anticipation of contact with the physical part of her that is reserved just for me.

I retreated a little to grab my long unused member and guide it between her legs to glide against the outside of her lips. Water, soap and the large open surroundings had us both eager to devour each other. Wanting to slow things down a little we parted so that we could take time to lovingly wash each other from top to bottom.

“Hello, Sweetie, I’ve missed you. You are beautiful.” I said as I took her naked form in. “Is there anything I can do for you?”

“How about you wash my hair while I suck on your cock?”

Momentarily stunned, I hesitated for only the briefest moment before recovering. “Here, let me put these two washcloths down so you don’t hurt your knees on the stone.” (Who says chivalry is dead).

I took stock of the various bottles as she knelt before me under the cascading water. Sweetie gently took my vertical member with the tips of the fingers of both hands pulled it down as she leaned forward to take me into her mouth. Her hair was already wet, so I squirted shampoo into both hands and began to work it into her hair.

The sensation of my hands working the lather into her hair while my cock was being caressed by her lips and tongue was heavenly. My fingers became entwined in her hair and I couldn’t help but pull her towards me as my aching dick disappeared. I had to consciously make an effort to let her take control and concentrate on caressing her head as she devoured me. She eased back after a bit and I rinsed the soap from her hair.

“Are you done with me?” I asked.

“Mm mm no,” she purred and licked around my swollen head. “He’s leaking. That’s the best part.”

“Well, it does say on the bottle to ‘Lather, rinse, repeat,'” I said trying to be helpful.

Cupping my balls in one hand she pulled me into her again. She makes me feel as if I am the most important person in her universe. The sight of her making love to my member drove me to want to give her a special treat as I reached down to encircle the base of my dick squeezing it hard so that the head expanded in her mouth and released a small squirt of pre-cum for her to savor.

Her head stopped bobbing as she pulled me deep into her throat to let the warm liquid drop onto the back of her tongue. Tongue swirling around my head she then pulled me out and began stroking my rock hard  dick. I was in awe as I took in the sights and sensations. Looking up at me she smiled as she saw what her efforts were doing to me.

“Don’t forget we’ve still have to do the conditioner,” I stated, “What would Vidal Sassoon say if I forgot the conditioner?”

Big smile as Sweetie stopped stroking and took in my shiny strained flesh again.

After rinsing the conditioner from her hair she stood up to me and locked onto my lips with a hunger previously displayed on another part of me. I slid my hand down to her opening, parting her with my fingers to find out what 20 minutes of sucking on me had done to arouse her. My fingers were greeted with massively swollen lips that made me moan.

“What can I do for you, Mister?” She asked as she took me in with her eyes. “Whatever you want, I’m yours.”

“Sit down on the edge of that tub. It’s my turn to suck on you.”

She sat and spread her legs as the water ran over us. I knelt down before her and with great anticipation looked forward to running my tongue up and down her swollen lips. My tongue had to compete with the warm water that was running off of my head and being diverted towards my area of interest. I turned my head a little to avoid drowning and my lips latched on to her clit. Sucking her clit gently made my Sweetie start to teeter backwards into the tub.

“Stop,” she moaned, “I’m going to cum and fall over into the tub.“

As she stood I turned her away from me and held her to her word that she was mine to do with as I wished. “I want you to bend over and grab the edge of that tub, because I’m going to pound you from behind.”

With plenty of room to maneuver I drove deeply into her, and then savoring the sensation I withdrew my cock from her. Slowly I moved my full length in and out of her as her head dropped and her breasts swayed. I was seized with a fierce passion as she offered it all to me. Overcome with desire for her I took hold of her hips and surrendered all restraint as I drove myself into her welcoming softness. I’m not sure which makes me hornier, watching her suck on my swollen member or watching my member slide in and out of her as I take her from behind. Tonight I didn’t have to choose, I got both. Three months of abstinence built up within me and raced through my loins and burst into her as I moaned and fell onto her back with my arms around her.

“I have missed you, young lady,” I whispered to her as we embraced. “Let’s take this to the bed before I pass out from the hot water. I know you’re not finished with me.”

(Sweetie’s turn next)

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6 replies
  1. Ben G. says:

    This story is hot! I love shower sex with Gina. So much fun and she is so sexy soaking wet! My cock is making a rather obscene bulge in the sheet right now. Thankfully my Gina will be coming to bed soon ( I hope!)

    Thank you so much for posting and God bless.

  2. Jake+Cameron says:

    Hot story, I must say I don’t know if I could live with out my wife for more than 2 weeks and that is pushing it lol.

    Take care bro and can’t wait for part 2.


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