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Scouts Honor (L)

From my wife comes this perspective: What do I love most about my husband? I have asked myself this question a million times since the day we married. If forced to pick one thing, it would be the way he always makes me feel good about myself. Pick any issue that makes the average human […]

The Man in the Mirror

The mirror stood in the corner of the bedroom a few feet from the bed. She hesitated briefly as she considered that she was no long the 20-year old her husband had taken to bed for the first time almost 40 years ago. Standing in front of her husband before the mirror she caught a […]

Her Side of the Story

It had been three very long, stressful months since he had held her and taken her. The last time she was home, on a whim (and probably due to a little wine), she had offered herself to him as his “Lady for the Evening” for $250 dollars and a Christmas calendar. He had taken her […]

Sweetie’s Revenge

Several days after her husband’s arrival, the plan was to take a break from familiar surroundings, go to a nice hotel on the beach and screw her husband until he couldn’t get it up again. It was there that she would seek retribution for her horny husband’s assault during Christmas time. He had tried to […]

Call me Ishmael (or Mini-me) Part 2

The night we started the process of making a full sized replica of my erect penis resulted in several hours of some pretty intense sex in several rooms of the house. The next night I was really hoping for an encore as it is not all that often we get a lot of naked time […]

Call me Ishmael (or Mini-Me) – Part 1

My Sweetie was home for couple weeks over the holidays and when she had to leave again I sent her home with something special. After a number of years of this extended separation, it’s not quite “normal”, but we’ve developed some coping mechanisms. I came home from work one night and I was telling her […]

House Inspectors – The Blue House

I had touched a nerve with my lovely wife during our “Inspection” of the green house down the street. She had touched a whole bunch of my nerves when she gave my swollen member one of the best tongue lashings of my life. Several weeks after our previous “inspection” I asked my Sweetie if she […]

Not now Honey.

Ten minutes ago she was not the least bit interested in sex. She had planned on going to the pool for an afternoon swim with her husband, who was visiting her for two weeks. The visits were always very bipolar in nature. Longing mixed with anxiety over the short period of the reunion made it […]

House Inspectors – The Green House

Have you ever been on a tour of a new house and thought to yourself, boy, I wish this Realtor would get an emergency phone call from some client and disappear for a few minutes so I could check out this house properly with my Sweetie? I want to see if the mirrors in the […]

Testing the Waters

I still have four weeks to go before my Sweetie comes back. But I have my memories of play times past to think about and plans to make for more memories when she is here for a couple weeks. Writing about our adventures helps me bridge the intervals, and as I start to write, the […]