Interesting Places Sex

Hot marriages and interesting places sex often go together. Sex outside the bedroom adds shades of creativity and interest.

Stories that bring the heat outside the bedroom, but still with the intention of not exposing yourselves publically. Accidental displays do happen. Be careful of local customs. Song 3:4: Song 7:12

Sex in the Kitchen, sex in the laundry room. Sex in the car. Let your imagination run wild.

Interesting places Sex can occur while discreetly masturbating on a commercial flight.

In this category, there are stories that will inspire you and even shock you.

What is your fantasy? Do you want to have sex on the very bed you grew up on with your spouse?
Interesting Places Sex Stories

Take a Hike

Our anniversary fell on a sunny Tuesday morning. The kids were in school, and Hubby had taken the day…

Post-delivery Sex

My c-section had taken place just a few days before. I still could barely bend over and had a lot of…

Learning by Doing

Like many young church people, our first months of marriage were very much a new experience from the…

Hot Time In The Pool

This is my first post to MH. My wife and I  have been married for almost 22 years, and God has blessed…

Vibing at Publix (L)

This story took place in December last year. My wife and I had been cleaning in preparation for Christmas.…

🔊 Cum for Dinner ~ the Eating Out Series

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist We had such a super build-up for our special dinner.  I called Macy's…

🔊 Our First Time Hiking (L)

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist This story contains brief strong language (L). You can read about annotations…

Been Loving On the Railroad

This story contains brief strong language. (L) You can read about annotations here.   This…

Things Got Steamy

It had been a long week for Lisa and me. My manager had kept me busy working on a presentation, and I…

The Build-up (L) ~ the Eating Out Series

This story contains strong language (L). You can read about annotations here. This story contains…

Mirror, Mirror

When you have an infant that sleeps in your room, you have to make some adaptations. Exhaustion and sleep…

What Happens in Vegas

It was our first trip to Vegas. We had both worked very hard to lose weight and get into better shape…