Interesting Places Sex

Hot marriages and interesting places sex often go together. Sex outside the bedroom adds shades of creativity and interest.

Stories that bring the heat outside the bedroom, but still with the intention of not exposing yourselves publically. Accidental displays do happen. Be careful of local customs. Song 3:4: Song 7:12

Sex in the Kitchen, sex in the laundry room. Sex in the car. Let your imagination run wild.

Interesting places Sex can occur while discreetly masturbating on a commercial flight.

In this category, there are stories that will inspire you and even shock you.

What is your fantasy? Do you want to have sex on the very bed you grew up on with your spouse?
Interesting Places Sex Stories

Best Birthday

There's a ministry conference that happens around my birthday every other year. Now, in our marriage,…

Garden Sex (L)

My wife was doing some planting and maintenance in the garden. When I arrived home from work, she looked…

🔊 A Dark Cabin in the Woods

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist A light snow is falling.  We watch through the windshield as we drive…

🔊 Summer Love

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist My wife looked stunning in a short pink summer dress that showed off her…

Sex on Black Leather

My wife Jayne and I are always looking for interesting places and positions to have sex. Recently…

Sofa Sex

My husband and I dated for almost seven years before we got married, including our college years when…

The Hotel Jacuzzi (L)

My husband pulled my hand under the water and placed it on his crotch.

Five Senses and Four Seasons (L) - Ignite Story

A breeze rustled through the remaining leaves, wrapping the long hair below the edge of her stocking hat around my face as our lips met. -- To read the rest of the story, please

🔊 Jungle Fever

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist How I Accidentally Discovered Masturbation When this happened to me, I…

Driving Each Other Crazy - Twice!

With a mischievious smile, she slid her hand onto my upper thigh. My grip on the steering wheel tensed…

Hitting the Wall (L)

Elizabeth entered the house after a long day at work and threw her bags to the ground. "Well, that day…

🔊 Dinner Time Shenanigans

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist It was a date night like many others. They were enjoying a good meal at…