Christian Masturbation

Christian masturbation is a beautiful practice that helps you get in touch with your sexuality. The gift of your sexual imagination is connected directly to masturbating. This imagination can be developed to crave faithful hot monogamy.

The sexual imagination has been so corrupted that Christians struggle with shame and guilt.   The world of sexual fantasy is related here as well. Christian husbands and wives often do not talk about their fantasy life. Masturbation is often hidden and done in secret.

Sex Stories in this category that include single and marriage masturbation set the stage for marriage or the preparation for later marriage heat.   Song 5:5; Song 5:3

This area does warrant some caution. Pornography and masturbation have been proven to hurt your imagination. The graphic sexual images are usually depicted outside of the marriage relationship. Those images are known to hurt your brain’s ability to enjoy healthy sexuality. See this “Ted Talk” about porn. Reading erotic stories can be considered pornography by some. takes our example for hot monogamy stories that are inspiring and instructive from the Song of Songs, an erotic book of the Bible depicting healthy marriage sexuality.

Like with anything, moderation is needed. Christian Masturbation is healthy in the context of real life. Read Loving Husband’s post about how to masturbate in marriage purity. Christianity Today featured an article that talked about Christian Masturbation. This article talked about the dangers and the blessing of masturbation.

Many Christian women have now discovered the joy to masturbate as part of a healthy lifestyle building into more marriage heat. Check out this story that talks about that. 

You can submit your stories of masturbation according to the guidelines of marriage heat. If you do not have a free anonymous account at, sign up for one today by clicking here. You must have an account to submit stories and to browse the marriage heat archives.

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