The Man in the Mirror

The mirror stood in the corner of the bedroom a few feet from the bed. She hesitated briefly as she considered that she was no long the 20-year old her husband had taken to bed for the first time almost 40 years ago. Standing in front of her husband before the mirror she caught a glimpse of his rising erection as his robe fell to the floor and thought about how many times she had held his manhood within her as they both joined together as one. Age be ignored, she wanted, no needed, that connection that came when she spread her legs in welcome for his hard, heated flesh.

It had been two months or so apart and the nights had been stressful. Even when she found her desire rising she could not satisfy herself. The heat, his weight on her as he thrust his hardened member into her, filling her wanton insides, was missing. She felt a deep longing to be satisfied by him on these nights.

She began her almost two day journey home more upbeat than she had been in a while. It was always very disorienting coming home and her emotions gave her a most unwelcoming roller-coaster ride on occasions, but she would get to see the kids and her husband. Whenever she came home and her eyes met his at the airport her face would break into a smile that her husband would claim was his alone. Arriving at the airport, less than an hour from home, she was weary, but also filled with anticipation at seeing him and being able to be held. Fortunately, it was a small regional jet and the people in front of her filed out quickly. Walking into the small terminal she caught his eye right away. The weeks and weeks of weariness fell away as “his smile” is restored to her face.

Walking out of the airport into the parking lot she ponders  – How does a person become so much a part of you that when the two of you are back together you feel physically and spiritually restored in no time at all? Whatever length of time and distance had kept them apart; the spiritual reunion was instantaneous when she was taken in his embrace.

Walking toward the car she updated him on the everyday nonsense that took place at work while, he updated her on the humdrum that made his time at home. Taking her considerable luggage and stacking it in the truck he looked up at her with a conspiratorial grin.

“I’ve got a little surprise for you”, he grinned as his eyes caught hers.

“What is it? You didn’t spend a lot of money on this did you? You know we’re getting close to having a down payment on a new house, and I can’t take this time apart unless it counts for something.”

“No Sweetie, I didn’t spend a dime. It’s just something I found when I cleaned out one of the closets”, he reassured her.

“What? What is it? She said as her face became furrowed in her quandary.

“”It’s a surprise, is what it is. When you’ve had a chance to unwind and are feeling a little frisky I’ll show you.”

“Oh, you horny old man”, she teased him, as she felt stirrings within her at the thought of him wanting her in that way.

“Just stay out of the spare bedroom until I get home from work tomorrow night, OK?” he pleaded.

“It’s alright, I’ll let you have your surprise”, she smiled back at him.

The next night she was in the kitchen with a glass of wine while they munched pizza standing up in the kitchen as was their restless custom. Thoughts of what had started in this kitchen the last time she was back here flirted in the back of her mind. She was a little tipsy at that time when she blurted out that she would like to get paid for sex and he had quickly produced $250 and a Christmas calendar as tender for her offer. Taking another sip from her glass she remembered how he had promptly pulled down his zipper and produced a rapidly unfolding cock, right there in her kitchen!

Her insides stirred at the memory of the wild wanton sex that had transpired in various rooms of the house that night. She paused in thought as she looked over her wine glass at the crotch of his jeans to see if there were similar stirrings there tonight.

“So”, she started after taking another sip, “What’s my surprise?”

“Oh, you think you’re ready for your welcome home party”, he leered at her and her cleavage that she had purposefully put on display for his viewing pleasure.

She switched her wine glass from her left hand to her right as she sauntered over to him to grab his crotch to confirm her suspicions. Placing her hand on his loins as she pressed against him with her body as well, there was very little doubt that her favorite package was glad to see her.

“Well, what are we doing tonight?” she said in a low voice as she leaned into kiss him and them slid her tongue between his lips to take her first taste of him.

His voice changed as her hand and finger tips stroked the jeans that grew tighter by the second. “I was hoping I could get you to wear that lovely blue corset that we didn’t get to sample when I came to visit you”.

The stirring in her loins was growing as the last bit of weariness was pushed back in her mind. “Is that your surprise? She teased as she let her mind wander to consider what she wanted to taste next.

“No.” he replied in a level tone, “But it would definitely make my day and possibly yours too if you would show me what those beautiful tits looked like all trussed up.”

“Mmm”, she considered, taking the last sip of wine. “I’ll need someone to help get me into it, and”, she added,  ”No playing with the girls until you get it all on me. You need to get the full effect”.

This could be fun torturing him she mused with a smile as she poured another glass of wine to get her through the fitting. He followed her close as she went into their bedroom to fish the corset out a drawer. Taking her blouse off, she turned her back to him as she unfastened her bra and reached for the royal blue garment on the bed. Lifting it over her head she brought it down to her hips and settled her curves into the confines of the fine material.

Her husband was a very eager assistant, even if his hands trembled slightly as he worked to bind her securely within. The wine was finished at the same time as she, so she sent her willing assistant out of the room to fetch a short glass of the lovely wine, while she removed the rest of her clothes and pulled on the matching G-string. Before he came back she put on her bathrobe, which paled in comparison with the lace and stitching of her new weapon of male destruction. With a satisfied grin she tied her robe securely just as he burst through the door with her wine. Taking the slender glass from him she could see the disappointment on his face at missing a peek at her lovely curves held securely in lace and laces.

“Well, get ready Mister, you promised me a night to remember, remember?” as she cast her gaze on her subject.

His desire was palpable as he quickly stripped off his clothes in the small walk-in closet and drew his robe around him then stepping out to join her. Gathering himself for a second or two he took her hand and pressed himself against her.

“You look beautiful Sweetie”, he said as he kissed her fully on the mouth.

“You haven’t even seen the good stuff yet! What do you mean I look beautiful?” she asked quizzically.

“I mean you. You are beautiful, no matter what you’re wearing. I just love having my lovely wife back “as he pulled her in tightly and kissed her lips tenderly.

“Aww, thank you Honey. I’ve missed you so too.” She softened as she held him tightly.

“Well, what’s the surprise?” she said pulling back to look at him fully after several minutes in his arms.

“You know how you are occasionally buying things for your, our, future house? I came across one of your acquisitions when I was cleaning out the closet in the spare bedroom. A big stand-alone mirror still in its original carton that I will occasionally come across and shake my head and wonder, when and where will we ever use that thing? Pausing he reached his hand behind her and took her left cheek in a firm grasp.

“Tonight in that bedroom, we are going to use that mirror. I want to watch and I want you to watch, as I take you from behind. I want to take you and I want to see all of you as I do it.”

The tingling sensation between her legs now began to spread to her breasts and nipples as she considered this. Twenty years ago maybe this would have been intoxicating, but she was having trouble getting past the idea of what her middle-aged body would do to her husband’s libido and her self-esteem.

He sensed her hesitation and the reason for it. “Honey, it’s you I want and it’s you that I see when we make love. It’s the “you” at sixteen when we met and the “you” that I brought to our bed at twenty that I hold tight and join with. There is almost 40 years of “us” that we have shared with no one else and what I want is to celebrate my lovely Sweetie, naked in all her glory before me again tonight, just as we have for hundreds of nights.”

Tears burned her cheeks as memories of him played out in her mind and she saw him as he saw her. She slowly, but with renewed confidence untied her robe and let it fall to the floor.

The eyes of man in the mirror swept her from naked feet and legs to the royal blue corset and thong she was wearing at his request. Her breasts spilled out a little over the top as she noticed his eyes lingering there.

“Ah, my Sweetie, you look delicious”, his husky voice could be felt as he held her shoulders and bent forward slightly to caress her neck with his nose.

The tingling sensation ran down from her neck down to her barely covered mound of warming flesh. His hands traced along her shoulders, around the base of her neck as his nose brushed the soft wisps of hair behind her left ear. Watching in the mirror, her gaze followed the path of his hands as they outlined her flesh at the edges of the corset.

Her legs became a little wobbly as she sighed, “Oh Honey, I’ve missed this.”

Between her legs her sex stirred with each caress until the delicious heat warmed her outer lips. She watched as his eyes peered over her bare shoulders into the mirror and into her eyes. His hands cupped her already very well supported breasts as he ground his erection into her buns and he groaned with pleasure. Sweetie could feel his gaze burning into her while his heated cock pressed into her from behind.

“You’re going to watch as I take you young lady”. Breathing heavily into the crook of her neck he gently bit into her flesh.

He reached to the top of the restraining garment and untied the lacework. He worked carefully pulling on the laces and always watching her in the mirror. As the tension on the outside of her skin eased, the tension within caused her breathing to become more rapid and she could see red blotches of skin on her chest in the mirror. Her breasts popped free and the man in the mirror groaned as he paused in his work with the laces, to run his fingers over her nipples.

“Oh God, I love your hands on my tits”, she moaned, as she pressed her backside into his heated erection.

The head of his penis slid a little across her cheek and she felt the warm liquid leaking from it. The gaze from the man in the mirror never left her as he continued to free her from the form fitting garment. She felt the heat radiate from her wanting pussy, waiting fervently for him to touch her there. Almost free from the restraining garment, she no longer felt any restraint as she saw herself in the mirror responding to his tongue as it traced the inside edge of her ear.

“That’s not fair”, she whimpered, “You know that makes me crazy”.

“Crazy, wet and swollen is exactly where I want to go. How wet is your pussy?” he spoke softly into her ear as the hand in the mirror glided down from her breast, passing through her soft pubic hair, and two fingers found their way to her outer lips.

Pressing her wonderfully curved behind into his heated cock she could feel it throb as his fingers found her wet. It felt so good to have this molten feeling emanating from her loins.

Stepping out of the corset as it hit the floor; she could see a raging cock close behind her. Moving behind her, but still watching, he pulled down her G-string revealing her nakedness for them both to see. His hand disappeared behind her back, followed by the tip of his cock appearing between her legs in the mirror. Without thought her back arched as she felt that heat of his brush through the soft hair at her entrance. His hands held her breasts firmly as she arched and moaned at the sensation of the head of his rock hard member make its way along her soaked pussy and bump gently into her clit.

She saw herself reach down to press his hardness against her heat and whimpered at the exquisite pleasure it brought her and the animal sounds that came from him.

As she looked into the mirror she saw herself swaying slightly as he repeatedly guided his solid rod through the space between her legs. The head of the man’s cock would appear briefly, swollen, red and hungry, as they rocked together.

She felt the passion building deep within her, threatening to come to the surface, but she wanted more tonight, much more. Straightening, she pulled away from his hard flesh, turning him slightly so that the mirror was her left side. Bending to her knees in front of him she took his cock, now her cock into her hands for inspection. The hardened flesh pulsed hot in her hand as the clear fluid oozed from the tip.

“I love the taste of your cock”, she purred as she stroked his shaft with one hand while cradling his balls with the other.

A long moan escaped him. Looking to her left she watched the man in the mirror as his eyes rolled up, then closed.

Taking his manhood into her mouth she purred. “Mmmmm”, was all she could manage to express as his flesh filled her mouth and ignited the lust within. The firmness, the salty taste, the wonderfully full head, all fired her passion as she took him. The mirror provided a raw view of a woman consuming a thick cock as the grateful owner of the engorged member bent forward to run his hands through her hair.

Taking her tongue on a journey over his tool, she swirled it around his head, making sure to remove all of the clear liquid coming from him before diving on it, forcing it deep into her throat. Pausing briefly to suck on the head as it throbbed at the back of her throat; she took satisfaction in the moans arising from her lover in the mirror. The salty fluid was pulled from deep within him and served to induce more fluid to flow from him.

She wished she could tell him how exquisitely this felt, to be able to take this from him and how powerful it was to know the pleasure she gave him, but her mouth was full and she wasn’t done with him. Her muffled groans were felt by him and he echoed her moaning. Her pussy responded to this by flowing freely, her clit throbbed in tandem to the pulsing dick.

The mirror revealed to her the sight of her husband’s body in the throes of her passion. On the other side of “Middle Aged”, his still tight buns flexed as she continued to devour his very vigorous erection. His face contorted in pure ecstasy as he sang her praises.

“Oh God, Honey that feels sooo, good. Suck my cock Sweetie, suck it. It feels so good to be so hard”.

Too soon for both, she could feel her jaw start to protest and her obstructed breathing became labored. Rocking back a little to catch her breath, she viewed two very aroused individuals in the mirror. The slightly muscled frame of the man in the mirror with the firm protruding member contrasted with the full curves of a woman in the full flower of passion. A hungry look possessed them.

The man in the mirror reached down to her, “Come here Honey, get in the bed on your hands and knees. I’ve got to have that pussy of yours. You’re going to get a serious pounding young lady”, he commanded.

She could feel her instrument of pleasure pulse in anticipation of his heavy member gliding the length of her slit and coming to rest as the head brushed her smaller, but very swollen bud.

“As much fun as I had sucking your cock, I can’t wait to feel it in me, fucking me. Pound me, pound me please”, she urged him.

Facing the mirror at a slight angle she could see him take his place eagerly behind her, his face relaxed, his gaze focused on her behind as she presented herself to him. Hands moved over her aroused flesh, adding torment to the tension building within. Starting at her shoulders, down along her side, caressing her round ass, passing tenderly along the outside of her thighs they turned upward as she welcomed his touch. She watched in the mirror as he took one hand, reached down between his legs to take himself and guide his stiff cock to the heat between hers. The taught member brushed the slick lips and caused a quick intake of air, followed by a tortured groan as it burrowed into her soft outer lips.

“Ahhh, this is what I live for Sweetie. Burying myself between your legs, feeling my balls sway, and that soft sweet pussy of yours! Thank you for having me.”

“You’re welcome Honey”, she replied genuinely, “Thank you for fucking me.”

The man in the mirror held the base of his cock as he rocked forward slowly brushing his aching dick against her welcoming folds and throbbing clit. Releasing his member, his hand came around to her hot wet box. A long moan escaped her, followed by a whimper as his gliding fingers competed with his swollen head sliding over her fully aroused bud. Her back arched as her wonton ass pressed back toward him, spreading her outer lips wider, letting him know in no uncertain terms that she was his to take.

“Oooohhh. Put it in me, put it in me, Honey, please”, as she rocked back forcefully.

He pushed up on the tip of his head and he entered her easily. Twin groans escaped them as she felt him slide into her opening, filling her. Her head came up and she saw herself and the man in the mirror consuming her. His hands held her hips firmly as he arched his back forcing himself deeply, then pulling back and thrusting firmly forward with great joy etched on his face. Something animal in nature stirred her as she saw her breasts swaying in time to his thrusts.

Speech left her as she uttered only sounds of great pleasure as the man in the mirror moved his hands to her bobbing boobs, capturing them in a very firm embrace.

“I love tits, I love your tits!” he hissed through clenched teeth as his thrusting changed from hard and deep to a screwing motion that caused her head to drop.

She hissed, struggling to hold on to her passion. “I want more, I want to be fucked more”, she thought to herself as she took each plunge of his hard cock into her being.

Taking a deep breath she brought her head up, looking through her hair at the woman in the mirror being impaled by the man in the mirror. Growling with fierce desire, her hands clenched the sheets while forcing her round ass toward the thrusting man and his penis. He growled in return as he adjusted his stance behind her. The woman in the mirror watched as the man thrust with renewed purpose. She could see his tight butt flexing as he propelled his solid member forward until his flesh joined her own with a loud smack. Her own flesh rippled from the intensity of his lust and fueled hers as well. Through the strands of hair she saw him move his hands to her shoulders and pull her firmly towards his pummeling cock, back curving as he buried it to her absolute limit.

The man in the mirror was lost in pure animal lust as he took the woman below him. She lost sight of them when the tension in her body made it impossible for her to hold her head up. Something was coming from deep within her core and it took her. First seizing her in an impossibly tight embrace until she thought she couldn’t bear it any more, it almost forced her down just before releasing her, almost as if dropping her gently from a great height. Her once soft pliant walls within, clenched the hard flesh penetrating her in a fierce embrace and the man pulsed for a moment then she felt a searing heat splash within her as he released his hot seed into her. Her body responded. The orgasm held with back with great effort, now burst forth releasing her. The complete release forced her face down onto the crumpled, sweaty sheets. Her husband, writhing in pleasure, poured himself into her.

She moved the sweaty hair from in front of her eyes as she raised her head. It was difficult to tell which part was whose, as their limbs and torsos were molded together in a saited state. Tremors still moved deep inside, his penis pulsed and twitched within, which jangled her heightened nerves, making it difficult to catch her breath. Lying on her side, her eyes fell on a painting, by a local artist, of the old church they had been married in that hung on the wall. In a rare contented state, she wondered how many times she had taken her husband within her. Hundreds, thousands, who knows, she thought as her breathing returned to normal. She stirred suddenly has his softening penis slid quickly out of her, followed by the sensation of their warm juices ebbing from her slowly and on to her leg.

“Oh God”, she purred, “Whatever the number, I want that man in my life and, in me as many times as possible, for the rest of my days.”

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  1. Belleame says:

    Thank you for sharing your sexy story! My pussy is nice and moist for my hubby to take me the same way… I think we'll be having a steamy time tonight!

    I hope our fire is just as ablaze with passion for one another like you and your wife. It was really reassuring to be reminded how you view your wife even after all these years and the toll years have on ones body. ❤️

    • marriedman says:

      I don't think time can hide who we are when it comes to our loved ones.

      Relax and have fun tonight. Take care of each other.

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