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To start, I’ll give a little background on us. We got married young, both of us 19 going on 20. We came from homes that were strict and conservative. As a young girl, sex was never mentioned in my home, and I was very sheltered. Daniel’s home was more open to sexual things and small comments but still conservative. When we met, we were very involved church people, and that continued as we began dating. The Spirit called Daniel to preach early on, and he began to build his ministry.

The dating stage was so hot for us; we couldn’t keep our hands off each other. We could hardly wait to get married and become one sexually, as we were taught. Several times we almost didn’t make it, but we somehow made it through until the wedding. As we entered into married life, things changed a bit. I didn’t understand sex. I liked it, and we would have good sex, but it wasn’t a priority for me. Daniel’s dreams were crushed, as he had such high hopes for amazing sex. It took a lot of work, and we had some hard times getting through the first few years of marriage.

When things got rocky, I realized it was time for change and understanding. So I read many marriage resources and began to understand how God created men—how He designed them to be sexually oriented. I also read a lot of the 5 Love Languages book by Gary Chapman, and we both took the quizzes, something I highly recommend for everyone. During that period, I prayed for my marriage a lot and worked hard at understanding God’s plan for marital relationships. Several times, I even praying during sex, asking God to help me please the amazing man He had given me. I wanted a marriage pleasing to God and satisfying to my darling husband.

We began to experiment with sexy toys as well. Sex started to become important to me as I grew in understanding; I also greatly enjoyed it. This also opened up opportunities for us to discuss sex and the things we liked/disliked. One of the things that turned Daniel on was pantyhose/thigh highs, and they have added so much fun!

We have now been married for 11 years, and thanks be to God for the fantastic marriage we now have. The sex is so amazing and hot it’s unreal.

Fast forward a few years: we began to pastor a church. One Sunday morning, I had dressed up, knowing how it would affect my man. I dressed in a black floral dress with pantyhose and high heels. I had curled my hair, and my makeup was on point. I walked into his study as he was preparing his sermon for the day. He told me later that as I entered, he took one look at me and instantly got turned on.

I shut the door and locked it, then sat down in the chair across from him and put my legs up on the desk. He had a full view of my sexy legs in hose and heels, and it was more than he could take. I felt so naughty knowing that it was just minutes before the start of service, but the thrill overrode any common sense. The voices of others in the church caused an even greater rush of desire to overtake us.

Rising and walking over to him, I began to kiss him as he ran his hands all over my legs. As our tongues melted together, all I could do was thank God for a man who loves my body the way my hubby does. To know I turn him on this much is a Divine blessing from God. Then, I started fondling his cock under his dress pants and found it hard and ready.

Those sexy hands running all over my legs began to pull down the pantyhose. My pussy was soaking wet with anticipation and began to throb as I realized Daniel was about to take me right then. He slipped his pants down quickly and bent me over his desk. His sexy big hands grabbed my hips, and his thick hard cock rammed into my pussy.

The moans escaped my mouth before I even realized what was happening. In and out, in and out, in and out—Daniel’s amazing cock was thrusting in my throbbing pussy. At last, we couldn’t take it anymore; our orgasms came crashing through us like the waves of the ocean. He fell on top of me in a blissful state.

We looked at each other in disbelief, trying to process what had just happened. Then, realizing that we better get going, we quickly cleaned ourselves up. I returned to the sanctuary, and Daniel attempted to finish preparing for the service.

It was one of the hottest moments of our marriage, and we can’t wait for another chance to do it again!

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  1. Waiting Hardly says:

    What you did was a form of worship that pleases the Lord and probably helped your husband’s ministry that day! What a beautiful offering of praise and thanksgiving you both gave!

  2. LovingMan says:

    You two are to be commended for overcoming your lack of knowledge on relationships and sex. It is wonderful that you studied and worked together to reach true togetherness! And that includes discovering the true passion, pleasure, & the joys of married sex! I know from experience that when my wife surprises me with unexpected sex at unexpected times and places I have a memory that I treasure! Keep on loving!

    • Sexlovers says:

      Thank you so much! God has helped us tremendously in our journey! We are so thankful for the oneness we have and overcoming those obstacles!

  3. Enjoying Gods gifts says:

    Thanks be to God for His indescribable gift. This wonderful story highlights the truth that sex can be a wonderful act of Christian worship. The only reason it is not seen that way is because of Augustine's warped views on sex (more on that in other posts). I would like to see a similar story in connection with a communion service with the threefold union, husband, wife and Christ (1 Corinthians 10:16,17)

  4. Funcouple5476 says:

    That is a wonderful and sexy story. We’ve wondered about our pastor's love life before. I love Sunday morning sex before church. I love to have hubby’s seed in my pussy during church.

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