While I Wait For You

The pastel pink satin of your panties is taut over my straining erect penis. The soft, smooth cloth snuggles my penis and scrotum like your gently caressing hand. The thin cloth shows the outline of my semen-filled sack and my erection-stiffened shaft in perfect detail. Your panties are so tiny that in the wall mirror of our bedroom, I see my purple lust swollen penis head poking high above the top hem up my hairy belly almost as far as my navel.

I finger my hard penis through the thin cloth of your panties before I slowly slip them down my thighs and to the floor. My erect penis bounces out hard and hungry for you and swings stiffly above my thick bush of pubic hair. I remember the feel of your long smooth legs as I peeled these same panties off you just days ago, then the way you spread your legs for me to ruffle your pussy hair with my tongue and to kiss your vagina lips.

Just for fun, I hang your panties on my erect shaft. I smile at the memory of how you playfully pulled me by your panties wrapped around my cock from our lounge to our bedroom that time, as your willing sex slave. I let the flimsy garment fall, then pick them up and run their softness through my fingers. I love the underwear you wear: soft cotton; smooth, shiny satin; and above all, the sheer see-through lace you wear especially for me.

I lay naked on our bed, open the album of pictures we’ve collected over the years, and flick through the pages. There you are in your twenties, a fresh young blonde sprawled nude on that beach—young firm breasts, long tanned legs splayed wide, and lush brown pubic hair surrounding your so-hungry vagina. I turn to the pictures of you on a hotel bed, spreading your legs and thrusting your big breasts in nude poses that I can still hardly believe you would ever do for me, and I recall the unforgettable sex session that followed.

I turn to the most recent pictures. You’re mature now, your blonde hair darker, but your voluptuous body still so erotically exciting. I linger on the shots of you squatting naked but for red high heels on the kitchen table downstairs. You’ve swung big round breasts up and thrust them out, your legs strain wide, and my camera has zoomed in on your gaping fur-ringed vagina between your legs. In my mind, I relish how I had you bent over that table. I browse through lots, lots more.

As I browse our pictures, I rub your panties slowly over my hard penis, across my scrotum, back and forwards between my legs, remembering the feel of your fingers, your lips, your tongue, your pubic hair against me. I brush them over my face and smell your juices and your perfume. You wore it the last time we made love, a scent that clung to my body as I pressed against yours. Memories flood my mind of your naked body under mine on this very bed—your fingers clawing my back, your belly thrusting against mine, your legs wrapped over me, your animal-like grunts of pleasure as your climax rose, your heels pounding me in your orgasm climax. I wrap my thumb and forefinger around my shaft and gently squeeze and stroke as I savour the memory of your smooth wet tightness and warmth wrapped ’round my hard, hungry shaft.

I come to the picture of you taken from behind. You’re on all fours on a rug with your legs wide, your hairy pussy and vagina slit peeping between your thigh tops below your cheeky rounded bottom. Your big breasts hang pendulously, and your smooth buttocks gleam under the lights of our lounge. You’re looking at me over your shoulder with hunger burning in your dark eyes. That picture still strains my cock like no other, even after all the years.

My heart pounds as I remember taking that picture. My penis strains as I remember the feel of your pubic hair and moist vagina lips as I slid my hand between your spread legs from behind and pleasured your vagina lips and clit with my finger, just the way you like. Then that most erotic moment of all: your ululating, rising, climaxing orgasmic cry as your breasts bounced and your naked body juddered in your finger-fuck climax with my hand cupped over your throbbing, juice-sodden pussy mound. I close my eyes and can still hear that cry.

I want you! It’s time for sexual pleasure!

I lay on my back and spread my legs wide. In the wall mirror, I see my penis arching up from my thick bush of pubic hair over my belly. I finger my scrotum and groin on both sides, then reach between my legs to tickle my arse, the way you do when you kneel nude beside me to hand-job me. I remember your big breasts hanging over me, gently swinging; your legs, perfectly placed for my hand to play with and to caress your soft round bottom; your thighs, spread for me to run my fingers through your pubic bush. How I’d like to finger your pussy lips right now and reach up between your legs to tickle you in the valley between your cheeks while your expert hand pleasures my shaft. You like it so much when I do that for you, don’t you!

I oil my hand and my straining stiff penis with the cream you use when you give me a hand job. Then I wrap my fist around my penis shaft and begin to pump—smoothly, rhythmically, full length from my pubic hair to my cock head. I tug and stroke my foreskin for a moment before sliding my hand right up over my big round so-sensitive penis head and catching its basal ridge with the ring of my thumb and forefinger, just the way you do it for me. As I masturbate, I close my eyes and remember your breasts swinging above me with the rhythm of your smoothly pumping hand on my shaft and your spare hand lovingly caressing my naked chest and nipples.

“ Janet!” I grunt your name as I squirm my hips with my rising sex pleasure. “Want to fuck you hard!”

As the pleasure rises, I ease off, just making little strokes now with my thumb and forefinger in a ring, stroking across the ridge of my cock head as I hold my throbbing penis on the very brink of orgasm. The pleasure is almost unbearable! More memories flood into my mind: Your soft, smooth, warm thighs astride my face. My hands caressing your thighs and bum cheeks. Your pubic hair brushing my lips, and the smell and taste of your vagina juice in my nostrils and on my tongue. Your nipples brushing my belly as your breasts swing with the rocking of your body above me. Your hand between my legs, caressing my inner thighs. Your warm wet lips squeezing, sucking, and sliding rhythmically up and down my iron-hard shaft.

I’m cumming!

“Janet! Janet! … nggghhhh! … nggghhh! …. Ahhhhhh!”

My back arches up involuntarily, thrusting my hips toward the woman my body thinks is riding my pulsing, spurting penis. My cum sprays high up my chest and over my belly. I lie there, panting, savouring the memory of your body, and enjoying the last pulses of sexual pleasure in my still-half-erect penis. As my semen starts to trickle down my side, I wipe it off my penis, off my naked body, and out of my pubic hair with your panties.

I glance at the bedside clock—no time to lose. You will be back here with the kids in half an hour. After a last browse through pictures of you, a last lingering ogle of you on all fours, I close our album and carefully hide it away. I check the bed cover for semen splashes and smooth the bed so you’ll never know, though I’m sure you suspect. I reluctantly dress, then I toss your semen-soaked panties back into the laundry basket and await your return.

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20 replies
  1. texasman76 says:

    Excellent description Mike. I could have written this myself. Love stroking to my bride like you were to yours. The marriage bed is a place to rejoice and enjoy ourselves with and without our spouse.

  2. King Arthur says:

    Great Story. I love to masturbate. I love the smell of panties. I love to fuck my wife. This was a great story about the anticipation of hot sex. (And, it included panties and a stiff cock. mmmmmmm)

  3. Giants05 says:

    Mmm, this got me thinking of my wife. Glad I've got my office to myself… great story. My wife gets super hot when I tell her I masturbated thinking of her.

    • alwayswet101 says:

      I get super hot when I think of my husband in his office by himself needing to shut the door. Ooooh, baby, our hard working men, sitting there hard as a rock…

  4. alwayswet101 says:

    Do you have any pictures of your wife from when she was swollen pregnant with your seed? This story is so well written and I need to go get my husband so I can ride him; I’m literally soaked. Has me thinking maybe hubby and I should do this with the pictures. But right now I need a good pounding. Talk about soaked panties…

  5. Peterpan says:

    It is such a nice feeling of that silky fabric that glides over your balls and cock. I use sort of silky boxers for that. Especially when the balls are shaved smoothly. Thanks for this hot story, Mike.

    • Hellohoneyiloveyou1 says:

      Peter pan
      Oh yes. Silk or anything like that glides over your balls as you stroke? I can barely type now after reading this . One handed.

  6. alwayswet101 says:

    I just am going to leave this here. This is about the 5th time I’ve read this…I have an average of 3 orgasms each time I read this. It literally makes me wet in the first paragraph; it’s written so well, my pussy cums whether I want it to or not.

    • naturalman says:

      And another here. I find a variety attractive but there's something sexy and primal about a natural woman.

    • CrazyHappyLoved says:

      Most men do have a preference of one or the other, from what I've read here. But of course, not all men will agree. And others are happy just to have access, no matter what their wife chooses as their style down under. 😁

  7. sarah k says:

    One thing that puzzles me is, why would you not want your wife to know?
    I know wives who encourage their husbands to 'borrow' their underwear, on the condition they leave semen in them. They view it as sign of how much their husbands love them.
    My hubby will jack off in my knickers too, but prefers me to be there encouraging him. Itturns me on a lot; I always end up masturbating, which may or may not turn into hot couple sex.

    We do have a separate laundry basket (bucket) for underwear as it generally needs to be washed more often than outerwear.

    • naturalman says:

      I've never met a woman who thinks this way – but it would be amazing, as a man. I think using a woman's panties for masturbation could be incredibly bonding between couples, and as something I enjoy it, would be wonderful to share with my partner.

  8. Ben G. says:

    Great story and well written. I myself have on occasion jacked off with my wife GG's panties/thongs ( although it has been awhile). The scent always turned me on and the feeling of the fabric on my hard cock felt amazing. Thanks for sharing and God bless you brother.

  9. Mr.Lover says:

    I do not know if it okay to mention this on MH, but here goes.

    When I was teenager, a close female friend was staying over for the night after helping me and my parents do work at the family farm. I had a big crush on her, but never asked her out and she ended up marrying another.

    After she left, it was discovered that my friend had left some of her dirty clothes, including her panties, in the laundry basket. We told her, and she said that she would be back in a few days to get them.

    When I went walking by the laundry room, I grabbed her dirty panties and sniffed them. I know some of the guys on MH and in real-life, like to sniff their wives panties. My friend's female scent smelled so good.I put the panties back and the clothes were returned.

    We kept in contact over the years and eventually she got married. A few years ago we met up a class reunion, and she asked me if I had played with her panties when we were teenagers. I do not know how she knew, but she knew. She told me that she thought it was really hot and had liked me too and was disappointed that I had not ask her out.

    Apparently, her husband really enjoys playing with my old friend's panties.

    I look forward to playing with my future wife's panties. This is one of my biggest fanatisies. Hopefully, my future wife is a MH fan as well.

    Between this episode and the time that I bought panties from the lingere store, I have done some silly things when I was younger. I am not always proud of my youthful mistakes, but then again who does not do silly things when they are young. Just like with buying panties from the lingere store, nobody was hurt in the end. At least this situation, the girl was turned on, and I believe that they were in the other situation as well.

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