Windy City Rendezvous (L)

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Something about the thought of a hotel and my beautiful wife always fuels my imagination.  I stopped traveling for work for the most part when my wife, Krystal, and I started a family, but I occasionally still have business out of town. This time it was Chicago.  I extended my reservations through the weekend, and Krystal scheduled a train ride for her and the kids to join me. I picked them up at the train station Friday evening, and we had a late dinner, then went back to the hotel.

Krystal loves to shop for deals, so the next morning, I gave her some cash and told her to go shopping while the kids and I had fun at the pool.  She asked if she could get anything for me, and I said I’d text her what I wanted.  My list was short but reflected my current state of mind.

I got a text from her a couple of hours later asking me if there was any chance we could get an adjoining room for the kids.  I immediately called the front desk and made the arrangements.  When she returned, with shopping bags and dinner in hand, I was reclined in a chair watching the kids playing in the pool.  We were the only ones there, so when she bent over in front of me to set the bags down, she managed to lift the back of her skirt just enough for me to get a glimpse of her new purchase.

The sight of her crotchless panties alone was enough to harden my bulge, but knowing she had been wearing those panties and planning for sex stretched my willpower to its limits.  My mind immediately thought of bending her over the bed later, running my hands up her long silky white legs, parting her lips, and… A big splash from one of the kids brought me back to reality.

We finished our dinner and played a few games, then Krystal took a bath while I got the kids ready for bed in the adjoining room.  I knew that it wouldn’t take long for them to fall soundly asleep after all the swimming.

I quietly backed out of their room, shut the door behind me, and turned to see Krystal lying in bed, wearing one of my business shirts and the panties I’d requested.  She loves to tell me about her deals; this time, she had found a BOGO deal at Fredericks.* But I was a little distracted as I noticed my wife had brought her toy with her and had been enjoying it through her new panties.  I could tell from the glisten on the toy’s surface that she had a head start.  As I stood and watched from across the room, I released my cock and began rubbing it.

Her eyes are usually closed when she’s searching for that pleasure, making me wonder what she’s imagining.  But this time, as I walked over to her side of the bed while stroking my cock, I could see her opening one eye a little, arching her back, and breathing a quiet moan.  This time I didn’t wonder; I knew. She was getting off watching me handle my dick. I continued to pump, and as a drop of dew formed on my tip, she turned her head toward me as if she wanted something. So I leaned over and rubbed it onto her lips.  She slowly ran her tongue over her lips and opened her mouth, making my heart race and my mind cloud with ecstasy.  Her want subdued my reason, leaving only my beast.

I grabbed her ponytail with my right hand and slowly rubbed my shaft over her open lips from tip to balls, letting her feel and taste what she had done to me.  I could see her right hand applying more pressure to her vibrator as she moved her head slightly to take my tip into her mouth.  With the thought of those panties still beckoning me, I didn’t want to cum yet, but I could tell she was on the edge.  I felt her left hand reaching up to my ass, pulling me further into her mouth.

“Do you like that hard dick in your mouth,”  the beast in me asked, and I heard a moan.  Then it said, “I think you’re waiting for me to explode,” and at the thought, she immediately came, her legs trembling and her mouth sucking harder on my dick.

I couldn’t resist any longer. My grip on Krystal’s hair tightened, and I started fucking her mouth. With a low groan, I unloaded the potion she wanted, not letting go until the last aftershock left my body. Then, leaning over her with my arms locked, I slowly withdrew from her mouth.

Years ago, she’d be in a hurry to get rid of my cum, but now she takes her time savoring my release, the fruit of her labor.  After a couple of minutes, she got up to get rid of my load and clean up.  When she came back to bed, we spooned awhile, and I  scratched her back while we fell asleep.  The crotchless panty adventure would have to wait for another day.

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15 replies
  1. SouthernHeat says:

    Love this story !!! So Hot! Brings back lots of memories, mmmm. Nothing gets me off quicker than sucking him while I use a dildo or a vibe just waiting for him to cum. Drives me wild! 😜 Sure wish he was home now.

    • Konnor says:

      Thank you. This was many years ago and brought back memories for us also. The thought that she wants or even better craves my dick and cum is second only to hearing her say so.

  2. Sarge says:

    Oh boy, that was awesome!! 🔥🔥Thanks for sharing this wonderful experience with your sweetheart.
    I often thought how our kids had no idea how creative and sexual their parents were, and it brought to my mind a memory I have regarding some sexual fun we had while condo-camping. But I’ll save that for a future story I’ll submit.

    • Konnor says:

      Thank you. I’ve thought the same thing. I hope they benefit from having parents that unashamedly enjoy God’s gift of sex in marriage. I look forward to reading your story.

  3. LovingMan says:

    Great story! There is something incredible about hotel sex with your spouse! When raising our kids we couldn’t afford two hotel or motel rooms when vacationing so we had to be creative to find ways to be intimate while on vacation.
    That just gave me some ideas for a few more stories! I may need to get busy and write those. Although I think I’ve written about at least one sexy experience while on vacation where we had to get creative bc the kids were with us.
    All our kids are married adults now so this is no longer a problem.

    • Konnor says:

      Thank you. Yes something about the word hotel that raises expectations and fuels my imagination. Some challenges or obstacles can be sexy to work around. We are approaching the empty nest years. I look forward to reading your story

  4. TorrHead says:

    "Her want subdued my reason, leaving only my beast." Yes. In nine words you gave voice to what I also often experience, that moment when I allow myself the pure pleasure of being a man and a husband, that moment my wife also loves. She loses her "reason" sometimes, too. That's the zone we both enjoy most, the freedom to be completely turned on, to be our primal, honest selves, without the normal guardrails, to be safe and unashamed. Thanks for sharing the real-life story and the play-by-play. Write some more.

    • LovingMan says:

      I liked how you worded that!
      “…the freedom to be completely turned on, to be our primal, honest selves, without the normal guardrails, to be safe and unashamed.”
      We love that feeling and we love to observe it in each other! Like it portrays in the story, one spouse getting there often sends the other spouse to that ecstatic pure sexual pleasure w/o inhibitions zone!

    • Konnor says:

      Thank you for enjoying the story and especially for appreciating that sentence. You get it, letting go completely is amazing and nothing makes me feel closer to her than seeing her let go with me.

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