Oh Would Some Power…

“O, wad some Power the giftie gie us
To see oursels as others see us!
It wad frae monie a blunder free us,
An’ foolish notion.”

I’m pretty sure now that Bobby Burns was on to something. But, of course, Solomon told us this in the Song long before.

When I stand naked in front of the mirror, I have to say I still don’t see it. I’m healthy, in the last half of my twenties, and all I see in the mirror is myself. But that’s what mirrors show you. What I don’t see is what my husband claims he sees when he sees me standing like this. He claims he sees the most beautiful, exciting woman in his life. Since discovering this site, we’ve been looking much more closely at the Song, and he’s been quick to point out so much that he says he sees of me in there. It’s been hard to really believe it, but he’s also been asking me lately to help him prove it. Our latest effort with our membership at the health club in our new neighborhood has helped some though. After reading “Fun Quickie At The New Health Club,” we joined up and looked to see what opportunities might exist. Sure enough, there’s a private shower-locker combo with a full wall of mirrors opposite the lockers. Before we get to what he showed me there, though, I need to lay down some background.

While it may still be a bit difficult to see what he and the Song say, I know what I’ve heard all my life. He says that’s part of the trouble. In any case, so you’ll get the picture clearly. I’m barely over 5 feet tall and 140 pounds of mostly muscle, covered with just enough fat to hide quite a bit of it. Add to that a round, flattish face with a pug nose with a light sprinkling of freckles right across its middle and long, almost blonde hair that reaches right to my butt. I grew up working on the family farm. My dad referred to me from time to time as his stout little helper as we hauled hay, dug ditches, and lugged feed sacks and whatever else about the place. When I began to get old enough to wonder about how I looked, mom told me I was just fine, a nice, sturdy, healthy farm girl.

That was nice and all, but at school, the reality was that I’d never become a cheerleader or prom queen even if I’d been interested. Stray remarks in the hallway passing by the boy’s lockers gave me the phrases “well-upholstered” and “built like a fireplug.” The latter was, I decided, actually pretty accurate. Fortunately, I had plenty of good friends, and school was a positive experience overall, but I thought I was under no illusions about my looks. I figured it was mostly my personality and good nature that attracted the wonderful fellow I met at church while attending college.

Now that you have a clear idea of what I look like, maybe you can picture what I saw at the health club. We’d finished a workout and swim. I had just slipped out of my blue one-piece when I turned to see my husband had dropped his shorts and was sporting an impressively stiff erection. Smiling, I opened my arms wide to welcome him with a nice hug as I felt my nether region start to warm to the occasion. I could feel his heartbeat throbbing in his erection as I squeezed it firmly between my thighs.

My husband’s kiss worked its way from my lips down my throat to my breasts. As his tongue circled first one nipple and then the other, I expected any moment for him to have me bent over the low bench seat by the locker—but he broke our embrace. He had another idea. There was a table for laying out clothes and equipment bolted to the floor like the benches. Cupping my bottom in his hands, he pulled me off both the floor and his erection. Squeezing my thighs together all the way, I didn’t make that last part easy for him. By the time he had managed to drag me off of himself, he had turned and placed my wet backside on the table.

Gripping my hips, he slid me around a bit on the smooth tabletop and said, “Oh, yeah, that’ll do nicely, dear. Now just lie back, put your legs over my shoulders, and we’ll get this show on the road.” So saying, he took my hips in a firm grip and pulled me straight over his erection in one slow, steady stroke.

The table was exactly the right height. “Just perfect,” he sighed as he began to rub me against him, left and right, still held tightly against him. Oh my, that felt good. That stiff shaft of his was rubbing around quite nicely inside me. Then he said, “Okay, honey, I want you to look to your right.” I did, and oh, wow! It was hard to believe. There stood my husband, stomach tight, the muscles in his arms standing out in relief from the hold he had on the hips of the voluptuous woman in his grasp.

I could see my face looking back at me, so I knew it was me, but again—wow! I felt something warm start to uncoil deep and low inside myself. That couldn’t be me; surely it just couldn’t. But as I continued to look, my husband began to make love to the woman in his hands. She didn’t have to do anything. He just started sliding her back and forth from himself on that lovely, slick, wet tabletop. Faster and faster, harder and harder. I could see her large breasts stiffen till the tips stood almost straight up while they began dancing with the rhythm. I could feel her nipples as they hit my cheeks and then see them reach nearly to her thighs. Soon there was a wonderfully loud, wet slap as I felt him jerk her hips to him. Talk about an out-of-body experience! I could feel everything I saw him doing to the woman in the mirror. And most amazing of all? She. Was. Beautiful! She was also going to come something fierce at any moment!

Sure enough, as I watched, her eyes opened wide, her nostrils flared, her hands gripped the sides of the table, and her mouth opened in a scream of pleasure. There was a loud sucking sound as her suction to the wet table broke when her back arched into the ecstasy that I felt course through her. I even felt my husband empty himself deep inside with three or four powerful contractions. “Wow!” I thought as I finally closed my eyes.

As he pulled out, my husband lifted me and helped me down from the table. He held me close and said, “I think we can get that shower now, dear, don’t you?”

With a glance down to the warm slickness shining halfway to my knees on the inside of both thighs, I could only agree. While we got dressed after our shower, I could still almost see her in that mirror. Looking at myself a day or so later, I could only see her dimly, if at all. I almost got depressed till I realized it just meant I’d have to give myself more opportunities to see her making love to my husband as often as I felt the need. That cheered me up some.

Now I know what to do going forward. If I’m lucky, I might even see her when he finally gets her pregnant. Wow!

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9 replies
  1. StillLikeNewlyweds says:

    WOW that was beautiful! Wonderful experience. Wonderfully written. Your husband is a wise, loving, godly man (but you already knew that). It is our purpose as husbands to help our wives know the beauty we see in them, and your husband is off to a fantastic start. If he holds his course you are sure to have a lifetime of amazing marriage. I loved how he told you he wants your help in proving it. It’s not enough that we see the beauty in our wives, or even tell them, but we have to PROVE it.
    Once again, wonderful story. I wish I could express better how happy and excited I am for your marriage. And welcome to MH, so glad you found us.
    God bless

  2. HappyHubby says:

    Beth,. I LOVE this story! Aside from it being very sexy and a huge turn on it is so real and refreshing, full of life and new discovery, especially when paired with your very first post. You painted a vivid picture of yourself and I must say your husband is a lucky man! Keep that spirit of discovery and passion alive. Create many more sexy memories with your Man and then please, please write them down so we can be refreshed and inspired.

  3. LovingMan says:

    I loved the quote! I think that many a wife often fails to see how incredibly beautiful and sexy their good husband sees them.

    Those private locker rooms or private changing rooms can be awesome! Glad you followed our example!

    I love it when my wife sees how beautiful she is during our sexy times! She’s almost 70 but still is stunningly beautiful to me! This story is wonderful! The table-the mirrors! Wow! You seeing your beauty as your husband made passionate love to you made me cry.

    My wife was a science geek and a bit heavy in high school and so she was bullied. I was a skinny unathletic science geek so I was bullied too. We are from different states & yet we found each other eventually (also at church) and have had decades of friendship, partnership, and passionate married lovemaking!

    I believe beauty comes in many forms. The people who match society’s ideal of beauty sometimes are not nice people so their beauty is tarnished. YOU are a nice person so your beauty is enhanced.

    And a therapist once told me that even the best looking people get sick, wake up with bed-head etc. And their spouse will see them in those not so flattering states!

    My wife and I each had a nightmare of a childhood yet we chose to be nice people and follow the example of our Lord in being kind.

    I sometimes think, “If the bullies could see the happiness and joy and incredible sexual passion we share they’d be jealous of us now!”

    By the way, research shows that frequent lovemaking in marriage takes 10 years off your appearance.

    Also, when my wife starts the climb towards orgasm she “yourhens”… and by the time HER back arches in sexual orgasmic ecstasy she looks to be your age! You are young and healthy and beautiful but remember that in 40 or 50 years! Because your husband will still find you beautiful!

  4. Woods says:

    The first two commenters are right on the mark, as are you. So from an older generation let me say, "Right on!" and "You go girl!", and keep on going too.

  5. SouthernHeat says:

    Not much can be added to the wonderful comments already made. Loved this so much! I’m glad my husband sees me differently than I sometimes view myself. He loves everything about me as I do him. I feel sexier and prettier when we are having sex. This was a sweet and very hot story! Please keep writing and keep having hot sex!!!!

  6. beth says:

    Thanks so much all of you. I like the idea of married sex being "youthening" and with stats to support the idea no less. I'm just trying to give back some of what we've found here. Husband has been reading outdoor sex category very closely lately. He's started making paths through the woods. He also bought a chainsaw and has been making what seems to me to be an awful lot of low stumps that have been appearing various places out in those woods. I wouldn't be surprised at all if he provides me with more to share.

  7. Frankie says:

    beth – fantastic story about your seeing yourself through your husband's eyes. Too many women see our society's definition of beauty as the only acceptable perspective.

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