Quick Loving But NOT a Quickie

Recently, we have had to move in with family, so our living circumstances have drastically changed. But yesterday afternoon, we had the house to ourselves for an indeterminate time, and we took advantage of the time we had.

That morning, we had taken our grandkids to the zoo, so we were bushed. When we found ourselves alone for at least part of the afternoon, we at first just watched a rerun episode of one of our favorite TV shows. However, getting an empty house doesn’t happen every day, and we didn’t know when it might happen again, so we decided to go for it.

My wife, Melodie, really prefers to make love when we are the only ones home. But our sex schedule is every other day, so nowadays we have often had to adapt. However, we now had an empty house opportunity!

After the TV show ended, we made our way up to our bedroom and stripped, then quickly cleaned up and met on our Queen-sized bed. On our now frequently modified sex schedule, today was a quickie, so I think we both assumed we would have me go for an orgasm, but Melodie was unlikely to try for one. WE WERE WRONG!

We started with the usual, which is still always incredible! This means we kissed, took turns with our mouths on each other’s nipples, and spent time stroking the primary sex organs of ourselves and our spouse! Rubbing my hard glans on Melodie’s nipple, etc., was also fun! We also used a bullet vibe on her clitoris. (a G-spot vibe that we often slide all the way up inside Melodie’s pussy was not used this time.)

Although I knew it was a quickie day, Melodie was clearly getting into the foreplay today, even without the G-spot vibe! As I loved on her nipples, she was buzzing her clit with her bullet vibe, and we both were having a good time. Then she suggested I go inside her, so I slid down into our X position and eased my hard erection into her waiting love tunnel! (X Position = I lay at a right angle to her and facing her as she lies on her back, buzzing her clit with the vibe. This position makes it so that we can have intercourse as she uses her vibe too.)

She cooed like she does when she’s “feeling it” and began to flex her Kegal muscles to caress my rod, and she also did her little twerking dance. This soon brought me to an awesome orgasm as I pumped my load of “her present” (cum) deep into her pussy. (Long foreplay and quick sexual intercourse is our modus operandi since my heart problems have worsened. But this is always followed by more “sexualem exitanda!”)

Next, I slid my rod out and scooped up some of the “love potion” now leaking out of her pussy. I rubbed this mixture onto her nipples, then started licking and sucking it off those beautiful raspberries.

It was quickly obvious that this was heading somewhere! Within probably only 20 seconds, Melodie’s back arched off the bed as she cried out in her husky aroused voice, “I’m coming!”

I loved watching the orgasm show with one eye as I continued sucking and tongue-flicking her left nipple! Her face and breasts flushed, and her face looked to me to be that of a 22-year-old young woman in sexual ecstasy! As she descended from her peak, I stopped, and we went into cuddle mode. I held her and gently stroked her beautiful full breasts, once again marveling that God gave me a wife who “youthens” with lovemaking. She’s nearly 70, but “the look” will partially stay with her the rest of the day, and she will be looking like, at most, a beautiful 40-year old. At least, I think so. And I’m the husband who gets to adore her, so my opinion counts!

It was really beautiful lovemaking that we had shared this afternoon. Pushing my wife into an orgasm on quickie days can sometimes annoy her, but her body and mind WANTED it today! I love those kinds of married sex surprises!

Yes, this lovemaking session happened in only a few minutes, and we each only had one orgasm this time. We sometimes still have long lovemaking sessions where we both cum twice or more, but this was a nice time where we bonded as we pleased each other in the limited amount of time we had. (Family came home 10 minutes after we’d put everything away, cleaned up, and got dressed.)

By the way, there is research that says that regular lovemaking can make a person appear at least ten years younger! For Melodie, it’s more like 30 years younger! That is how she appears to me anyway. Maybe that’s a Spiritual Gift for long-term loving married couples, to see your spouse’s younger self.

Of course, I’d love her no matter what age she appeared to be. But I think clean living and our regular lovemaking have given Melodie the edge on her appearance. However, a big part of why I love her so much is the kind and intelligent woman she is! But I’m not discounting her big beautiful Nordic eyes, her full beautiful breasts, her perfectly “ripe for the eating” raspberries (nipples), her incredibly smooth and soft porcelain skin… I could go on and on, but this is already a pretty long post for a lovemaking session that took only about 15-20 minutes!

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6 replies
    • LovingMan says:

      Thanks Happy Husband. Sometimes life throws you a curve ball but we’ve learned to adapt rather than mourn or complain. Given our worsening health we often are just grateful to be able to still enjoy lovemaking together. Marital friendship, marital love, and marital sex are truly among God’s greatest gifts. Of course the gift of His Son outshines even those things. But we also believe that the closer we each are to God then the closer we are to each other!

  1. SouthernHeat says:

    Love this! Love your example of long and happy marriage! Love how you adore her and still admire her beauty! Love that you continue to have frequent sex even with health issues and having to live with family. It shows your commitment to each other and that you value and understand the importance of keeping intimacy alive in your relationship. Thanks for sharing with us; you are a blessing to us all.

    • LovingMan says:

      Ah SouthernHeat, what nice things you say! It means a lot coming from someone like you. Your stories are inspiring! Yes we really do value keeping our intimacy alive in our marriage! I like how you said that in your comment.

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