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Ode To A G-Spot Vibrator

ODE TO A G-SPOT VIBRATOR I don’t need to be coy ‘cause this is our new toy, one that we’ll use when we flick. It’s for your G spot, however it’s not a replacement for this husband’s thick… …erection that loves everything that it does to your beautiful body we share. This vibrator can slide […]

Quick Loving But NOT a Quickie

Recently, we have had to move in with family, so our living circumstances have drastically changed. But yesterday afternoon, we had the house to ourselves for an indeterminate time, and we took advantage of the time we had. That morning, we had taken our grandkids to the zoo, so we were bushed. When we found […]

Darwin Delight

Shortly after we retired, my therapist suggested that I start writing a sex journal.  It was a great idea!  Writing about what my wife and I have done sexually has really helped me appreciate my wife and be grateful for our vibrant sexual relationship.  This story is from an entry from several years ago.  At […]

Fun Quickie at the New Health Club

 We had been away from the gym and pool for well over a year and really missed swimming 3-5 times a week like we’d done before the pandemic hit. But today was OUR time to go to a new gym. It’s a private health club instead of the community center pools we used to go […]

Late For Work

This incident happened many years ago when we were much younger and working, not retired as we are now. Needless to say, we were in better shape, and we were both quite young-looking in appearance. I was in my mid-30s, and my wife looked to be at most in her early thirties.  (But when aroused, […]

Do You Still “Want A Taste?”

Archer80ok had a post that I responded to on May 6, 2021, called, “So You Want a Taste?” He was talking about doing oral on his wife after intercourse, and I wrote a long response that I hope was helpful. I have added some more details to that response and here it is, submitted as […]

End of Ignite Question

Hey, MarriageHeat! Are you DELETING all the Ignite stories or leaving them on MH?  I posted a comment on CHL’s post about 30th-anniversary ideas recommending a particular story, but it is an Ignite story.  Stories like “String Of Pearls” are so awesome that it would be a pity to have them go away forever😕.  I […]

In The Dark and Alpenglow

Today at our daughter’s house (in her guest room) at 5:00 a.m., we had some unexpected fun. It was a scheduled quickie day, but since we were at our daughter’s house, I figured it would have to wait until we returned home in the evening. I was VERY wrong. We both woke up at 4:47 […]

A Moving Fellatio Experience

So, we are in the middle of a move. By our established sex schedule, we were supposed to do a quickie today. (5stringlow called that a “freebie” in his last story… or his wife called it that. The story was called: “Don’t Ya Love Vegas?”) For us, a quickie (or a freebie) means that we […]

More Than A Quickie

  More Than A Quickie – Multi-limerick Poem   I was hard from my base to my tip When we woke and you loved on my nip I came like a geyser You were clearly wiser Because, “You should come now!” you did quip   I cuddled behind you, my cute wife As we read […]