Fiction Married Erotica Stories that have been submitted featuring marriage heat!

An Oasis in North Africa – Part 2

For a minute they just stood, Steve’s arms gently entwined around his new bride’s waist, her hands…
Service member and female photographer meet and fall in love in Noth Africa circa WWII

An Oasis in North Africa – Part 1

For over a month, Teddie Doveran and Steve Rixey had been hiding out in the North African hill country. …

Finally, the Night

Trigger Warning: This story involves overcoming the effects of sexual abuse.  Hallie looked at…
Wife, face hidden by hat, kneels nude on a large stone.

Back To Lake Powell

Note to readers of MH:  This story is a sequel to a story I wrote way before I discovered MH.  Someday…

I Finally Know What Romance Is!

My name is Ruth, and boy do I have a story to tell. I married Jonah when we were both 18 years old. We…

Wife Caught (L/A/F)

This story contains strong language (L), anal play (A), and is worded in a way that expresses a fantasy…

Tit for Tat, Part 2

You may enjoy this story on its own, but it is a follow-up to "Tit for Tat," previously posted. Well,…
Young black woman in wedding dress relaxing on bed

Why Did She Marry Me?

I'd just gotten married—for the first time in my 60 years of life—to Keesha. My new wife sat beside…
Bride walking down aisle toward groom inset closeup of bride's face - MarriageHeat

Socially Safe Wedding

We had planned to be married on Labor Day weekend of 2020. However, the spring’s restructuring of our…

Tit for Tat (L)

This story contains an instance of strong language (L). Sometimes you just want to change things…

Getting Wild in the Wilderness

My husband and I traveled outside the country and hired a local car. The day started out smoothly until…


“Shhhhhh, baby.” His hot breath travels down my chilled body, and I tense up in excitement as I feel…