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Made It Home & Made Love

About the title: If there were room, I’d have said, “Made it Home from the Hospital and had Two Great Lovemaking Sessions.”  The truth is that our lovemaking sessions include sexual intercourse several times and usually 1-3 orgasms each. Now on with the story! I made it home from the hospital four days ago, after […]

Amazing Massage Sex Today

We got out the massage table today for the first time in 9 months. I got my wish cum true as my wife, Melodie, gave me oral as she lay on her back on the massage table! Here is what happened: We, (of course), started out by giving each other massages. I was first. Melodie […]

Long-time Wish Cum True

For years I’ve wished for and even prayed for this—and it happened this morning! My wife had only given me oral in bed twice our whole marriage. Because of the childhood sexual abuse that she suffered, Melodie insisted that we do fellatio only in the shower or in the bathroom. I’ve been okay with that, […]


“Why the mathematical title?” you may ask. This shows our orgasms today during a very pleasant lovemaking session. Let me first greet y’all. I’ve been taking a break from MH; we have been through a rough time lately. My wife’s cancer has been getting worse. It’s treatable, but her meds have been increased, and that […]

Ode To A G-Spot Vibrator

ODE TO A G-SPOT VIBRATOR I don’t need to be coy ‘cause this is our new toy, one that we’ll use when we flick. It’s for your G spot, however it’s not a replacement for this husband’s thick… …erection that loves everything that it does to your beautiful body we share. This vibrator can slide […]

Quick Loving But NOT a Quickie

Recently, we have had to move in with family, so our living circumstances have drastically changed. But yesterday afternoon, we had the house to ourselves for an indeterminate time, and we took advantage of the time we had. That morning, we had taken our grandkids to the zoo, so we were bushed. When we found […]