Marriage Sex at features the married kind of sex between a man and a woman. This blog is the musings of the staff concerning hot monogamy and other ideas about marriage romance.

Saint Patrick’s Day Traditions

As a couple we believe in making and keeping family traditions. Some traditions are from the family I…
Husband and wife kiss pationately in the marriage bed ~ MarriageHeat

President’s Day Tip On Nip

For about a week my wife’s genitalia has had another bacterial infection. She’s got a form of treatable…

Morning Sexy Surprise during COVID

Melodie woke me up today demanding sex immediately. This was surprising because we had had sex just two…

Smoooooth Sex – & Happy Saint Patrick’s Day

What a beautiful experience today. If you’ve read my recent posts, you know that my beautiful sexy…
Older couple husband kisses wife's temple~MH

Hopefully not my Swan Song ~ Prayers Requested

This came in early this morning. Please pray for LovingMan and Melodie. MH, I wonder if you’d consider…

Pre-Surgery Fun: Boob Sex

It was early in the morning, and we had spent the night in a hotel room in the major city where our hospital…
Loving Man and Wife Giving Pleasure ~ MarriageHeat


“Why the mathematical title?” you may ask. This shows our orgasms today during a very pleasant lovemaking…

Quick Loving But NOT a Quickie

Recently, we have had to move in with family, so our living circumstances have drastically changed. But…
Wife squirms on bed as husband kisses neck and lower. MarriageHeat

Memorable Memorial Day Climb

She writhed some more and added, “Inside of me… in and out… in and out... C’MON! You’re not fair!”

In The Dark and Alpenglow

Today at our daughter’s house (in her guest room) at 5:00 a.m., we had some unexpected fun. It was…

A Moving Fellatio Experience

So, we are in the middle of a move. By our established sex schedule, we were supposed to do a quickie…

More Than A Quickie

  More Than A Quickie - Multi-limerick Poem   I was hard from my base to my tip When…