Sex while traveling is an exciting prospect, Some married couple find sex while traveling hotter than at home.

So you are on your vacation. You are not at work. You are relaxed and honey. You are on a beach. It is secluded. You think to yourself that you could have sex with your husband. You go for it. The next thing you know is your husband is thrusting his penis into your pussy! You are so hot! Is this the best sex in your life? You do not want this moment to end.

You are visiting your parents for Christmas. All the family is gathered. The old roles of you as a child are being played out. Suddenly you get horny for your husband. He is unaware of your passion. You go to your makeshift room. You pull your panties down. "Fuck me now," you say. Why? You do not know. You want his penis in you is what you know.
Sex While Traveling

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