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Surprise More Than A Quickie – Poem

I wrote this short entry in my sex journal (an iPhone app) and even found a picture to go with it. But reading through my the journal recently, I just discovered that I had never got around to posting it here on MH. (I don’t post all my sex journal entries but I had intended […]

Funny Sex Session

Sometimes I wake up with an earworm; today, The Blue Danube Waltz was stuck in my head.  I walked the dog, then headed to the bathroom to shave before I remembered that we had not listened to a Bible chapter for a few days.  I was already undressed but reading your scriptures is important, so […]

Sex Three Days in a Row!

DAY 1: We had a nice sex session this morning. We both had an orgasm.  It was after church, so it was late and my messed-up heart can’t handle much physical exertion in the afternoon. We didn’t go for a round two. We also put off oral until tomorrow.  You see, Melodie had a sore […]

Pre-game Massage +

This story happened today.  It is now evening and I am writing it up… Our college team was playing a big game later in the day.  We planned on watching the game on TV.  My wife, Melodie, was complaining about back pain so I suggested a massage and doing our scheduled “quickie” on our massage […]

Christmas Lovin’

We started a sexy Christmas tradition early on in our marriage.  I was married before and after my divorce, I had custody of my kids.  I was a single parent for several lonely years.   Eventually, I met a wonderful woman who I married.  My new wife, Melodie, was great with the kids, and soon she […]

Feed A Fever

    NOTE:  I hope some readers appreciate that married sex is sometimes just regular sweet sexual loving. This post is more of a journal entry; in fact, a LOT of my posts talk about our latest at-home lovemaking session.   Come to think of it, this post comes from TWO journal entries.  Sometimes we have […]

Amazing Morning Sex-List

What a romp we just had! Some of what we did was brand new, some of it was something we’ve only done on rare occasions, and some were things we do frequently in our lovemaking sessions. Instead of writing it up in great detail… I made a list. Melodie is my kind, beautiful, smart, and […]