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Still Tricky

It was supposed to be a quickie day. That means my wife, Melodie, will allow me to love her sexually, but she won’t be going for an orgasm. Still, my cute wife was looking so scrumptious this morning that I decided to see if we could get her wanting more. It’s hard to explain this […]

Another Tricky Situation

It had been a six-day drought due to my wife’s vaginal “infection.” Although we HAD been able to have a unique and wonderful sex session the week before (See my story “Tricky Situation”), we had not been able to do anything sexual with her ladyparts since then. The regular treatments were not working, and she […]

Sexy Wife: a Limerick

I loved the story The Two Become One by MattBZG. It inspired me to write a multi-limerick poem. The verses have references to some things in my previous stories (like Strawberry Cream Pie).  I kind of got carried away.  Now I keep thinking in limerick.   Like MattBZG, I want to give just a bit […]

Tricky Situation

We have a set schedule that we follow pretty regularly in regards to our married sex life. Every married couple is different, but I need more sex than my wife does, and because of this, we negotiated a plan. Sometimes we will break the pattern for spontaneous sex, and that’s always nice. This schedule may […]

Sex Journal Entries

Introduction A few years ago a therapist suggested that I keep a sex journal.  I have complied.  I don’t write about EVERY lovemaking or sex session that my wife and I share… but I do write about many of those fun times.  This has helped me to appreciate just how blessed I am in my […]

Making Pizza & Making Love

Let me introduce ourselves to you.  My name is Tom, and my wife is Melodie (not our real  names.) We are a Christian couple in our later years. Both of us have retired, and we have some significant health issues, but we face our challenges together. We feel very blessed to still be together on […]