Sometimes you aren’t really looking for advice, just a friendly, open respectful sharing of ideas on a topic. This isn’t meant to be a platform for argument, but to discuss how we differ and agree on the implementation of God’s Word in our marriages.

What To Do

I'm new here and need some thoughts, advice, suggestions, etc. I am at a stage in my life where I…

Hiding Erection

My wife and I really enjoyed Keystone Jack's "What Happened In Vegas" story on July 14. The author made…

Can Sexual Domination be Christian?

Today's Ignite story is from tdx30, who have written several times about their consensual Dominatrix/submissive…

Well In Hand

After having been married for 30 years and now being alone again, there are times when I need to still…
How much mutual masturbation is too much? ~

Too Much Masturbation?

We're a married couple for the last five years, and we used to have sex on a daily basis. During her…

Musings About Nudity

I greet all the MH community in peace and love, and I sincerely hope that everyone is safe in this perilous…
What to Do With Forbidden Fantasies - MarriageHeat

What To Do With My Fantasies?

I'm hoping to start a conversation about what to do with "forbidden fantasies." In my case, my main…

Third-Party Phone Sex?

Hi, MHers. We think today's Ignite story will engender a bit of discussion, so we thought we'd create…

Are You Still In Lust?

It is widely accepted that the initial sexual attraction and excitement experienced with a new partner…

A New Poll: What Do You Teach Your Kids About Sex?

As a website dedicated to "Growing and Supporting a Culture of Hot Biblical Monogamy", MarriageHeat covers…

Question for Ladies About Penis Size

I have a question about penis size. I’m not trying to brag or anything, but I have a bigger than average…
Passionate man and woman on bed; MarriageHeat

Sex over the Years

After over 25 years of marriage, I can look back on what is probably a history of making love with my…