Christmas Sex
Christmas sex stories get us in the mood for the sex with our spouses during the holiday season. The holiday season is very busy for most people. There is so much to do. Many times our married sex life suffers. These Christmas sex stories can quick start your imagination to sexy thought when time is short and expectations for Christmas are high.

What does into a great Christmas sex story?

A Better Symbol for the Incarnation

As many Christians this time of year celebrate the Incarnation, I want to pause and reflect of the symbols…

🔊 Mistletoe

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist It was the morning of Christmas, way too early for our six- and four-year-old…

A Celtic Christmas (L)

This post contains strong language (L). You can read more about annotations in our guidelines. It…

Christmas Lovin’

We started a sexy Christmas tradition early on in our marriage.  I was married before and after my divorce,…
Married Sex Stories Christmas Surprise

🔊 A Christmas Surprise

🔊 Ignite Audio Playlist We recently experienced an unexpected ‘sexual first’ that blew both…

Christmas Wrapping

Christmas was quickly approaching. I had finished most of my shopping, but we still had several Christmas…

It’s a Wonderful Sexy Christmas Carol! (L) – Sneak-Peek Ignite Premium Story

(Inspired by Marriage Heat, Charles Dickens and Philip Van Doren Stern)   Part One It was…

Happy Birthday, Jesus!

Dear Jesus, I remember when my family's tradition was that each kid got three Christmas gifts just…

Uncomfortable Firsts

I looked across the table at her. I was thinking of the morning sex we had earlier. Flickering candles…

Marriage Retreat Madness

My wife is great, an absolute gem. However, she has always struggled to buy me winning gifts. It's just…
A wife massages her husband after a stressful Christmas holiday ~ MarriageHeat

A Dreamy Night So Erotic

It was the day after Christmas of 1987. The last two days had been busy. On Christmas Eve, we had sung…
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A Christmas Seduction

It was Christmas time, and my husband and I rented a large house to accommodate not only our family but…