A Day at the Shop

It was early Saturday morning we woke to the rain and thunder.  I moved closer to Kenney putting my head on his chest.  He wrapped his arms around me so tight to take away the fear of the thunder.  We began to laugh, because I was acting like a little girl all scared and cold.  As usual I knew I was safe in his arms.  I climbed on top of him at the next big crash of thunder, I felt his penis so big, and erect.  At that moment the alarm went off, Kenney was meeting a customer at his shop.  I cried “don’t leave me babe, I am scared” He looked at me and grinned, and said I could come visit him at the shop.  He knows what happens when I go to the shop; one look at him in his uniform and I want every inch of him inside me.  I tried to go back to sleep once he left but the rain and thunder just seemed to get louder and louder.  I decided to make him a snack, take a shower and head to his work.

While I was in the shower I could feel how wet my vagina was, he had turned me on with his hard on, and walked out the door.  I wanted to surprise him; I lathered my vagina with shave cream and shaved it bare.  It was an exciting feeling, knowing what he would say and how it would feel.  I called him and let him know I was on the way, he was just finishing up with his customer.

I arrived at the shop, he was under a car with just his boots and pants showing.  I said, “Babe, I am here”.  I walked over to the car and asked many questions about what he was doing, I didn’t want him to know what was on my mind.  He asked for a few minutes, and then said he would be all mine.

I waited very patiently as I could feel the wetness in my panties.  I loved to look at him, he turns me on with his smile, his eyes, and of course his uniform.  Finally he slid out from under the car.  I told him I was freezing, he said go up to his office turn on the heater and he would be right there.

I sat back in his desk chair waiting, the office was getting warmer.  I was trying to come up with a plan fast before he came upstairs.  I saw one of his uniform shirts across the room on a chair and decided to undress and put on only his shirt with just a few buttons buttoned.  I heard his footsteps coming upstairs as I put my feet up on his desk; my heart was pounding with excitement.  He finally came in and there I was behind his desk with nothing but a shirt and my vagina exposed so he could see I had shaved just for him.

WOW, was all he said.  He came around the desk and asked me to sit on the desk facing him so he could see what I had done.  He kissed me like never before, slowly in and out of my mouth as if he was making love to me with his tongue.  He unbuttoned my shirt, or should I say his shirt on me.  He rubbed my breasts; he pulled me close to him, and began to suck on my nipples, making my vagina throb even more.  He laid me back on his desk and began to kiss me all over, slowly licking his way to my clitoris.  I was feeling complete ecstasy; he slid his finger inside me finding the spot that sends me through the roof.  He licked me, and licked me until I grabbed his hand and held on for dear life as I was an orgasm.  I sat up and kissed him long and deep, I wanted his erect penis inside me at that very moment.

He sat back at his desk and I unzipped his pants only to see he was as hard as a rock, I took every inch of it in my mouth and made him beg to make love to me.  He laid me back on his desk, stood up put my legs up on his shoulder and slowly slid his hard penis inside me, I wanted to scream it felt so good, he went in and out so slow making me squirm, I begged him to go faster and harder, faster and harder, and then he pushed it as far as it would go, and let out a moan of ecstasy.  WOW, is all I could say.  What a morning, I hope he works every Saturday!

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